Receive Yourself: Activating the Soul (pt 2)

We continue on in the very special self-actualization soul-activation potential that I have been speaking to you about in recent articles and social media posts. This is an article with some (more) grounded suggestions on what you may do to receive yourself this weekend AND how to identify that something is going on.

**I am still traveling the astrals. So, like the last article, I am sorry if it sounds a bit awkward. I felt it was more important to get the information out there and to encourage you to make the most of it than to be embarrassed by possibly not being perfect!**

Signs You are Experiencing Soul Transitions

Most all people in this planet Earth are going to be experiencing soul growth now and in the next two-three months. This is especially the case those who are doing spiritual work to either a) expand their energy body or b) to commune with their soul sacred essence more deeply. (Any of you working with energy pillar or ‘Soul Compass’ materials, you are doing both!)

How do you know that YOU are experiencing a soul transition?

  1. You are processing a lot of emotions. Things are ‘coming up’ that were long buried.
  2. You are learning to come into touch with your emotions and their importance. You embrace the message instead of walking away or trying to snuff it.
  3. All of a sudden you ‘know’ and ‘feel’ things a little more differently.
  4. You are resting a LOT (and not in the way you need to worry about).
  5. You feel like you have ‘something coming’.

(More) Ways to Receive Yourself

One of the absolute best ways to receive yourself is to intentionally connect to yourself and call yourself in. This is why that has been a hallmark component of my public and private training since we began. It sounds simple yet it is profound. When you make the space for yourself on a regular basis, you find yourself waiting there!

  • Extra rests – you may require an entire day in bed (or 3)
  • Extra processing time – you WILL require moments to get to know yourself. Set aside ‘dates’ for yourself. Give yourself an afternoon here or there.
  • Do activities to get to know yourself. ‘Soul Compass’ is filled with them. If you have not yet gotten a copy, now is a great time to do that. If you have a copy and know the method of conscious self-connection, ask your soul “What do you (I) require to ground and grow comfortably right now?”

In part 1 of this series, I listed a number of meditation practices that were available to the public that you may work with to receive yourself A Good Time to Receive Yourself – Crow Medicine ( Those are GREAT. I am going to list more about that below.

Affirmations to Receive Your Soul + Engage in Positive Spiritual and Soul Development

How to do this:1. a) The best way to tell the Earth and Universe that you are ready to have an experience is to get yourself into the space where you are connected to them with intention. For this reason, I recommend that you begin this practice by taking a few moments and getting yourself into the Energy Pillar. You are cultivating your sacred connection to Earth and Source every single time you do it. It is an effective****

2) Once you have connected to Crystalline Earth and Source (or your inner world if using the yt version) you are in PERFECT space to powerfully communicate your affirmations and intentions for self-connection.

3)Work with the affirmations and gratitude points that I have written out below that make sense for you. Take a few moments with each one.

  • If you are in the pillar, you may like to visualize calling their energy into the column of light that you built. You may like to focus on what it ‘feels’ like to say each affirmation or gratitude point.
  • Allow your creative mind and heart to be part of this process.

Affirmations for Alignment

I call forth and connect to the power of my soul.

I call forth and connect to my soul spark and sacred essence.

I experience pure and clear self-connection.

I receive myself.

I believe in myself.

I am ready to be me.

What is important to you, right now? What would you like to know? Which skills would you like to cultivate? WORK HERE TO CALL THESE IN!

When you are done, disconnect.

Make space to do this at multiple spots during the week.

Receiving Requests for Private Mentorship, 1:1 consultations, and Recruiting for EarthFlow

Would you like to step into a little more depth with yourself, your soul connection, and/or your energy practice? I am calling people in who are seeking private mentorship on a longer term as well as those who think a 1:1 session would be of benefit. I do not list rates or the process here because they are different for each person. Contact me at, let me know what you are seeking, and if I am a good fit we will agree upon what our engagement would look like.

******This is a special note to say that I am also recruiting for ‘EarthFlow Intuitive Energy Alignment’. With a small class size of 10 per offering, this is a mix of self-study and once a month classroom hours where you GO DEEP on how to align energy. You receive 2 special attunements and 4 months of in-depth instruction on how energy bodies work, in-depth intuitive alignment training that helps you hone and refine your unique skills. Already a practitioner? Brand new? I have space for both :). Email me at for more information and/or to reserve you spot for our October beginning.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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