The Energy of Doorways

Doorways serve as part of the energy conduit and conductor system of our households. What we do ‘in’ a doorway or as we are crossing through them has the potential to influence the overall vibration of a room and our experience in it. So too does it ‘tune’ the energy that is attracted to ourContinue reading “The Energy of Doorways”

Tuning to Self-Love

Feeling loved, lovable, and deserving of love is something that many of us struggle with. Admittedly, this was perhaps the #1 lesson I had to learn. This article contains a music and affirmation exercise that you can work with to tune your energy field to self-love and thus, usher more love into your life. WhyContinue reading “Tuning to Self-Love”

Giving Yourself Moments to Receive

This is a short video about the importance of making moments to receive as integral to experiencing the maximum benefit of ‘Fresh Energy August’ and beyond. Though speaking to our cosmic moment, what I share in this video transcends it! Take this one for the road. Moments to receive are: opportunities where you get toContinue reading “Giving Yourself Moments to Receive”

Energy Management for Busy People

People who are energy sensitive and energy aware are important parts of this world. We are movers, shakers, and caretakers. We bring our unique flare of being able to ‘feel’ other people, detect the unseen in a situation, and all the great things that come with having these senses on and functioning to everything weContinue reading “Energy Management for Busy People”

August 2022: A Cosmic Turning Point

August is a turning point in our cosmic story. This post and the astrology report it contains celebrates it. Summary We, the human beings of planet Earth, are at a graduation moment where all of our work is starting to ground in this reality. Mars and Uranus forming conjunction, in addition to the movements ofContinue reading “August 2022: A Cosmic Turning Point”

Calling New Energy Into Your Path

Hello, friends! As you know from all my posts and podcasts, we are in a cosmic moment (really, series of moments) of great change. I know that many people are curious about how best to connect to the ‘new’ energy and bring it into their lives. As you can tell by now, this is somethingContinue reading “Calling New Energy Into Your Path”

Processing Emotions and Energy

Finding yourself having a montage of experiences lately? Perhaps meeting past memories, emotions, and situations in ‘memory’ form? Thinking about things that you totally forgot? Feeling a lot of things? This, my friend, is the sign that energy may be coming up for processing in your life. Feeling a lot come up? Here is whyContinue reading “Processing Emotions and Energy”

Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience

Today, friends of the blog, marks a day you have been hearing me talk about since June 2021. If you are an ‘old’ fan, you have been hearing it since about 2019. Today marks a day where we move into a new part of the masculine energy expression and experience. This is a very goodContinue reading “Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience”

Cosmic Birth Celebration

Today marks something very special in the Universe. What was sparked in the wee hours of the morning as Pluto came to opposition and made its closest pass to earth will ripple through the next eight or weeks (and beyond). We are at a moment that marks a birthing. Our solar system has been transformedContinue reading “Cosmic Birth Celebration”

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