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Crow Medicine is the personal teaching website of Katie IndiCrow. Taking a ‘body, soul, and planet’ approach, this page features information about astrology, energy mastery and the sacred structure of Earth & how to connect to it. I am all about conscious self-connection and applying energy tools to benefit our lives. I work with music, meditation, crystals, and love to share knowledge through story-telling. You find all of that, here. (For more about me, head to the bottom of the page.)

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I am a prolific creator who writes about applied energy principles for a better life and the esoteric nature of Earth + the Universe.

All my materials are organized into this library. Click the pictures next to (or below) this text to be taken to the articles & podcasts I have on the topic. For astrology + how to chart your journey in alignment with the planets click ‘astrology’. For everyday energy principles and how to apply them check out ‘energy management’. If you are into podcasts check out ‘Crow Medicine’, my everyday life-oriented podcast and ‘Psychopopmp Stories’ for in depth information on sacred Earth and what my life taking care of it is like. Every episode is a deep dive!

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Read my most recent book, Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection and study my energy alignment tool Energy Pillar (Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com).

To request private communication and consultation, email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com.

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About me

My name is Katie IndiCrow, MA. I am a psychopomp, esoteric philosopher, and energy management teacher. I also hold a formal educational background & experience lecturing formally in social anthropology. I fuse these two worlds of knowledge into the unique, in-depth information that you find here in my stories, articles, videos, classes, and books.

I spend my daily life taking care of the energy of Earth, guiding souls, and studying the Universe. Get to know me by listening to my Psychopomp Stories:

A lifelong student of Esoterics, I have been writing and teaching in this tradition since 2014. I developed a method of energy alignment and self-connection that I teach here called the IndiCrow method. Focused on you + your unique soul connection, my objective is to teach you grounded and safe ways to hear and heal your soul and thus, grow into your highest harmonic (most healthy feeling) self. I have taught it to people of all ages, skill sets, and cultural backgrounds

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