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Crow Medicine is the personal teaching website of psychopomp and sacred Earth caretaker Katie IndiCrow. Taking a ‘body, soul, and planet’ approach, this page features information about astrology, energy mastery, the sacred structure of Earth & how to connect to it. Check the links in the menu to join me in the classroom for training on conscious self-connection or request a private session.

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My name is Katie IndiCrow, MA. I am a psychopomp, esoteric philosopher, and energy management teacher. I also hold a formal educational background & experience lecturing formally in social anthropology. I fuse these two worlds of knowledge into the unique, in-depth information that you find here in my stories, articles, videos, classes, and books.

A lifelong student of Esoterics, I have been writing and teaching in this tradition since 2014. I developed a method of energy alignment and self-connection that I teach here called the IndiCrow method. Focused on you + your unique soul connection, my objective is to teach you grounded and safe ways to hear and heal your soul and thus, grow into your highest harmonic (most healthy feeling) self. I have taught it to people of all ages, skill sets, and cultural backgrounds.

**IndiCrow Academy will be re-opening in 2024.**

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