5 Tips for Successful Personal Growth

Making personal changes can be daunting. This is a video that contains 5 simple yet sometimes not so simple things you can do to find the space of growth in you. 1. Behave differently in a situation where you are typically not proud of your results. Know yourself. Make a plan for your new patternContinue reading “5 Tips for Successful Personal Growth”

Soul-Full Living

Soul-Full living is about making space for your spiritual self. Finding moments for self-connection and personal expression. It is about finding moments to check in with ourselves (and listening to what we hear). It is about allowing ourselves to be spiritual beings and directly engaging that part of us. It is about cultivating a wayContinue reading “Soul-Full Living”

Impacts of 5g and High EMF Environments on our Energy Body and Physical Well-Being (and How to Correct Them)

Is your work or school environment wearing you down? September. Month of back to school, back to work ‘in office’ and back to being indoors for so many of us. With the excitement of these returns comes something less pleasant: more headaches, getting ‘illness’ like colds and flu, and flare ups of issues like anxietyContinue reading “Impacts of 5g and High EMF Environments on our Energy Body and Physical Well-Being (and How to Correct Them)”

Consent in Energy Alignment

Have you ever been to a session or had an experience where someone ‘worked on your field’ and removed things like karmic agreements or cords and connections without you knowing about it? (Like that email from the ‘healer’ who says “I saw this in your field last night so I just removed it” without havingContinue reading “Consent in Energy Alignment”

Dark Night of the Soul + Earth Rebirth (Saga of Earth pt 6)

Click here to skip the intro and get straight to the episode. I think most (if not all) of us have come into hardship or injustice in our life that was beyond what we had ‘earned’ through misadventure or poor choices and wondered: if there is a God, why is this happening? We have questionedContinue reading “Dark Night of the Soul + Earth Rebirth (Saga of Earth pt 6)”

The Secret Behind Why You May Feel Drained

Anyone out there finding themselves feeling drained and dragged out at the end of their days *more than you think you should be*? Find yourself ‘feeling other people’ just a little too intensely? Perhaps getting a little more cranky or edgy other people and wondering where it is coming from? How about thinking about aContinue reading “The Secret Behind Why You May Feel Drained”

A Good Time to Receive Yourself

Hello to all who find this message. I write it today from deep ceremony. Please excuse me if it sounds a little awkward! I do my best to communicate impactfully from this space. It is kind of like being in ‘another world’ and writing from there. This is not going to be a hugely detailedContinue reading “A Good Time to Receive Yourself”

The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year

We are walking our way into yet another ‘big week’ in energy. This is one where Jupiter and Venus are handing out a powerful cosmic lesson and opportunity. Do you feel the excitement and the anticipation? Are you awake all night? Perhaps you noticed that x-flare we just had? Maybe you have been noticing ‘soContinue reading “The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year”

Releasing Spiritual & Energetic Interference

Many of us have been on the path to great things. We are living well, making great choices or about to go do that major presentation for the new job and then all of a sudden – bam. We meet a wall. That wall can come in many forms. Sometimes it is technology breaking orContinue reading “Releasing Spiritual & Energetic Interference”

Preparing for Big Energy Incoming

Just a little heads up to those who are so inclined. Everything in my being is preparing for a positive energy event. The magnitude of the happiness in my soul for what it feels coming is so big that I felt, why not write the squad about it? I love sharing good news. Are youContinue reading “Preparing for Big Energy Incoming”

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