How Realizing I Have a Soul Changed My Life

May is mental health awareness month. Coincidentally, it is this month 14 years ago that I was diagnosed with depression. So too, was this the month that I first took the steps that ultimately changed my life. In honour of Mental Health and Awareness Month, for the first time ever, I am sharing my story.Continue reading “How Realizing I Have a Soul Changed My Life”

Celebrating Being Energy Sensitive

A conversation celebrating being energy sensitive. Feel other peoples’ feelings? Have an interesting time going out in public? Wondering about why you ‘feel so much’ sometimes? Tune in and hear a heart-felt conversation about my own journey as an energy sensitive person and how I have learned to love it. To access: This talk originallyContinue reading “Celebrating Being Energy Sensitive”

Crow Medicine Music Journey: Fantastic Voyage

Join me on a fantastic voyage. Life is a fantastic voyage. Uranus solar conjunction is perfect for sparking your connection to it as that. Tune in for a Crow Medicine Music Journey. Together, we dance in joy, opportunity, and creative soul connection into our lives. The theme? Charting our path through the next season asContinue reading “Crow Medicine Music Journey: Fantastic Voyage”

In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment

Announcing “In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment” What is It? Beginning in late May and running through mid-August, this is a personal learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development through the framework of the cycle of the seasons. How do we do it? ByContinue reading “In the Flow: A Seasonal Journey of Intention Setting and Goal Fulfillment”

For Those Who Set Intentions

Did you participate in the Equinox practice that I released through this page? Perhaps you did your own? If the answer is yes, this message is for you. We have made it to an apex type of a moment not only in the Universe, but also in our cycles. For example, yesterday was a NeptuneContinue reading “For Those Who Set Intentions”

About this Week

As we wind our way to Monday, we prepare to start another week. This one is special. Why, you ask? Because we are kicking off yet another ‘big one’ of astrological alignments. If you have happened to ‘look up’, you will notice that Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are very close in the sky. TheyContinue reading “About this Week”

Supercharging with Solar Energy

Announcing a brand new ‘quick study’ opportunity. The topic? Working with the energy of solar cycle 25 to supercharge your personal development and spiritual practice. Aimed specifically at people who are already familiar with my methods, we dive in deep to extend the practices you have been building for years. This is a touch up,Continue reading “Supercharging with Solar Energy”

April 2022 Astrology Report: Solar Charged Prison Break

April 2022 is kicking off with quite the stir. Ushered in with an x flare and significant geomagnetic activity, April (and March) have been all about the prison break. Have you been feeling intensity emotionally and physically, in particular these past 4 or 5 days? This solar activity coupled with planetary configurations may be partContinue reading “April 2022 Astrology Report: Solar Charged Prison Break”

The Power of Processing and Its Importance to Our Well-Being

“The Power of Processing and Its Importance to our Well Being” Processing. We know it is important because we hear people saying it all the time. We know that it is something we are supposed to be doing. But what does it mean to ‘process’? Is this activity really as integral to living a healthyContinue reading “The Power of Processing and Its Importance to Our Well-Being”

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