Awakening (so, what?)

Not exactly how you would expect a post about awakening to start out. That is exactly the point. Indulge me as we back in to the one. There was a doctor of sociology that was a senior member of my last department. You could count on him thoughtfully sitting through every department meeting, presentation, andContinue reading “Awakening (so, what?)”

Crow Medicine: Soul Journey through Sound (for FUN)

This instalment of Crow Medicine is a playful journey through sound and song that takes us from our bedroom to space to lava and back again here to the good life on planet earth.

In this adventure, I move us through house, hip hop, pop and bass and take listeners on a journey through their soul and into unexpected locations.

We begin with soul connection, launch into the universal love. From there, we head to space for a quick little bop and then back to our home, planet earth, for lava, lightning, and more love. We wrap up by touching down home in our safe space.

Tune in!

Crow Medicine Creative Communication through Image and Sound

Hello friends and readers to the Crow Medicine blog! Ever find yourself looking for ongoing updates and encouragement that are easy to engage with and fun? Or how about wondering more about what my adventures of taking care of the planet look like? Good news. I got you on both! Spirituality for the 21st CenturyContinue reading “Crow Medicine Creative Communication through Image and Sound”

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