Maximizing Equinox Alignments

A friendly reminder that Equinox is upon us. That means that the Equinox cracks are open!! As a result, more cosmic rays are able to make their way into the energy field of Earth (and therefore, us). We are about to have MANY solar flares that are earth facing. With the cracks open, they areContinue reading “Maximizing Equinox Alignments”

New Book Release Announcement

This is an exciting post to announce that I have just published a new book. It is available for purchase, right now. Your support with this would mean the world to me. The front cover of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection” written by Katie IndiCrow. Book Summary: You are your most valuable resource.Continue reading “New Book Release Announcement”

Virgo, Venus, and the Hearth: Our Home Base Power and Balance Being Brought into Focus

Ah Virgo season. With it comes the powerful wave of healing and recognition for an archetype of caretaking that has been quietly chugging along on high work mode this year. Solstice through July and into August have been much about Mars and recognition of the masculine threads. So too was much of 2020. With theContinue reading “Virgo, Venus, and the Hearth: Our Home Base Power and Balance Being Brought into Focus”

Creating a High Vibe School Experience (podcast)

As you know on this page, creating high vibe households is a ‘theme’ that we are exploring. One of the best ways that we are able to do that is to recognize the energetic needs of the people who live within ours. In the case of many readers, it is currently ‘Back to school’ seasonContinue reading “Creating a High Vibe School Experience (podcast)”

The Energy of Doorways

Doorways serve as part of the energy conduit and conductor system of our households. What we do ‘in’ a doorway or as we are crossing through them has the potential to influence the overall vibration of a room and our experience in it. So too does it ‘tune’ the energy that is attracted to ourContinue reading “The Energy of Doorways”

Energy Management for Busy People

People who are energy sensitive and energy aware are important parts of this world. We are movers, shakers, and caretakers. We bring our unique flare of being able to ‘feel’ other people, detect the unseen in a situation, and all the great things that come with having these senses on and functioning to everything weContinue reading “Energy Management for Busy People”

Processing Emotions and Energy

Finding yourself having a montage of experiences lately? Perhaps meeting past memories, emotions, and situations in ‘memory’ form? Thinking about things that you totally forgot? Feeling a lot of things? This, my friend, is the sign that energy may be coming up for processing in your life. Feeling a lot come up? Here is whyContinue reading “Processing Emotions and Energy”

Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience

Today marks a day where we move into a new part of the masculine energy expression and experience. This is a very good thing. So good, that I put together a slide show, a harmonization exercise, a podcast, and a course about it. Read on to view it all! Deep Masculine Healing in 2022 WeContinue reading “Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience”

Cosmic Birth Celebration

Today marks something very special in the Universe. What was sparked in the wee hours of the morning as Pluto came to opposition and made its closest pass to earth will ripple through the next eight or weeks (and beyond). We are at a moment that marks a birthing. Our solar system has been transformedContinue reading “Cosmic Birth Celebration”

5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts

What is an energy shift?  In a personal sense, an energy shift is a change in the way that your body holds, relates to, or hums vibrationally. This post leads you to a brand-new podcast where I give examples of 5 common signs that you are experiencing a rapid energy shift. Even better than that? WeContinue reading “5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts”

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