Pluto Planetary Power 2022

Pluto is a planet that we do not often hear a lot about. This is not going to be the case for 2022. As of its solstice conjunction with Venus and solidified with the nodal switch of South into Scorpio as of January 18, we are into a blissful (or terrible) year cycle that willContinue reading “Pluto Planetary Power 2022”

Congrats on Completing the 10 day Energy Management Experience

Congratulations! You just completed day 10 of a 10-day energy management experience. Just in time for 2022, to boot. Even if you did not get the 10 days through, making the concerted effort to dedicate moments to your energetic wellbeing is something to celebrate. You deserve that congratulations, too! Our theme for the 10 daysContinue reading “Congrats on Completing the 10 day Energy Management Experience”

Add Meditation to Your Celebration

Ah. Special occasions. Moments where we are often around other people and/or given the opportunity to focus on ourselves.We just so happen to be on one of those dates that many people celebrate as both! New Year! A day where we enter into a new calendar year and also, where a lot of people likeContinue reading “Add Meditation to Your Celebration”

Awake All Night? Your Soul May Be Processing

Ah, sleep. Trusted friend. Blissful regeneration period where we get to refresh our souls and bodies for the next day. Until it is not. We have all had those nights where no matter what we do we cannot seem to wind down. So too have we encountered those evenings where we bolt up, wide awakeContinue reading “Awake All Night? Your Soul May Be Processing”

Halfway There! Congratulations (We Begin Again, Soon)

Congratulations! We have hit the halfway mark on our 10 day personal energy experience. If you have been playing along, big congratulations to yourself. Five days is a lot of days to bring something specific into your life. Especially during a holiday season. Even though this is a time we require our practice the most,Continue reading “Halfway There! Congratulations (We Begin Again, Soon)”

Music and Energy Management

Material prompt for day 4 of our 10-day energy management personal experience! Music is one of the most powerful vibration setting tools we have available to work with. Ever have your state of emotion completely shifted by a song? Maybe it brought out big tears or through listening to it you went from being downContinue reading “Music and Energy Management”

Fitting Meditation In

*Day 2 of our 10 day energy management experiment*** Do 5 minutes a day with a harmonization meditation for 10 days to see how small steps in energy management benefits your life.** One of the biggest barriers that people encounter when starting up a self care practice is that it is very difficult to perceiveContinue reading “Fitting Meditation In”

10 Day Vibration Setting Experiment: Will 5 Minutes Make a Difference?

Welcoming people to join me in a 10-day personal experiment experience. – Are you a see it to believe it kind of a person? – Are you feeling kind of ‘stuck’ and not sure how to get out of your rut? – Do you like to play with energy tools? – Do you like toContinue reading “10 Day Vibration Setting Experiment: Will 5 Minutes Make a Difference?”

What We Carry in Our Households: Bringing Emotional and Spiritual Labour into Focus

Are you a person who takes care of the emotional and energetic needs of your family, friend group, co-workers, or teammates?

First off. Shout out to you.

If you are a person who takes care of the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of others: this one is most especially for the caring for other people crew.

Continuing with our theme of diving deep into exploring our relations, I bring forward a highlight on this important topic: the unseen, often unaccounted for realms that we take care of. These are the emotional and spiritual layers of caretaking that we are involved in. This layer includes things like: dealing with the extra stresses of shifting and stretched situations, managing the hearth and the energy that comes into and out of a household with its members and their daily activities, keeping auric fields and the family field in-tact, and of course cleaning which is not only a physical but also a spiritual activity (more on that in its own podcast coming up).

In this clip, I talk about bringing these emotional and spiritual contributions we make into focus. I encourage you give this a listen. This 9-minutes will explain and validate your experience and hopefully help you realize just how much of a rock star you are. Click in to access the video!

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