A Good Time to Receive Yourself

Hello to all who find this message. I write it today from deep ceremony. Please excuse me if it sounds a little awkward! I do my best to communicate impactfully from this space. It is kind of like being in ‘another world’ and writing from there. This is not going to be a hugely detailedContinue reading “A Good Time to Receive Yourself”

The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year

We are walking our way into yet another ‘big week’ in energy. This is one where Jupiter and Venus are handing out a powerful cosmic lesson and opportunity. Do you feel the excitement and the anticipation? Are you awake all night? Perhaps you noticed that x-flare we just had? Maybe you have been noticing ‘soContinue reading “The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year”

Releasing Spiritual & Energetic Interference

Many of us have been on the path to great things. We are living well, making great choices or about to go do that major presentation for the new job and then all of a sudden – bam. We meet a wall. That wall can come in many forms. Sometimes it is technology breaking orContinue reading “Releasing Spiritual & Energetic Interference”

The Light vs The Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

In the metaphysical story of Earth, there are two distinct groups who have formed. People of the light and people of the dark. Their objectives? In the case of the light, to honour the Order of Creation. To preserve and protect planet Earth and to help free it and all humans from the energetic chainsContinue reading “The Light vs The Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5”

Soul Compass Suprise Gift

Did you buy a paperback copy of Soul Compass? Have you been thinking about it? If so, guess what? I just decided to gift EVERYONE who buys a paperback copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection‘ access to a guided version of me leading you through the ENERGY PILLAR exercise that you learn inContinue reading “Soul Compass Suprise Gift”

Preparing for Big Energy Incoming

Just a little heads up to those who are so inclined. Everything in my being is preparing for a positive energy event. The magnitude of the happiness in my soul for what it feels coming is so big that I felt, why not write the squad about it? I love sharing good news. Are youContinue reading “Preparing for Big Energy Incoming”

Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023

On July 18, 2023 we have the special astrological experience of having a node-switch. Nodes are important because they represent the threads of energy that are going to be highlighted in our planetary journey. These themes will come up in our own live (in terms of how we connect to or live the thread inContinue reading “Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023”

Vlad Impaler, ‘Discovery’, and the Witch Hammer: Saga of Earth pt 4

There are moments in the human story that have born significant influence on who we are as people and the journey we are all on together as people living on Earth. As most (all) of us know, we are healing the planet (and ourselves) from a series of events that took us off of ourContinue reading “Vlad Impaler, ‘Discovery’, and the Witch Hammer: Saga of Earth pt 4”

Pallas and Mars enter Virgo

One of the reasons that astrologers love to list an alignment is because when one happens, we know that the threads it represents are being toned in our energy sphere. This is a set of alignments I have been dreaming about. Today, July 10, both Mars and Pallas enter Virgo. Virgo, constellation wise, is knownContinue reading “Pallas and Mars enter Virgo”

July 2023 Astrology: Action + Integration = Living Again

Happy July! We have a month that is astrologically action packed on deck. These are some notes on key themes, key dates, and what to expect from them. As we kick off the month, we are in the power of Neptune retrograde (June 30). We are also basking in the energy and potential of theContinue reading “July 2023 Astrology: Action + Integration = Living Again”

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