Processing Emotions and Energy

Finding yourself having a montage of experiences lately? Perhaps meeting past memories, emotions, and situations in ‘memory’ form? Thinking about things that you totally forgot? Feeling a lot of things? This, my friend, is the sign that energy may be coming up for processing in your life.

Feeling a lot come up? Here is why it may be a ‘good’ thing. Our current cosmic moment is one where we are meant to be doing just that! Having these experiences means you are indeed shifting. One of the biggest energetic weights on this planet (and each of us) was the unprocessed energy that we carried around with us. As you know from tuning into my posts and astrology reports, we are healing the archetypes. As those archetypes get healing, part of that natural process is that the people who are connected to them work through their related parts. We also initiate this process in our lives through our intentional self-improvement activities. *I prefer doing it this way.* This is an article that talks about the power of processing, why it is important to spiritual growth, and how to tap into it.

What is processing?

When I think about processing, it reminds me of data management. We identify an event or an experience, we put meaning to it based on our perspective and the way it felt as we experienced it, we decide how to ‘categorize’ it, and from there, we choose how to handle ‘it’ (or ourselves in relation to it). Sometimes we shred the papers, other times we keep them with us as valued files. Long term processing is when we think about or work through things that happened in the previous course of our lives. This could be last month, last year, or a decade ago. For me, what makes the distinction is that when it is moved from ‘short term’, we are not caught up in the flow of action ‘right now’. ‘Long term’ means we are not immediately caught up in acting in it. In this sense, it is important to note that if you are in an ongoing situation of ‘must act’, getting those valuable moments of slowing down and ‘looking back’ to make sense and or to heal is not as easy to do.

Processing in an emotionally aware energetic sense means that we give ourselves the opportunity to go back to the moments that we had to gloss through and check in with ourselves: how did you really feel, then? What is the reason that interaction or engagement sticks out to you? What would you have said if you could say anything you want in that situation? From here, we may better figure out if there are any lessons in or actions to take from the experience. It is also about remembering positive parts of life. Those treasured moments where everything is working and you felt comfortable. The flashback to that day in the car with your father, or a laugh you shared with a friend. These are the absolute gems of life. That time you absolutely crushed it at work. Sometimes, when people are in ‘act’ mode for a while, or if they have experienced trauma or great stress in their lives, the ‘good’ memories or happy connections are not at the top of the pile. We allow ourselves to bring these back into our story when we think about them as valuable. We cultivate more of this experience in our life and help highlight it as part of our ‘reality stream’ when we do this.

One of the secrets of emotionally and spiritually strong people:  We give ourselves regular intervals to be real with our emotions. To revisit these moments where we had to be strong. We give ourselves the safe space to deal with the residual anger, hurt, or pain. In these moments, we remedy whatever trauma we may have incurred. We also celebrate when we do something well. We make peace, sever ties, or form new ones. And then, when we are done with that, we move on.

Are We Always Processing Our Own Emotions?

No. **There is a whole other layer to processing energy that focuses more on sifting and sorting what we pick up in a psychic or empathic sense. That is so important, it gets its own courses and podcasts. Click here for a recent talk I gave on the topic: .****

Making Sense of Emotions and Experiences

Processing is a part of our sense making strategy. It is key to our intelligibility of the world. It is through these moments of self-engagement and investigation that we learn what works for us and what does not. When we have many of these experiences that we do not give ourselves the space to ‘deal with’, we accumulate energy that starts to weigh us down. We get a ‘chip’ on our shoulder. We forget what it feels like not to carry that extra weight with us. We normalize it and it becomes part of our perspective (or approach) to this world. Making sense of the positive experiences is just as important as working through the sticky tough feeling ones. Recognizing when things went well and what we did to get there is KEY to doing it again and more.

We process all kinds of things. High on the list are the interactions we have (or do not have) and the emotions we experience while (or after) we have them. Giving ourselves the opportunity to go over the interactions, triumphs, and tribulations we have in our lives and making sense of them is vital to our personal development process. In these moments, we figure out what works and what does not. We identify if we were balanced in that engagement or business relationship; what did we put into it and what did we get out? Do we feel good about how we performed as well as how we were treated? When we regularly ask ourselves these self-knowing questions, we are able to ‘keep the decks clear’. If we have made a mistake, we identify and fix it. We apologize. If something happened that we do not understand, we find clarity. If we loved an occurrence and it has stood out as spectacular, we know that it is something we would like to bring more of into our lives in coming cycles. Finding the themes in experiences and interactions that leave us feeling poorly or wonderful is a powerful way to manage and evaluate our lives.

*We are at a cosmic moment when unprocessed energy on the Mars strands (and all the others, for that matter) are having a deep clean and upgrade. This is bringing up ‘past’ energy for healing, in ourselves but also in the human collective as an entirety. I am putting this out there today with that knowing. If you are ‘feeling a lot’ you are not alone. This is part of you (us) getting ready to take a huge energetic leap together. Humanity is healing. This is part of it. It feels ‘rough’ but overall, this is extremely worthwhile.

How Do You Know If You Have Energy Ready to Be Processed?

These are some indications that you may have some unprocessed energy and emotions piling up:

-Continuing to revisit an event or interaction is a clear indication that there is unresolved energy connecting us to it. Some people call this excessive rumination. The continuing thoughts that revisit a particular moment are either a) your soul brining you back for a lesson, b) an indication of an unhealed energy thread, or c) both.

-Feeling overwhelmed at multiple points throughout the day, having ‘frustration’ feeling for very small reasons, being short with yourself, animals and loved ones.

-Not having any good memories or not being able to connect to them on a regular basis.

-Not having much connection to your creativity or excitement for life is another clear indication that there are some residual energies holding on. Unfiltered emotions, worries, and stress literally sits on the creative part of your soul and body connection.

-You have been going ‘full tilt’. As I have mentioned at multiple points in this article, we do not only make sense of the ‘tough stuff’ or need to process when things go wrong. As a full-blown workaholic who actually has to remind myself to stop, I feel like I have learned the MOST from this one: Giving ourselves the opportunity to hang out and ground ourselves a little bit allows fresh and new opportunities to flow into our lives. If we are always going full tilt, we do not really ‘live’. Yes, we are alive, but there is a different kind of life when you do not work or stay busy with taking care of other people, committees, and tasks 24/7. Getting stuff done is fun. But when do you get the reward?

– Children and animals pull away. This is a bit more subtle. It has to do with how the people and animals around you act in your presence. If you notice that there is a change, in particular a pull back or sore tummies and headaches from the young ones, that is a sign that they are picking up what you are carrying around with you through their auric fields or your umbilical energy connection. Through those two layers, young ones in particular feel what you feel whether you realize it or not. If you are carrying around a big weight, there is a high likelihood that they will notice.

Energy Tools to Support Processing

Unprocessed energy becomes missed lessons, and in some cases, soul wounds. The more harder-harmonic energy we carry with us, the more we get weighed down by it. People start to think that the world is a bad place to be, their vibration lowers, their auric fields get torn, and they become more connected with the harder harmonics of things. They fall out of love with life and have a hard time finding the good in being here.

This is the case for most people. If you find yourself in these statements, take heart. You are here doing something about it. That is what really counts.

How To Help Yourself Process Energy

One of the main things that I recommend (and will again and again) is getting used to the idea of giving yourself regular intervals to heal, hear, and connect to yourself each day (aka, process). Doing this each day helps you stay ‘fresh’ and ‘clear’. What happens if you are just beginning? Well friend, same deal. When we ground ourselves in routines of self-care and work with poignant tools we are able to repair wounds, raise our vibration, and get that ‘vibe lift’ that later becomes ‘vibe maintenance’.  

From this perspective, getting your energy body repaired and moving and putting in a daily self-connection practice is part of living ‘in the now’. Giving ourselves the space to connect to our experiences and then move on IS an energy management strategy.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Am and pm meditation and energy alignment moments. Giving yourself regular intervals to say ‘hi’ to your soul and flush out your energy body of whatever you may have picked up in the course of a day (or night) helps keep things pure and clear.  *Repeating because it is so important.*
  • Regular physical exercise. Go into it without a plan to do other work or to socialize. Go into it with the attitude that you would like to process unresolved energy and emotions.
  • Making a playlist of music you love or that is relevant to what you are working on and dancing to it. *Some of us are kinetic processors. *
  • Making friends with your emotions. Getting to know what they mean. Allowing them to happen in safe contexts that does not cause you damage.
  • Hanging outside in nature. Getting to a waterfall, stream, the base of a huge tree helps.
  • Scheduling in regular self-care, processing moments.
  • Going for walks before and after stressful experiences. This helps you ground out the excess energy which then leaves you with a more clear emotional scape through which to understand things.
  • Intentional inner work done in sacred connection with yourself: Is there anything that I am unaware of or missing that I am ready to call forth to process? OR if there is something that you know you must work with, sit in meditation. Connect to your soul and ask yourself, “Please show me the highest harmonic pathway through understanding this. What is it about this that is sticking out to me? What is there for me to take away from this?”

What Happens if You Do Not Process?

One of the main negative impacts of failing to make sense of the experiences we have and filtering them energetically is that we become emotionally or spiritually disconnected. This build up contributes to becoming depressed, despondent, and not feeling like there is much shiny or good about this world. Many people fill the hole of processing by avoiding doing it. Activities like thrill seeking through consumption of drugs and alcohol, risky sexual behaviour, spending, or acting like a sociopath happens. On a relational scale it is possible this negative impact will trickle into your personal life with family, your career, and friends. When we do not deal with the tough stuff, we become depressed. We get mean. We are not nice to be around and or we lose our faith in this world.

A second important dimension is that when we do not engage, we potentially miss valuable lessons. These moments of reviewing our life experiences and their impacts are ones through which we learn the most. The school of life never closes. There is valuable information in a failed project or terrible interaction just as much as there is in those that are more successful. Clocking and celebrating what works is a big part of experiencing more of it.

If you found yourself in this article. DO NOT FEEL DISHEARTENED. You are doing yourself a major favour in waking up to this. It is not easy but it is important. As most people who have been carrying a heavy load know. The really difficult part is that a lot of us do not even know that it is there. The point of an article like this is to remind us that hey. Everything is energy. Every interaction, engagement, thought, connection, touch, conversation that we have forms the fabric of our lives. Realizing this invisible layer of weight exists and how relatively easy it is to start helping ourselves carry or transform it is a landmark moment in a lot of peoples’ lives. Maybe it will be for yours. I know it was for mine!

Ready to Start Processing Now?

I have a number of open access and IndiCrow Community materials on this one. Processing and giving ourselves positive opportunities for self-connection is a main baseline, here.

Podcasts and Articles

For those who are working through powerful and strong feeling emotions:

Calling New Energy into Your Path (great for refreshing and renewing) Calling New Energy Into Your Path – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

For those seeking more information on the cosmic moment that is bringing up all the ‘extra’ energy for healing that many are feeling:

‘5 Signs You Are Experiencing Rapid Energetic Changes”: 5 Signs You are Experiencing Rapid Energy Shifts – Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century (

If you are looking for something a little more thorough and structured, I have that!

Courses, Book, and Session

  1. “Energy Pillar”: A brand new self-access digital offering, ‘energy pillar’ is where you go to learn how to align your energy body with your physical body and to connect to your source self. This is a great place to start for anyone new here.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. Early bird registrant special: $15.15. (List goes up to $20 on February 2.)

Study time: one afternoon. This is ‘tool’ focused. I provide the audio, video, and written practice so that you may come back to be guided through the alignment + meditation each day.

To access:

2) Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: I also have a course version of ‘Soul Compass’ called ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ that goes week by week, chapter by chapter through the book and method with you. This is self-access and built for a person who loves gradual learning. It is a great package with three months worth of material in this: read a chapter, watch a video, and practice the little tool. If you would like to learn more about it, click here:

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Not sure if any of these are for you? I have taught people from all walks of life and all levels of expertise. Join me! These are limited time offers. My school is not always open. If you feel like getting in on the fun, this is a very good opportunity to do just that.

3) Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection book

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: In the book, you get a chapter by chapter guide on how to work with your energy body to get it into shape. You also learn about how to hear the messages your soul and body sends you through things like your internal dialogue and how you feel. This is the kind of book that changes lives. This is something that you are able to work with as a reference material much beyond one read. These are the foundational tools an energy aware person is able to use throughout their whole life and was designed to have the most useful, impactful included. To look at the book and see the table of contents: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection – Crow Medicine (

5) Request private consultation

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