Private Sessions

Available for Private Session, Training, and Life-Path Consultation

As you know from my podcasts, articles, and ‘about me’ sections, I am a psychopomp and soul guide. My first experience doing this in this life began with crossing souls at the age of 4, when my responsibilities first kicked in, again. I reconnected with my sacred knowledge during the process of having cancer and becoming very ill at the age of 15. Ever since, I have been a steadfastly dedicated to living in alignment with my soul. I reconnected to my knowledge as an energy master back in 2012-2014 and began my initiations to be able to remember and live my gifts. As I got into it, I realized that I have a unique ability to perform energy healing tasks but even more importantly, to teach people how to heal and hear their soul (and Earth).

I officially left my career as a social anthropologist to live in full spiritual dedication to Earth and Creator in 2017. I have been in sacred ceremony ever since.

Somewhere in early 2021, Creator called me to ceremony that required my full focus. I stopped my public activities like group gatherings, teaching new classes, and working on private sessions. All that love had to go to the planets and Creator. Which I was happy to give. Excitingly, Earth has made it to the thresh-hold that was my responsibility to work toward. Now, I get to come back and work with people, again. YAY!

Yes, I have officially returned to private session work.

This includes life path coaching, energy body repair + deep soul healing, private training, excellence coaching, and working with young people.

My favourite topics to work with in session are:

  • solving specific queries or ‘problems’ that people are ‘stumped’ by; energy excellence; creating a positive life path; soul reunification; understanding karma and soul contracts; working with metaphysics to improve already excellent performance; spotlight training to improve a skillset; and deep emotional and soul healing from this life or past life experiences. As a cancer survivor, I enjoy working with other people who are ‘on the mend’ or who are experiencing medical difficulties. I love working with children and have loads of experience in that realm. I also am a pscyhopomp. Matters of birth, death, and reunification are part of my natural everyday work.

I am an energy master with a diverse background that has taken me from the hallways of academia into the depths of this Universe. This gives me the advantage over a lot of ‘spiritual teachers’ in having worked in the fast-paced world of academia and private research. I understand how high-pressure business-oriented environments work. Therefore, I am able to effectively ground what is required in your unique care plan.

  • For scope, I have worked with people ranging from: lawyers, health-care workers, businesspeople, ex-military, construction, teachers in public school and University realm. I also routinely work with athletes on how to use energy management to enhance their performance.
  • If you would like to learn more about my path to mastery and the work I do as a psychopomp, check out this adventure + information series “Psychopomp Stories”. I talk all about what it is like living in spiritual dedication and share a lot of information about the sacred nature of Earth: Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (this is a no login ‘landing page’ that you can listen to the podcast on or find links to your preferred provider, through).


Rate wise, I am fair. I work with people within their budget ranges and will frequently allow you to ‘pay in your own currency’ as a way to be inclusive to my clients from around the world. (In general, I request $160- 180 per hour, $90-11 for 30 minutes (the sliding scale is ‘pay as you are able’). Repeat clients and people engaged in long-term coaching get discounted rates on return visits. *Note that I do increase my fees for more in-depth and dangerous work. Prior to meeting with a client, we do discuss the nature of their inquiry. At that point, I assess a) if I am the right person for this task and b) what performing it is going to require on my end. A fee is set prior to any meeting so there are no surprises.*

*If you are in a currency that is trading poorly or require a little discount, let me know. I often allow people in Australia and Canada to pay the fee in the equivalent of their home currency. I do not forget where my fans and supporters come from now that I live in USA.**

Where does private session and training take place?

Private sessions of the 1:1 training or soul retrieval variety take place online via zoom. I am able to travel to people with compensation. Note that I typically reserve this task for children or training people on land healing. I will also travel to people who require in person assistance who cannot make the journey for physical reasons.

If you would like to book in, email me at Tell me a little bit about what you are seeking guidance on. If I feel like I have the right skills, we can set an appointment up.

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