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A little bit more about me

As you read about me on the homepage, I am a psychopomp and soul guide. My life is organized around taking care of planet Earth (and the Universe) and guiding souls within it. Yes, that is an actual job. I am skilled at geomancy, Earth communication, astrology, astral travel, and advanced energy healing. I love working with children, animals, and families as well as people on a 1:1 basis.

I got into ‘energy work’ at the age of 4 when a group of souls showed up to me outside my bedroom window ready for crossing. It has been an ongoing adventure ever since. Listen to episode 1 of “Psychopomp Stories called “Path of the Crow” for that story: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/psychopompstories

I have a formal educational background as a social anthropologist. This includes having designed and taught several bachelors level courses at two different Canadian Universities, consulting on government funded research and running my own international projects. I mention it here because it is that same skill and enthusiasm for delivering engaging and well tied together learning content that made me a great academic that I bring, here. I work with music, video, the written word, and frequency to foster a truly unique experience. Content is put together at this website and in my books, especially, so that it is easy for a learner to gradually expand and develop their skills. You build on what you learn, consistently. The more in-depth programs even come with a ‘study guide’ with suggestions on how to enhance your spiritual study experience!

How did an anthropologist become a spiritual teacher?

As I was being academic Katie and climbing up the education ranks, I was also always developing my spiritual self. Like a lot of people, I felt like I was living in two worlds. Long story short, in late 2016 what was once a small flicker had become a huge roar. I knew I had to leave the University system to open my own school, to take care of the planet, and to write books. I cut the cord and took the leap to dedicate full time to the spiritual world.

Ever since that moment, I have focused full-time on my duties as a caretaker of planet Earth and lived in sacred focus. I travel the world hearing the call of the Earth to heal it and I teach other people who are on that path how to do the same (in their own version). I have run community groups and ceremonies around the world, have hosted popular public education internet forums, and done several global spiritual education projects. For much of this time, I also ran a school. From 2017-early 2021, I hosted over a thousand students to my online school IndiCrow Academy where I taught them intuitive skills development, self-connection, and earth energy management. I went on hiatus from public engagement for a year, and two from teaching at the school. I will re-open it in late 2023 or early 2024.

I am talented at working with people on soul healing and energy management

In addition to working with Earth, I am passionate about working with people in their soul healing and self-discovery process. I love helping people to a) connect to their inner excellence, b) find better connection with their souls, and c) to live their best quality life. I have worked with everyone from young people who are energy aware to people with a specific ‘why do I do this’ question to advanced energy practitioners seeking spotlight focus on what their special interest is. Other sacred tasks are to help people prepare to welcome a baby or for departure from this world. We engage in topics such as deep soul healing & retrieval, land healing, preparing for a loved one to make their journey, and skills sharpening.

IndiCrow Academy and the IndiCrow Method

Your soul is your unique connection to Creator, and it is the source of who you are as a being. Your soul is your best friend and ultimate guide. The IndiCrow method focuses on forming and strengthening your soul – energy body-physical body connection as the starting point. Getting a safe, stable, and strong energy connection to yourself and the planet is a first step here. So too is spotlighting YOUR SOUL, who is truly the main guide throughout.

Most of the discomfort people endure ‘energy’ wise is related to a) not listening to their soul or b) having congestion in the energy body-physical body experience. My teachings are specifically designed to put these parts of ourselves first.

When you come to work with me, the most important thing you are going to learn is how to hear your soul and how to work with this sacred part of yourself to experience a high-quality life.

Conscious Self-Connection that WORKS

The priority here is on getting to know yourself. Conscious self-connection and the methods you find here are designed to bring your attention to you, first. Their purpose is to help you always hear you and to recognize the power that comes in your own soul and sacred connection. Getting to know the sound of your soul, how to care for it, and how your physical and energy body works cohesively are KEY to healthy living in the 21st century. 

A Unique Approach

A unique approach to energy management, self-connection, and alignment that puts you in the driver seat. This material is derived from and driven by decades of practical experience in this field. From beginner to expert alike, my ability to support your personal honing process through fun and self-love forms a unique bedrock for learning. Learning experiences here often include music, video, film, the written word, personal self-connection exercises to form a rich environment for students of all sorts. Check out my podcasgts, articles, and vidoes for different flavours of learning.

Energy Tools That You Can Bring into Everyday Life

What you learn here is meant to be put to work. The training I offer always holds a practical orientation. Each program focuses on a specific ‘theme’ or goal. The aim is to develop your unique skillset in relation to it.

When it comes to podcasts and articles, I work to get as much information out there about everyday energy as possible. This is important to me because it helps us work with metaphysics to improve everyday life.

A Structured Path to Learning Leads to Success

My background and experience teaching in different realms over the years has shown me how important structured learning is to meaningful success. People who come train with me are entering into a well thought out trajectory where they consistently build skills, self-confidence, and strength in connection.

A strong basis for any metaphysical pathway includes direction about a) how things work, b) how to hear yourself and c) through that, how to chart your path through healing, skills expansion, and everyday life. For those so inclined, this is also the very same path we get to learn about the planets and greater function of this Universe. It all starts in the journey of getting to know, love, and care for your own soul. Your life and your day-to-day experiences are the greatest teachers. Everything at Crow Medicine and Esoteric Earth points toward that.

When you get into my advanced training in private classes we rely on this grounded self-connection as the common ground starting point. You have to know the sound of your soul + how it works in your body. More on that to be added as my private classes proliferate after a 2 year hiatus.

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