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As you certainly know by the point of having navigated here, I host an online school called IndiCrow Academy. This is where I do all the teaching. For more about how the school works and what studying at it is like, read on below. Click through the menu to check out current courses, read program descriptions, and to get started now.

Registration for “Aura Clinic: Healing and Tuning Your Auric Field is on ‘early bird’ registration:

Click here to read more about the program and to get started now: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/aura-clinic

These are some of my most popular and current offerings. Check the ‘IndiCrow Academy’ main page tab for the full list.

IndiCrow Academy

You can read more about my backstory and the creation of the school by clicking ‘about’ IndiCrow Academy: About (learnworlds.com).

Reasonably Priced Programming with Payment Plans and In-School Discounts

At IndiCrow Academy, being accessible is of high importance. For this reason, I make sure to keep a range of high impact programming at a reasonable price. Beginning at $12 usd with core offerings beginning at $111 and in-school discounts offered to returning students. Programs at $100 usd plus are offered with a payment plan consideration that you are able to select at check-out. (Courses on the ‘left’ of the screen above are all $111 or less, on the right $133-$400.)

When it comes to energy management planning, life coaching, and private skills expansion training or check-ins, people who study core programming at IndiCrow Academy also get preferred access and special pricing. Why? Because we build off of and expand off the methodological basis you are learning at the school. It all points back to you. Referring to the common discourse and safe space to yourself that you have already built in your training, we enhance and complement what is working and what you are uniquely developing into personalized programming. No two clients receive the same training when they come to do 1:1 work with me. (Please note I am still on hiatus from private events, personal training, and personal coaching sessions. I anticipate returning to those activities by 2023.)

Self-Access Programming Lovingly Designed by Somebody with Formal Academic Training and Lecturing Experience

All of the programming at IndiCrow Academy is designed as ‘self access’ meaning that students are able to ‘log in’ to the school platform and get to their learning material as works for them. Eleven pm, 4 am. Whenever YOU feel inspired.

I have a formal educational background as a social anthropologist. This includes having designed and taught several bachelors level courses at two different Canadian Universities. I was also included as co-researcher on a curriculum development program along with (but really, being mentored by) a seasoned and highly respected senior Professor. One wing of its focus was all about designing engaging online learning content. I mention it here because it is that same skill and enthusiasm for delivering engaging and well tied together learning content that I bring, here. I work with music, video, the written word, and frequency to foster a truly unique experience. Programming is put together at the school so that it is easy for a student to follow along with the videos and directions. The more in-depth programs even come with a ‘study guide’ with suggestions on how to enhance your spiritual study experience!

Building on that, and a big difference with the ‘new’ school is that programs now come with a written content portion that you are able to download to keep in your records for life. In addition to the course content videos and unit delivery, most *but not all* learning programs, come with a digital book. This is a copy of the exercises that you learned, the core concepts and theory that we worked with, and any self-discovery questions or study tips that came along with your program.

Programming Complementarity

All programming that I teach here is based upon the unique methods of self-connection, energy management, and creative skills expansion that I developed (and am constantly expanding). What you learn here is based in grounded metaphysical principles that work. Getting a safe, stable, and strong energy connection to yourself and the planet is a first step here. So too is spotlighting YOUR SOUL, who is truly the main guide throughout. Everything I teach is about a) how things work, b) how to hear yourself and c) through that, how to chart your path through healing, skills expansion, and everyday life. For those so inclined, this is also the very same path we get to learn about the planets and greater function of this Universe. It all starts in the journey of getting to know, love, and care for your own soul. Your life and your day-to-day experiences are the greatest teachers. Everything at IndiCrow Academy points to that.

All students coming to IndiCrow Academy are recommended to take either ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ or ‘Soul Compass: Hearing and Healing the Soul and Body Relationship”. Preferably both. *I have priced it so that you are able to access the two programs for only an additional $20 on the price of Soul Compass to encourage this option.* This is because I lay out the fundamental energy method of grounding and repairing your energy body, calling forth your highest harmonic soul experience, and knowing specifically how to talk to your soul that is the basis of the IndiCrow method. We build on this and extend it in the future programming which is all about ever more hearing your sacred connection. Soul healing, energy body healing and re-connection, day to day vibrational management. This is what we are all about.

****There will be special seasonal offerings and meditations, harmonization practices, and self-discovery activities that are offered to ‘all’, no pre-requisite. *****

Brand new? Already a master? Not sure where you fit? I have trained people of all skill sets and backgrounds. What I have learned is that just about everyone who has ever graced my door step was stimulated by the unique way I encourage you to focus on your soul and its sound. Come hang out! (Not sure where to start or if either will help you with your objectives? Email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. I will happily let you know.)

New Programming Coming Up

As the seasons grow and change, so too does this school. Upcoming learning experiences at IndiCrow Academy will continue to focus on the themes you have come to know and love me for teaching, over the years. Planetary caretaking, recognizing your cosmic connection, and how the Universe works through planetary study and astrology are key passions. “In the Flow” is a perfect example of this direction. We will be doing a planetary harmonization journey in September.

I recognize that there are many students seeking out my advice on planetary connection and caretaking. I can feel people waiting for me to ‘teach gridwork’. This is my formal note to say that there is not an upcoming class on that and there will not be any more until this planetary change is over. Check back in 2024 for more on that.

Articles on this Blog That Give You a Taste of the Learning Experience

Everything you come across on this blog is an example of the IndiCrow Academy learning experience. I cover the basics of metaphysics in a unique and fun way that brings you ever more close into a connection with yourself, the planet, and this Universe. The ‘energy management’ https://crow-medicine.com/category/energy-management/ and ‘lifestyle’ https://crow-medicine.com/category/lifestyle/ give great examples of how I approach energy and the tone I do my information sharing in.

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