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Hello and thank you for visiting this section to learn a little more about me and how I do things around here. i appreciate your visit. (Page under construction March-April 2023. You may find a blip or typo as I rework this little part about me!)

As you read on my homepage, I am ALL about ongoing learning. I had a book in one hand and a pen in the other since I was a young child. I always knew that I would work with these tools to help change the world.

With a formal educational background as a social anthropologist, before I became ‘Katie IndiCrow’ I was teaching university, running my own research projects, and consulting on others. During the research years, I was known as a research ethics whiz kid and highly respected for my ability to develop complex social, psychological, and economic theories. I had a prolific public voice in my community advocating for quality of life and working with local social economic organizations in my home province.

As I was being that Katie, I was also always developing my spiritual self. Like a lot of people, I felt like I was living in two worlds. I was teaching all day long and then awake all night with the spiritual matters. Long story short, in late 2016 what was once a small flicker had become a huge roar. I knew I had to leave the University system to open my own school, to take care of the planet, and to write books. I cut the cord and took the leap to dedicate full time to what had naturally grown into IndiCrow Academy. IndiCrow Academy has gone through some changes over the years. Once a private elite training school, I have chosen to focus on bringing the power of energy management and self-connection to as many people as possible. A such, how I do things is changing. (More on that below.)

Crow Medicine Features Materials Lovingly Designed by Somebody with Formal Academic Training and Lecturing Experience

I have a formal educational background as a social anthropologist. This includes having designed and taught several bachelors level courses at two different Canadian Universities. I mention it here because it is that same skill and enthusiasm for delivering engaging and well tied together learning content that I bring, here. I work with music, video, the written word, and frequency to foster a truly unique experience. Content is put together at this website and in my books, especially, so that it is easy for a learner to gradually expand and develop their skills. You build on what you learn, consistently. The more in-depth programs even come with a ‘study guide’ with suggestions on how to enhance your spiritual study experience!

Your soul is your unique connection to Creation and it is the source of who you are as a being. Your soul is your best friend and ultimate guide. Your soul has the best sense of humour (once it is healed, most especially). Most of the discomfort people endure ‘energy’ wise is related to a) not listening to their soul or b) having congestion in the energy body-physical body experience. My teachings are specifically designed to put these parts of ourselves first.

Everything that I teach is based upon the unique methods of self-connection, energy management, and creative skills expansion that I developed (and am constantly expanding). My method, which I call ‘conscious self-connection’ and the ‘IndiCrow Method’ focuses on forming and strengthening your soul and energy body-physical body connection. Getting a safe, stable, and strong energy connection to yourself and the planet is a first step here. So too is spotlighting YOUR SOUL, who is truly the main guide throughout.

Yes, your soul. I said it.

A strong basis for any metaphysical pathway includes direction about a) how things work, b) how to hear yourself and c) through that, how to chart your path through healing, skills expansion, and everyday life. For those so inclined, this is also the very same path we get to learn about the planets and greater function of this Universe. It all starts in the journey of getting to know, love, and care for your own soul. Your life and your day-to-day experiences are the greatest teachers. Everything at Crow Medicine and Esoteric Earth points toward that.

Why I put so much into public education

This website is a place that I work to make a reliable space of high impact, accurate spiritual information. I choose to put great teachings out to the world like this as part of making spirituality accessible. I have listeners and readers from 90+ countries (and growing). These are people who are living in all sorts of economic circumstances, including poverty and war.

There were times in my spiritual journey where I could not afford a session or a class, and I know that when things are tough, the first thing to get lopped off are supplemental self-help activities like this. For that reason, and to remain accessible to people all around the world, I place a high priority on POWERFUL AND MEANINGFUL public education.

There is a class dimension to accessing spiritual teachings. I am working to bust down that wall. For that reason, along with all this great ‘free’ content, I also have budget friendly high value learning opportunities.

Ready to Get Started?

I have a number of different pathways to learning that are available now.

All students coming to learn from me are recommended to start with a) energy pillar or b) Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’

I highly recommend all people get a copy of ‘Soul Compass’, in particular if they are interested in working with me in more advanced training. This is because I lay out the fundamental energy method of grounding and repairing your energy body, calling forth your highest harmonic soul experience, and knowing specifically how to talk to your soul that is the basis of the IndiCrow method in it. To get your copy today: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection-new-options/ .

*I will be teaching people how to do personal energy alignment and advanced soul healing with this method in June 2023. Get studying now to be ready.*

The energy pillar is a method of energy alignment and self-connection that I created. Learn it ‘on its own’ in ‘ENERGY PILLAR’ as a way to get started and then launch into ‘Soul Compass’ where we extend the method.

“Energy Pillar” description: A brand new self-access digital offering, ‘energy pillar’ is where you go to learn how to align your energy body with your physical body and to connect to your source self. This is a great place to start for anyone new here.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. Early bird registrant special: $15.15.

Study time: one afternoon. This is ‘tool’ focused. I provide the audio, video, and written practice so that you may come back to be guided through the alignment + meditation each day.

To access: https://buy.stripe.com/6oE8yJf3Zcyrgow6os

Brand new? Already a master? Not sure where you fit? I have trained people of all skill sets and backgrounds. What I have learned is that just about everyone who has ever graced my door step was stimulated by the unique way I encourage you to focus on your soul and its sound. Come hang out!

I will return to hosting live storytelling events, traveling to do workshops, and doing public classes once again. I anticipate being active in this way by June 2023. I will also be expanding to sell crystals and different forms of spiritual merchandise. For now I am focusing on taking care of my new family, honouring my obligations to the Universe. and doing the public outreach thing.

To Request Private Consultation and Targeted Support

You may contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to inquire about 1:1 work. I will be moving back into that ‘full time’ as 2023 creates the space for it.

Changes to Crow Medicine and IndiCrow Academy

This is one for people who are ‘old fans’ as well as those who may like to know a little more about my journey.

Crow Medicine once went by a different name. I hosted a community space of upward of 7,000 people and was constantly running public events and community training. Between 2017 and early 2021, IndiCrow Academy was the home to 32 course offerings. We had lively group gatherings, live classes, community calls, and seasonal celebrations. IndiCrow Academy was a school as well as a vibrant community. I met your families and stayed in your homes. Those were really sweet times. During those years, I also worked extensively in private sessions and training. These were the moments I applied and refined many of the teachings and techniques I express through this website and my books, today.

Then, 2020 happened.

As we tucked into the pandemic, I had a lot of ‘personal’ things go on including the sudden death of my father, a marriage, and a hugely increased workload as a psychopomp. The library I worked so hard to build all of a sudden just stopped working. I lost two websites and could not afford to keep up the third. As it all happened, I focused on my responsibilities and kept it moving. Part of that was building this new website and get my fresh, new paradigm material out (which I had been wanting to do anyway).

As the seasons grow and change, so too do we. As such, the teaching and learning strategy for 2023 is changing.

A lot of people (most) in my community got hit hard by economic hardship. I watched people step away from their spirituality. When I saw that happen, I felt compelled to get my best teachings into the most easily accessible formats I could. Thus, I wrote ‘Soul Compass’. Once you buy ‘Soul Compass’ the book or take part in the ground level training that I offer, you will be able to return here to this page for rich suggestions month to month on what to do with it. I embed these teachings in each podcast on Crow Medicine and the astrology reports. When I do the ‘public challenges’ like the ’30 day Vibe up Challenge’ join in and send a tip if you can! My public events will also be building up from these methods and knowing them will help you enjoy it and be eligible to attend.

To Support this page

I have set up a ‘buymeacoffee’ page where I accept one off and monthly support ($3, $5, $10 respectively). If you come here and love what I am doing, this is a GREAT way to say thanks for all the work on a consistent basis: Membership | Katie IndiCrow (buymeacoffee.com)

Another great way to support this page is to SHARE IT! Get this information out to people who you know it will help. Recommend, refer, email. It all helps and is appreciated.

Buying my books and new meditation journeys or online bits, viewing my youtube videos and listening to my podcasts to help me get my viewer count are other ways you can say thanks.

Youtube: Psychopomp Stories (real life adventures as I guide souls and take care of the planet) (2) Psychopomp Stories: Esoteric Earth Channel – YouTube

Crow Medicine Meditation: (1) Crow Medicine Music Meditation – YouTube

My podcast pages: Esoteric Earth

Weekly Crow Medicine Meditations

In the spirit of encouraging regular self-connection, I have started releasing new meditations to the public each Saturday.

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