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Exploring Links Between Sun, Solar Energy, and Self Discovery

The Sun: Part of our solar system. Power source of our Universe. Kick in the pants soul activator. 

Join me for a podcast journey exploring the connections between the sun, solar and cme activity, and how it stimulates our body and soul activity. Come for an conversation on astrology and the planets, stay for a journey through the relationship between ‘science’ and ‘spirituality’.

What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality

On July 3, 2021, we had our first x-flare solar flare activity since 2017. This has been followed by halo cmes, sideways moving cmes, and a ‘global shockwave’ that has affected the geomagnetics of the earth (as of July 15). This is significant. Why? This new series of flares and activity represent another main signpost in our planetary awakening journey.
This is a podcast all about Solar Cycle 25, solar flare and CME activity, and the great spiritual awakening journey our planet is on.

Study the Body, Soul & Planet Approach to Meditation

We are souls in bodies living on this planet! Focused exclusively on learning the basics of the harmonization method to meditation designed and developed by Katie IndiCrow. Come learn the approach that takes your body, soul, and connection point to the planet into account. Ten minutes with this method each day and you have taken care of all three!


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About Me

Hello! I am Katie. Teacher, writer, and caretaker of the planet. This is me in my sweet spot, standing in a river in the middle of a forest. Welcome to my spiritual lifestyle blog ALL about body, soul, and planet! Enjoy the tools on these pages and be sure to check out my sweet music podcasts. Start at my homepage for more about me, learning for more about my approach, and blogs for all the posts. Welcome and enjoy the journey.

It is a pleasure to meet you.
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