A Good Time to Receive Yourself

Hello to all who find this message. I write it today from deep ceremony. Please excuse me if it sounds a little awkward! I do my best to communicate impactfully from this space. It is kind of like being in ‘another world’ and writing from there.

This is not going to be a hugely detailed article about how things work – rather, it is a call to action for those who are ready.

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The Written Message and Promised Materials

As you know, I am a psychopomp. What that means is that I walk souls (and soul pieces) into, around, and through various parts of the energy spectrum of this Universe. There are ‘gates’ that souls walk through in these journeys to make their reunion with themselves. (Right now, today, you may be one of them.)

The reason that I am writing today is to let everyone know several things.

  1. I have been all over the East Coast and into central North America these last few days, minding the gates and connections that we have built over the last decade. This includes all over Atlantic Canada, into Central (Ontario, Quebec) and of course, my favourite Alberta and some of the others spread throughout the West. It also of course includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York.
    • This means people who live here, you and this land have been getting my special attention. (Europe, I am about to switch to you, next. Australia too. It does go beyond that I just am not able to list them for safety reasons. If you are finding my work, you are able to get to one of my gates.)
    • People not living in these regions, you are not excluded. I am just mentioning some that I know I have a great deal of readers from.
  2. For all people: if you have been seeking to call back a soul aspect or piece, it will have safe crossing so long as you go through me and the gates that myself and the squad that I work with operate. We are global.
    • I phrase it this way because there are false gates that are open. There are people, psychopomps and teachers seeking to lead people astray and off their personal empowerment path. You heard me talking to you about that in my last 2 articles that included a podcast and a video.
      • You may not know how to discern the difference. Look below for more on that.
  3. The next 10 days or so are ones I have been quietly anticipating all season and working toward for a few years. I am not going to announce the alignments I care about or give much detail about them to protect them from those who seek to mislead. I will talk more about it later as appropriate.
  4. If you are ready to make a concerted grounding of soul integration, self-connection, and personal activations, this is an absolutely excellent stretch to focus, focus, focus.

As I tell you, all moments are good for soul growth and personal expansion. Though what I write here is written in excitement for this moment, the advice I give here works any time.

Setting Intentions + Taking Action for Safe Soul Crossing and Powerful, High Harmonic Integration

One of the best ways to receive yourself is to take moments where you consciously connect to yourself. Getting into a meditative state where you are breathing, grounded, and focused helps to vibrationally prepare yourself to be able to do that.

So how do you connect to your soul and call yourself in, safely?

For me, and all people that I teach, it begins with the energy pillar activity. When you do the energy pillar, you are creating a ‘safe space’ for connection (and yes, that matters). Aligning your physical body + your energy body as you do moving through the steps is exactly the prep your body requires to be able to integrate or activate your soul as you expand your being.After you get yourself into the energy pillar, you are ready to set your intentions and to call in your soul essence and energy.

One of the very best ways is to say it out loud, deliberately.

“I call forth and connect to my soul in my highest harmonic frequency.

“I call forth and connect to my any of my soul pieces that are moving home to me a this time. I integrate them in their highest harmonic form.

I receive myself in my highest harmonic form.”

and if you are seeking a safe crossing:

I consent only to making my crossing through the gates in this Universe that Creator made and operates.”

After you do this, hang out with yourself. Put on a playlist and actively receive. Go for a walk while still in the pillar and meditative focus. Draw, write, do art. Allow yourself to flow and enjoy. This is part of the ‘receiving’ process. Yes, it does take work. But at least the work is often pleasant.

Do this EACH DAY for the next 2 weeks and be amazed at your transformation.

Be prepared for emotional awakenings, inspiration, and clarity

(In these next 2 sections, I include public access materials as well as guidance to those who have become more formal students by studying Soul Compass and energy pillar. Make sure to read to the bottom for the public materials.)

One of the other things happening with this ‘inner awakening’ that is ongoing is that for those who allow it, moments of clarity, inspiration, and connection will be rewarding. When gates are in flow, that also means that our ability to hear ourselves and Creator can be magnified.

Those who a copy of Soul Compass, you know all about how to ask yourself questions and how to engage the dialogue of your soul. If there is something that you would like to know about yourself (or the Universe) ask your questions. You have been building the strong connection of communication with your soul and Creator via source. If you have something inside to work on or a burning question for yourself or Creator, get into the pillar. Do your self-connection in your highest harmonic calling and ASK IT!

If you are experiencing major feelings, work with your deep connection techniques and engage yourself as you study in ‘Soul Compass’. If you find a soul fragment, you know what to do with it. Work with the advanced soul repair exercises in part 3 OR your rebuilds in part 2. The skills you have been building work perfectly here.

Materials to Work With

As you have read, I highly recommend energy pillar AND Soul Compass. I offer them on their own or as a combo pack in digital or paperback form. I will list those here. I also have released some meditations on youtube that you are able to work with to receive yourself AND to ask yourself questions. I will post these below.

For energy pillar, the online interactive energy alignment meditation learning website:

For the E – VERSION energy pillar and Soul Compass (2 pack, and the paperback from me now comes with the pillar, the digital copy, and your paperpack): https://crow-medicine.com/2023/04/21/soul-compass-energy-pillar-e-sale/

For ‘Soul Compass’ the paperback (which also comes with ‘energy pillar’ and digital copy as a Katie gift

***Yes, the book is $35 dollars. In it, you learn the groundwork of intuitive energy alignment which is a skill you will use the rest of your life. You also get 3 things with it: The book, a digital copy of the book, and a gift copy of energy pillar. To me, that is a bang of a deal. I know the exchange rates can be unfriendly which is why I offer the e-version.

  • Reminder to those who already purchased the book are able to email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to get your energy pillar. Second reminder – if you buy from blurb, email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com for your ebook and energy pillar combo access.


Here are some of my public access materials that you are able to work with to receive yourself AND to get in there with the questions. Those of you who study with me via energy pillar and Soul Compass may also like to work with these. You will notice that your skills of hearing yourself clearly and being able to have psychedelic and engaging meditation experiences are expanding because of what you are building. This is part of the good stuff. Enjoy it and play with it (safely).

Guided Meditation to Receive Your Soul Essence: Guided Meditation to Receive Your Soul Essence – YouTube

“Guided Meditation to Hear Your Soul”: Guided Meditation to Hear Your Soul: If Your Soul Could Deliver You One Message What Would it Be? – YouTube

Remember, it can get crazy out there. Take care of yourselves and your souls, friends!

If you think you require a little private guidance or soul assistance, email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com


Katie IndiCrow

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  1. Ever grateful to you for providing the tools to call our soul aspects home to fully receive and integrate them, and for guiding us through the true gates of this important passageway safely, thank you!💜💜💜

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