Impacts of 5g and High EMF Environments on our Energy Body and Physical Well-Being (and How to Correct Them)

Is your work or school environment wearing you down?

September. Month of back to school, back to work ‘in office’ and back to being indoors for so many of us. With the excitement of these returns comes something less pleasant: more headaches, getting ‘illness’ like colds and flu, and flare ups of issues like anxiety and IBS. So too are people reporting feeling shifts in their ‘physical’ energy expressions like jitters, not being able to sit still and feeling like jumping out of your seat.

Those of us out there who are energy sensitive are somewhat ‘used’ to this. We pass off these experiences as coming with being around more people. We simply need to ‘process it’.If you are like me, this ‘sensitivity’ has seemed to amp up in the past year. Did I (we) get more psychic? Possibly. But what if there is something else going on?

Have you ever asked yourself if some of it was exposure to electronic equipment and wavelengths in your environment?

In October 2022, I started to experience what is best described as ‘physical anxiety’. I would be fine in my house or in most rural environments. When I got to busy highways, indoor spaces, or around too many people I started to feel like there was something punching me in the stomach. My intestines would pulse. I would feel like jumping out of my skin. My once managed IBS started flaring up worse than it had in a decade. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression in the past and experienced and healed ‘both’ of them from a clinical space. What I was feeling was not the same as I had back then. This was different.

Yet nothing was ‘wrong’ in my immediate environment, at least not that I could see. Like so many people do, I set about researching to try to figure out what was going on.

After a spate of academic research, I found a relatively simple answer for my ‘big mystery’.  Exposure to EMFS and 5g impacts the electron flow (energy flow) in our bodies. It makes us more susceptible to ‘inflammation’ and various iterations of illness like ‘ibs’ and anxiety (Luo et al 2021). My own participant observation over the past year confirms this. Exposure to EMFs is what trips off the fight or flight response of ‘panic’ and ‘anxiety’, the headaches, the physical anxiety, and the feeling of jumping out of our skin that so many of us are experiencing that we cannot explain.

In this article, I am going to talk a little bit about EMF and exposure to 5g from two different perspectives a) science and b) spiritual. Bringing the two together, I assert that hyper exposure and more frequent spates of long-term disconnection from the physical grounding properties of Earth are having a negative impact on some of our senses of spiritual and physical well-being.

After establishing the how and why, I am going to show you some energy tools you can work with to get your physical body and energy body repaired (and thus hopefully minimize negative impacts). I will also recommend some products that are on the market my husband and I tested that are helping us stay healthy amidst all of this.

Situating this article: because this is considered a tinfoil hat topic, I am going to lead with a little bit of science. Though I am academically trained, and this is exactly the type of research I would have done, I did not have the $1,000 or the 40 hours to dedicate to writing out a proper literature review. This is a sampling of what is out there and presenting as a clear theme and is an example of the research that is proliferating. I encourage you to do your own deep dive into peer reviewed research.   When it comes to the esoteric knowledge component: I am an energy master. That part of this article is approached with rigor. I have tested, re-tested, and observed. *The information provided in this article is not intended to serve as a replacement for the type of advice a physician or other trained medical professional.*

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Now. Onto the information.

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Defining EMFs *the science part*

For the purpose of this conversation, EMF stands for ‘electric and magnetic fields’. Basically, these ‘fields’ are invisible spaces of energy that are present in our environment. According to the USA National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences,

“Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as Radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.

EMFs are typically grouped into one of two categories by their frequency:

Non-ionizing: low-level radiation which is generally perceived as harmless to humans and Ionizing: high-level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage.” (Electric & Magnetic Fields (”

A further distinction may be made between EMFs that are human-made and those that are naturally occurring. For the conversation today we are focusing on the human made sources including powerlines, 5g towers, Bluetooth devices, smart houses, smart watches, computer monitors, cell phones and routers. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, emfs from non-ionizing man-made sources are ‘safe’ whereas the ‘ionizing’ natural cosmic made ones like solar flares are potentially hazardous ( ). Though I disagree with that, it is an important distinction to make that I will attend to in another article about the sun and our soul.

The rapid proliferation of wearable digital devices, mobile phones, ‘smart’ buildings, and 5g towers are creating a situation where people are being exposed to ever higher levels of EMF.

Are EMFS safe for human exposure?

The human body has an electromagnetic field. Each of our cells and our organs produce (and communicate to one another) through these fields of energy. (This field is one of the ways that we experience our ‘intuitive’ senses. Through this field we are able to read and experience other ‘fields’ in our environment. The charge of our bodily electrons, their distribution, and their ability to communicate with one another (and our environments) has an impact on the way our body performs (Jamieson et al: 2007, Luo et al: 2021, Oschman: 2007).

What this means is that human bodies interact with the energetic (electromagnetic) capabilities of their environments. In the case of EMFS,

“Electric fields in the environment induce readily measurable voltages on and in the human body because the body has conductive components such as blood and extracellular fluid. This is technically referred to as capacitive coupling between a voltage source and the body. Home electrical wiring is an example of such a voltage source (Oschman 2008: p. 43).

A human body is able to pick up a ‘charge’ as a result of the voltage sources they are exposed to. Even if we do not ‘see’ the fields, we are ‘engaging them’. This is important to become conscious of because,

““If the body is immersed in a variety of sources of electrical fields of various intensities and coming from a variety of sources of electrical fields of various intensities and coming from a variety of directions (this is common in a modern environment), its free electrons will be pulled hither and thither in an intricate dance. (Oschman 2008, p. 953) .

This can result in oxidative stress, inflammation, and other forms of electro disturbance in the body. This is especially the case in situations where the technology that is emitting the EMF waves is not adequately grounded or if the environment has become saturated. (More on that in a moment.)

One of the key components of EMF (and our ability to handle it) is the presence of Earth and its electron sorting power. For a device like a cellular tower or office computer to be deemed ‘safe’ they have to have the ability to ‘ground’ their field. Stated differently, Earth electrons help to negate the impacts of the frequency outputs to the human body.

The same power goes for the body. When it comes to EMFS,

When the body is connected to earth, with its unlimited supply of electrons, nearby oscillating electrical fields have virtually no effect on the free electrons within the body, and the electrons will therefore be more available to carry appropriate functions” (Oschman: 2008 p 953).

In this sense, whether EMFS are ‘safe’ in a general sense or not has to do with a) the ability of the Earth around a piece of technology to absorb and ground it and b) the ability of a human to connect to the Earth as a mechanism of repair.

Here is where things start to get dynamic.

Over-Exposure to Human Made EMF and Health Issues (the Science Perspective)

As we move further into the 21st century, our lives are changing. So too is our exposure to EMFS. Our workplaces have gone from typewriters or grounded pcs and plugged in phones to wireless everything. We have seen the proliferation of ‘air pods’ and ‘smart watches’ and ‘high powered home internet’. So too have we seen places like school grounds, apartment buildings and workplaces becoming the host site for ‘5g’ and other forms of ‘EMF; broadcasting towers.

According to Jamieson et at (2007), this combined wave of devices and their broadcasted signals is creating a space where people are experiencing ‘electro pollution’ to a higher degree. They argue that previously, there were significant differences between ‘indoor’ spaces and ‘outdoor’ spaces and that in general, people had the ability to offset the impact of the former by the time they spent in the latter. In this sense, we return to that powerful ‘grounding’ components of nature. They argue that the electromagnetic environments people are now regularly exposed to bear little resemblance to those outside. They go on to further state that,

“The increased masking/shielding of individuals from beneficial types of natural electromagnetic phenomena, the presence of synthetic materials that can gain strong charge and increased exposure to inappropriate electric field levels and polarities have greatly altered the electromagnetic nature of the micro-environments many individuals occupy (2007: 5224).”

When people spend time in what they identify as ‘Faraday cage’ like environments, that is, physical environments that hold the EMFs in as opposed to help them naturally pass to the ground, they are experience a reduction in “biologically essential small air ions’. They go on to say that these conditions raise the potential that a person spending time in that environment may become infected via airborne contaminants ( (2007) 5224–5235).

Stated simply, what this means is that people, especially those who are spending a lot of time indoors in ungrounded environments are being exposed to EMFS that are changing their ability to be able to resist illnesses and infections. Examples of these environments could be an apartment building, classroom, or as they studied it, office spaces. Precisely the spaces that so many of us spend a lot of time in – especially during this ‘back to’ season.

Makes sense, right?

We are in a unique pocket of environmental change where a whole new frequency is being unrolled all around us (aka 5g). Interestingly, the structural implementation occurred at the same time that we have been dealing with a global outbreak and re-infection rate that is both confusing and concerning. .As is the role of science, researchers have been steadfastly seeking out factors that may be contributing to high transmission and infection rates. One variable that keeps coming up is the presence of 5g towers.

According to Rubik and Brown (2021),

“COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China in December 2019, shortly after city-wide 5G had “gone live,”that is, become an operational system, on October 31, 2019. COVID-19 outbreaks soon followed in other areas where 5G had also been at least partially implemented, including South Korea, Northern Italy, New York City, Seattle, and Southern California. In May 2020, Mordachev  reported a statistically significant correlation  between the intensity of radiofrequency radiation and the mortality from SARS-CoV-2 in 31 countries throughout the world. During the first pandemic wave in the United States, COVID-19 attributed cases and deaths were statistically higher in states and major cities with 5G infrastructure as compared with states and cities that did not yet have this technology [5]” #quote#quote

(Accessed online: National Library of Medicine

Interesting, right? When I became acquainted with this rich body of research, a lot of personal questions I had about why some places were experiencing higher concentrations of outbreaks over another was directly answered. To be clear, I am not asserting that 5g towers create covid. Rather, I believe that they are part of a wider regime of device proliferation and changes in our environments that can have physical and energetic impacts.

From this emergent body of research, we are able to say with non-tinfoil-hat confidence that being exposed to high volumes of EMF that we are not ‘correcting’ for puts us in a position where we may be susceptible to a range of health problem. This notion is addressed by Kivrak et al. who argue,

“The biological effect of exposure to EMF is a subject of particular research interest. The results of the recent studies not only clearly demonstrate that EMF exposure triggers oxidative stress in various tissues, but also that it causes significant changes in levels of blood antioxidant markers. Fatigue, headache, decreased learning ability, and cognitive impairment are among the symptoms caused by EMF. The human body should therefore be protected against exposure to EMF because of the risks this can entail.” (2017: 174).

But what does all of this mean to our everyday life experience? How do we recognize these trends as they may show up in our lives? As I came to it, it all came down to a drastic and otherwise unexplainable decline in how I was feeling. It is this decline and figuring out where it came from that inspired me to write this article & record the podcast.

What an Energy Expert Says Exposure to 5g and High-Tech Environments Can Have on the Energy Body/Physical Body Overlay

Methodologically speaking, this is where the participant observation aspect kicks in. Participant observation is a type of data collection often used by social anthropologists (like me) that pays attention to the lived experience of a person as well as that which they observe in others. Everything written from this paragraph on is a result of direct personal observation and research that I have been doing over the past year. It has included speaking with other people about EMF exposure and doing energy body repairs for people whose structure was damaged by them.

How Did I get interested in this? Personal Observation Experience

 In the year 2022, I started having nervous system regulatory problems and stomach-based flare-ups that I could not place. This was showing up specifically in vehicles on busy highways. I would get in the car, hit the road and within 5-15 minutes, would want to jump out of the car. I would feel like something was attacking me psychically, I felt panic, and my hands would swell and shake. This is not like me. Because of my social science background, when something is ‘wrong’, I start looking for patterns. After a while of observing myself, I came to the realization that I was experiencing the worse of the flare ups and stomach issues when I was traveling in areas that had 5g towers placed closely together on the highway.  As I continued observing, I would notice strange gut feelings and sometimes negative thoughts that were not mine popping in. Upon looking around my environment to see what that could be coming from, I was more often than not greeted with a big tower with loads of satellites on it in my near distance. In some cases, feeling them before seeing them.

While I have always been somebody that was sensitive to EMFs from things like lights and computers, I was not a person who was ‘worried’ about 5g or the new towers. For that reason, I did not jump to that conclusion at first. Rather, I started observing myself and where I would notice the ‘symptoms’ pop up. Area #1: while driving on the highway. As I would start feeling ‘sick’ or the ‘fight or flight’ response, I would take note of my environment. Guess where I felt worst? In the presence of 5g towers closely spaced together. Area #2: in closed space areas like a concert or a shopping mall where I had to be close to EMFS without a clear space to ground.

These are both instances of ungrounded technology or instances including the presence of a high volume of frequency emissions that the Earth could not fully compensate for in real-time. (This matches what the scientists are saying.)

After identifying this theme within myself, I began branching out to other people around me to see what they were saying about being in high EMF environments.

Some of the symptoms or physical experiences I have observed in self and others:

  • headache
  • stomach problems including feeling like you have to run to the bathroom (even though you just or recently went)
  • not being able to digest food properly and having stomach aches
  • crankiness and feeling edgy
  • feeling ‘overwhelmed’ like you are going to have a panic attack but there is no reason to have one
  • feeling as though you have to ‘run out’ of an environment, even though there is nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘intimidating’ about it
  • severe energy body wear and tear & needing to do more repair than makes sense
  • auric field issues
  • hearing a low harmonic, hate-anger-fear voice or energy (this is from the low frequency EMFS)
  • starting to have feelings like you are under spiritual attack when in proximity to the towers (this happens because they are so low compared to some of us that we actually feel like we are getting punched when we get close to too many of them).
  • feeling like something ‘negative’ is nearby when there is no legitimate present threat that you are able to identify
  • getting ‘sick’ a lot

Any of that sound familiar?

These are all things that we ‘feel’ when our electrons and energy body fall out of balance or repair.  The getting sick part as well as the feeling anxiety and other neurological pressures are all attributable to EMF exposure. So it seems that for me, the ‘big secret’ behind my dis-ease was being bombarded with WAY TOO MUCH EMF.

I am of the strong opinion that the recent proliferation of wearable, ungrounded technology and the introduction of 5g infrastructure without consideration of ‘energetic pollution’ or the impact of their combined impacts is creating a situation where people are struggling to get their daily grounding.  The close placement of the 5g towers, personal wear technology, and even things like computers in cars are creating the space where ‘outdoor’ environments like the highway or a park that used to be regenerative and charging for us now feel overwhelming. They are turning into ‘indoor’ environments.   This is making it difficult for people to regulate their energy systems which is contributing to people experiencing endocrine, stomach, and spiritual issues.


Ways We are Able to Practically Rebuild and Ground Our Fields to Stay Healthy and Feeling Good

While I do believe that we will be in the space where governments step in and provide regulation about electronic pollution and combined EMF in environments, I am also realistic. We may be waiting for a while on that.

For example, despite the rapid proliferation of 5g as a new part of ‘life’,  

“The FCC has no 5G-specific rules, and is not expected to adopt 5G-specific rules. It adopts technical rules governing power levels, interference and similar issues, but does not require the use of any particular protocol or standard on any frequency band that is available for commercial wireless use.”,available%20for%20commercial%20wireless%20use.

What that means is that we are currently in the wild West of 5g deployment specifically and emf regulation in general. The good news is that there are a lot of things that WE are able to do to help repair and build up our fields each help protect ourselves each day.

Here are some suggestions. (I will come back with a second article and more suggestions at a later date because I have so many of them:

  • Ground. Put your feet (socks and shoes off) on the ground as often as you possibly can. Even just for 10 – 20 minutes at a time. This puts you in direct contact with the electrons of Earth and helps you repair your electron balance. This is great to do after work or school. This is also the #1 way to help yourself get back into natural regulation. Good news. It is also cost free.
  • Energy alignment and daily repair. I created energy pillar for situations like this. I recommend you do the energy pillar at least once each day. It works very well after ‘exposure’ to the outside world as well as ‘before’ you go out as a way to prepare. Need a copy? Get yours here. It now comes with 3 different ways to use the pillar including a special one for grounding after EMF exposure with crystalline earth. (those of you already with a copy may log back into the learning website to get the 2 new meditations I posted at no extra charge!)
  • Being mindful of the EMF you put in your environment. Do you wear an apple watch? Do you use wireless headphones? These are things you may like to stop doing or just never start.
  • Do your ‘Soul Compass’ energy body repair tools you learn in ‘unit 2’.  Alternatively, learn more advanced forms of energy body repair. I have training coming up in October. I talk about EMF repair throughout. Email me at for more information. Here is a little summary where I talk about the program from the last time I offered it (It is getting rave reviews from people new to energy alignment who are learning to practice on themselves as well as those who are already practicing on clients.

-(if you purchase through this link, I get a small commission!)

  • Do not sleep with a router or cell phone close to your head.
  • If you are using technology like a laptop, keep it plugged in and ‘grounded’ as much as possible.

I do each of the above (and more) every single day just to function comfortably. Maybe you will, too. Do not feel ashamed for investing the time and effort into your own self-care. I also have more suggestions on what to do. Subscribe to my email list to hear my future publications about this topic. It is ‘part of our world’, right now, so we may as well directly approach it.


Common sense tells us that when there is a rapid proliferation of technology that stands as big towers or small bits affixed to our bodies that operates on the principle of broadcasting into an environment, there may also be a direct impact to the human living in it.

Those of us who are tuned to a ‘high harmonic’ and who are energy aware tend to notice these changes in our energy environments ‘the most’.  These machines emit frequencies that are low and psychically disruptive. It can feel like walking into a hate wave and that can be unsettling. Not to mention, we are trained to ‘feel’ and ‘connect’ to Earth. It makes sense that when something so drastic starts rippling through our energy environment, we recognize it. We also have to ‘deal’ with it.

Despite clear scientific evidence that electronic pollution in the form of EMFs and there is a proliferation of dis-ease that is being linked to exposure to it, there is currently not an institutionally adopted framework implementing standards to maintain integrity in our environments. Currently, the crux of conversations at a policy level regarding 5g are focused on divvying up broadcast space and on which frequencies.

For now (and always) it is up to each of us to make health and lifestyle decisions that help us feel healthy, happy, and grounded. I have more to say on this topic. Subscribe to my website, follow my podcast and come back for more.

If any academics out there would like to collaborate on research, I am ready and able to develop mixed methods surveys and do interviews.


Jamieson, K.S.; Simon, H.M.; Jamieson, SS; Bell, J.N.B.: Yost, M.G. 2007. The effects of electric fields on charged molecules and particles in individual micro-environments. Atmospheric Environment (41):5224-5235.

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