Aligning Your Energy for Success (30 Day Vibe up pt. 4)

Metaphysics and energy is not just about ‘vibing up’ and feeling calm and connected. It is also about putting yourself in the energy scape for success. In this video, I address the benefits of doing an energy alignment: a) as a way to connect to (and create) a reality stream and b) (connected) telling theContinue reading “Aligning Your Energy for Success (30 Day Vibe up pt. 4)”

30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the 30-day ‘Vibe Up’ vibration raising challenge. It is my pleasure to be organizing this. In this post you will find the welcome video where I explain it all, the 30-day vibe raising challenge calendar, and a little summary of what we are doing here and why. The 30-Day Vibe Up ChallengeContinue reading “30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge”

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