Reality Shift in Progress: November 2023-May 2024

Planet Earth has entered a deep phase of healing that will be taking place from now through May 2024. During this time, you can reasonably expect a lot of things to shift. This is an article and podcast introducing the season and letting you know honestly what to expect. The truth is, this is going… Continue reading Reality Shift in Progress: November 2023-May 2024

The Light vs The Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

In the metaphysical story of Earth, there are two distinct groups who have formed. People of the light and people of the dark. Their objectives? In the case of the light, to honour the Order of Creation. To preserve and protect planet Earth and to help free it and all humans from the energetic chains… Continue reading The Light vs The Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

Healing the Energy of Canada

Hello fans, friends, and visitors to this page who are from (or currently based in) beloved Canada. The land has called for some help shifting out of the heavy cloud that has been hanging over it these past two years. Canada has become disconnected from the clear flow of Creator energy in some places and… Continue reading Healing the Energy of Canada

Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Anybody out there looking for a little vibe lift? You are invited to join me for exactly that this morning at 9 est (or anytime thereafter) for a vibe raising meditation. Meditation is a powerful way to set our tone for the day. It does not always have to be about getting focused or quiet… Continue reading Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Eris in Astrology: The Feminine Aspect of Aries

This month, we have been integrating asteroid threads of our human archetype aspects. This week (and every year around this time) we have a focus on a little-known yet highly influential asteroid called Eris. Watch this video to learn a little more about Eris and how this energy may pronounce itself in your life. Video… Continue reading Eris in Astrology: The Feminine Aspect of Aries

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Remember in June I said I went on a crazy journey and that I would tell the story? Well. Today is the day and this is the podcast where I do it. In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we start off into a whole new adventure: psychopomp stories. That time I got called to Buffalo… Continue reading Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

New Book Release Announcement

This is an exciting post to announce that I have just published a new book. It is available for purchase, right now. Your support with this would mean the world to me. The front cover of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection” written by Katie IndiCrow. Book Summary: You are your most valuable resource.… Continue reading New Book Release Announcement

March 2022 Astrology Report

This month we have unparalleled opportunity to work with planetary configurations to call forth a new way of being. Join me for an honest conversation about how current events and planets intersect this month to create a unique opportunity for healing. Not to mention, to get together and call forth peace. As I discuss in… Continue reading March 2022 Astrology Report

Emerging from the Fog Astrology and Self Care Report (November through February)

Hello, friends! This is a podcast talking about a) why this season is significant, b) how to tune into it, and c) the planets guiding it all.

TOGETHER, WE ARE MOVING OUT OF THE FOG What do I mean by the fog? In short, I mean the stress and general wear and tear a lot of us have picked up over the seasons. In particular, the last 20 months. We have had some challenging situations that have left us shell shocked and a little raw. This season, we turn ever more to self mastery and becoming strong in our inner world as a key strategy to find our path through.

This voice only podcast is not a rose coloured glasses conversation but it is also not about doom and gloom. Alchemy and mastery come in the rough moments and my goodness, a lot of us have walked through the fire. Some are there now. *we are not alone. *

Topics covered include: a) The brain fog many of us have been feeling and how that relates to our journey to healing. Have you been forgetting things lately? Finding yourself not as able to connect to your ‘reason’? You are not alone. This is how a lot of people feel. Tune in for a conversation on why this may be happening.

b) Upcoming astrological alignments and how they support our journey. Key highlights are: movements of Uranus. From November 4, 2021 to late January 2022, the planet of personal revolution and memory will be gracing our alignments. This is significant to: i) soul sparking; ii) reconnecting to our memories and our ability to feel safe; iii) major social and economic change. Possibly continued unrest. Forming the space of love within ourselves and our home spaces is an act of preservation as much as it is revolution. Be the change.
A second noted point (of the many that there are and will be) is the journey of Venus and Pluto. On solstice we have the second of two Venus-Pluto conjunctions coming up. This is a journey into the darkness (which many of us notice already happening). Tune into the podcast to talk about how we are able to walk into these spaces with dignity. A key theme: Venus is here to usher us in with love. Listen in for affirmations.We have healing to do. In ourselves, as well as our societies. The path starts here.

c) In the final segment, we discuss ways to begin (or continue) preparing to experience the positive growth potential. This season, I recommend a high priority be placed on taking an all around approach to well-being where the body and soul are taken into account. This is because we are experiencing a lot of physical changes with the shifting of the solar cycle (we feel the geomagnetics in our bodies) as well as the emotional healing (inspired by both the sun and the planets and our moments). It can feel very easy to get overwhelmed. Having a healthy body and giving our selves regular spaces for soul care helps. One of the best ways to do this is to begin (or continue) your meditation practice.

Tune in for a conversation about our now, the astrological moments we are able to work with to lift out of it, and how we are able to come back to breath and vibration to heal ourselves from this absolute mess we have been through. Most importantly, hear how Crow Medicine and the planets are HERE FOR SUPPORT!

Saying ‘No’ IS Part of Healthy Communication

The word no. We all have to say it. Some of us are better at hearing it than others.

What lies in our reasons for saying no? What about our reaction?

This post is a little exploration of the word ‘no’ as a healthy part of personal boundaries. This incudes remembering the reasons we say ‘no’, feeling empowered to say ‘it’, and taking accountability for ourselves if we act out of hand when we hear it.

Click in for a little chat on the word ‘no’ and some questions to stimulate self discovery on the topic.

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