The Secret Behind Why You May Feel Drained

Anyone out there finding themselves feeling drained and dragged out at the end of their days *more than you think you should be*? Find yourself ‘feeling other people’ just a little too intensely? Perhaps getting a little more cranky or edgy other people and wondering where it is coming from? How about thinking about aContinue reading “The Secret Behind Why You May Feel Drained”

Preparing for Big Energy Incoming

Just a little heads up to those who are so inclined. Everything in my being is preparing for a positive energy event. The magnitude of the happiness in my soul for what it feels coming is so big that I felt, why not write the squad about it? I love sharing good news. Are youContinue reading “Preparing for Big Energy Incoming”

Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection

Planet Earth is engaged in a cosmic dance with the other bodies in our solar system. When a certain planet or star group comes into alignment (with our own one another), it is significant.  We pay attention to the full moon as well as solar and lunar eclipses. We orient our lives with astrology inContinue reading “Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection”

Healing the Energy of Canada

Hello fans, friends, and visitors to this page who are from (or currently based in) beloved Canada. The land has called for some help shifting out of the heavy cloud that has been hanging over it these past two years. Canada has become disconnected from the clear flow of Creator energy in some places andContinue reading “Healing the Energy of Canada”

Releasing Energy of Jealousy and Ill Intent

The energy in your field is not always just yours. There are moments when your vibration, life circumstances, or work may attract energy from the people around you that creates an unseen weight. Today, I offer up a set of commands that you may work with to help lift that from your field. This postContinue reading “Releasing Energy of Jealousy and Ill Intent”

How to Hear Your Crystals (Video)

Crystals are amazing. They help us raise (and balance) our vibration, protect us from unwanted energy, aid us in developing a skill or characteristic, or in getting to know a part of the planet. One of the best parts of getting to know crystals is getting to form a friendship with them. With a littleContinue reading “How to Hear Your Crystals (Video)”

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