My Disappearance Acts: things done in the name of energy

There are times in life where we are faced with choices. These choices define who we are, what experiences we have, and what our life path looks like. Sometimes, we get to make these choices in optimal environments. We get to peacefully and gracefully move from one thing to the next. In others, we windContinue reading “My Disappearance Acts: things done in the name of energy”

Why Energy Sensitives Feel Tired Post Workout

This one is for the energy sensitive gym crew. With Mars in Aries, we are feeling that call to physical activity and embodying our power in the body. As those of you who have been tuning in with the astrology reports know, this season is all about celebrating our bodies, exploring their potential, and groundingContinue reading “Why Energy Sensitives Feel Tired Post Workout”

Pluto Planetary Power 2022

Pluto is a planet that we do not often hear a lot about. This is not going to be the case for 2022. As of its solstice conjunction with Venus and solidified with the nodal switch of South into Scorpio as of January 18, we are into a blissful (or terrible) year cycle that willContinue reading “Pluto Planetary Power 2022”

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