Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023

On July 18, 2023 we have the special astrological experience of having a node-switch. Nodes are important because they represent the threads of energy that are going to be highlighted in our planetary journey. These themes will come up in our own live (in terms of how we connect to or live the thread inContinue reading “Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023”

Pallas and Mars enter Virgo

One of the reasons that astrologers love to list an alignment is because when one happens, we know that the threads it represents are being toned in our energy sphere. This is a set of alignments I have been dreaming about. Today, July 10, both Mars and Pallas enter Virgo. Virgo, constellation wise, is knownContinue reading “Pallas and Mars enter Virgo”

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