Soul Compass + Energy Pillar: Wellness Now Package

This is a powerful season of transformation. To mark the occasion, I have put together a little special e-package with ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ + Energy Pillar that you can purchase RIGHT NOW and get started with today (or any day you are ready). This is a perfect package for energy body alignment… Continue reading Soul Compass + Energy Pillar: Wellness Now Package

Releasing Energy of Jealousy and Ill Intent

The energy in your field is not always just yours. There are moments when your vibration, life circumstances, or work may attract energy from the people around you that creates an unseen weight. Today, I offer up a set of commands that you may work with to help lift that from your field. This post… Continue reading Releasing Energy of Jealousy and Ill Intent

New Book Release Announcement

This is an exciting post to announce that I have just published a new book. It is available for purchase, right now. Your support with this would mean the world to me. The front cover of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection” written by Katie IndiCrow. Book Summary: You are your most valuable resource.… Continue reading New Book Release Announcement

Processing Emotions and Energy

Finding yourself having a montage of experiences lately? Perhaps meeting past memories, emotions, and situations in ‘memory’ form? Thinking about things that you totally forgot? Feeling a lot of things? This, my friend, is the sign that energy may be coming up for processing in your life. Feeling a lot come up? Here is why… Continue reading Processing Emotions and Energy

With Love From Mercury

*Today Mercury is at Superior Solar Conjunction* As such, we are going to give a little love out to Mercury. Mercury is a planet that represents strands of our archetype that relate to the ways that we express ourselves (and hear others), the way that we move in the world (or do not), and how… Continue reading With Love From Mercury

Supercharging with Solar Energy

Announcing a brand new ‘quick study’ opportunity. The topic? Working with the energy of solar cycle 25 to supercharge your personal development and spiritual practice. Aimed specifically at people who are already familiar with my methods, we dive in deep to extend the practices you have been building for years. This is a touch up,… Continue reading Supercharging with Solar Energy

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