The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year

We are walking our way into yet another ‘big week’ in energy. This is one where Jupiter and Venus are handing out a powerful cosmic lesson and opportunity. Do you feel the excitement and the anticipation? Are you awake all night? Perhaps you noticed that x-flare we just had? Maybe you have been noticing ‘soContinue reading “The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year”

Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum

This is a post and podcast about rekindling the feminine energy flame that lives on this planet (as Earth) as well as in each and every one of us.  If you are a man or do not identify as woman, do not turn away. What I say here affects us all. The term ‘feminine’ canContinue reading “Rekindling the Feminine Energy Spectrum”

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