Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience

Today, friends of the blog, marks a day you have been hearing me talk about since June 2021. If you are an ‘old’ fan, you have been hearing it since about 2019. Today marks a day where we move into a new part of the masculine energy expression and experience. This is a very goodContinue reading “Mars + Uranus = Deep Healing in the Masculine Energy Experience”

The Great Dissolve (part 2)

The Great Dissolve (part 2) There are times when you write out a report or forecast an energy that you know is going to be a big deal. Then it starts happening, and the big deal is such a big deal you have to write a part 2. There may even be a part 3.Continue reading “The Great Dissolve (part 2)”

Upgrading Your Mars Energy Experience

If you have been keeping up with the podcasts and posts, you know that we are having a major reworking of the Marsian energy strand. This is a major part of our transformation from one harmonic to another, societally as well as personally. *Not sure what I am talking about? Scroll down for the podcastContinue reading “Upgrading Your Mars Energy Experience”

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