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Psychopomp Stories is a fast-moving podcast and video project that is all about life on the sacred trail taking care of the energy system of the planet and saving souls. One week we are talking about saving the souls of the Titanic, the next Mary Magdalene, and after that, who knows?!?!

Based on my real-life everyday experiences living life as a 21st century psychopomp, these stories are a blend of anthropology, real life science ‘fiction’, and a metaphysical adventure novel blended into one.

A little bit tomb raider, a little bit x-men and a lot Katie

Ever wonder what life is like for a person in ceremony or wish you could hear more information about how this Universe really works? Well. I tell you all the nitty gritty details in this series. Ready to tune in?

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Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3 Psychopomp Stories

Jesus died and went to heaven after the crucifixion, right? Well. Not according to a lot of people. In the Book of Nicodemus Jesus was walking around within days of being put on the cross. A natural question that comes up is if he lived, where did he go? Based on Indigenous traditions, it appears over to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and then onto USA and Canada where he continued his mission to free the planet from Baals' grip. In this instalment of 'Saga of Earth', I tell you about the rise of Jesus. I also talk about a Pale Bearded Traveler with Grey-Green eyes who was well recounted in their visits of the Americas teaching in precisely the same style as our boy Jesus did. To support this podcast one time or to become a monthly donor: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3
  2. The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt.2)
  3. Ceremonies of Saturn Ongoing + Uncensored Episode
  4. How Earth Got Hurt: Infiltration of Saturn (Saga of Earth pt.1)
  5. Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

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