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Psychopomp Stories is a fast-moving podcast and video project that is all about life on the sacred trail taking care of the energy system of the planet and saving souls. One week we are talking about saving the souls of the Titanic, the next Mary Magdalene, and after that, who knows?!?!

Based on my real-life everyday experiences living life as a 21st century psychopomp, these stories are a blend of anthropology, real life science ‘fiction’, and a metaphysical adventure novel blended into one.

A little bit tomb raider, a little bit x-men and a lot Katie

Ever wonder what life is like for a person in ceremony or wish you could hear more information about how this Universe really works? Well. I tell you all the nitty gritty details in this series. Ready to tune in?

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How We Saved Ourselves from ETs on a Ceremony RV Trip Psychopomp Stories

The one about when we went to the mountains in Squamish BC to help the Sasquatch and some aliens tried to abduct us. Back in 2017, Jennifer (my guest) and myself were on a journey deep into the Rocky Mountains. Summoned by friendly Sasquatch beings, it was my job to help close a portal that was being used by unfriendly aliens to cross into Earth. (Psychopomps keep gates closed as much as we open them and walk people through them.) Driving from Calgary to Vancouver and then out through the mountains, off we went. Not too long after we arrived to our campsite for the evening, we began to get eerie feelings. We were not energetically 'alone', there. In fact, there were beings who were running up behind us trying to scare us as we went about our work. Things were not too bad, until it got dark. In the middle of the night, I (Katie) was awoken to the feeling of danger. All of my hackles were up. All of a sudden, a bright red light that was a tractor beam surrounded the RV. It tried to lift us up. Jennifer confirms this. We both share our experiences. This is the story about what happened and how we saved ourselves. It includes some information on what you can do if you get bothered by ETS. In this one, I talk about what a portal is, why it is to be mindful of them. Most importantly, we answer the question: Is it a good idea to talk to aliens and ets?⁠For the you tube version⁠ For the materials Energy pillar: ⁠⁠ Energy pillar + Soul Compass (a book all about getting to know the sound of your soul, refining your discernment, and becoming an energy pro): ⁠⁠ Psychopomp Stories members + extras community:⁠ — Send in a voice message:
  1. How We Saved Ourselves from ETs on a Ceremony RV Trip
  2. Dark Night of the Soul into Rebirth: Saga of Earth pt 6
  3. Receive Yourself Right Now (Seriously)
  4. Battle of the Light and Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5
  5. Vlad Impaler, Doctrine of Discovery & the Battle for Souls: Saga of Earth pt 4

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