Personal Consultations

During a consultation, you get this face and a lot of truth.

Would you like to request a private consultation? Write me an email and give me a brief summary of what you would like to speak with me about. I will get back to you!

Personal Consultation and Energy Support

I provide life path, personal development, and energy management consultations. Receiving a consultation with me is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered experience. I examine your inquiry in all realms and support charting your path through. These engagements are unique to you! Depending on the terms of our appointment, I may even help you shift it! In general, working with me is a high power, clarity inducing experience. People come see me when they are ready to skyrocket.

I am a specialist at energy body, physical body, and emotional repair. This includes the skills of soul fragment unification, detection and elimination of energies underlying conditions like addiction, depression, and anxiety, as well as repair of the body and soul connection from dis-ease and illness (like cancer). *I am not claiming to ‘cure’ these things. I am saying that there are energetic conditions that often contribute to and arise as a result of them. Energy management and soul repair is often part of how those of us who experience them are able to work to put ourselves back together.* Other things we work on include finding ways to heal family rifts, managing personal emotional connections, and answering past life questions. Most importantly, I am here to support you identifying and getting on your highest harmonic path.

I am a firm believer that every single person has the ability to hear and repair their soul and energy body in a healing context, but also as a way of life. I created a special training program called ‘Soul Compass’ that lays out the basis of the method of self-discovery and energy body repair/management that teaches you how to do just that! Have you been wishing you knew how to do the things you go to session for yourself? Soul Compass shows you how: Soul Compass: Healing Your Soul, Hearing Your Body, and Developing Your Intuitive Senses (

Consultation Types

I have listed the types of activities that I am available for consultation on. Do you have a burning request that is not included here? Write me with your request. If it is right, we will figure it out!

Life Path Consultation: Do you have a specific life path transition you are making (or seeking to make)? Would you like insight on the energetic factors (seen and unseen) laying into a situation you are encountering? In these one-off meetings I provide detailed insight on the dynamics and factors that you may like to bring into awareness as part of your ‘figuring it out’ and decision-making process. This includes your own personal contributions and potential self-limitations. If requested, I provide follow-up material to support the grounding process. The rate for these is $333 usd starting point for one-off. With additional materials, $400 usd+.

Excellence Sessions: This is all about working with energy mechanics and soul insight to call forth your inner excellence. This is great for creators and

Situational and Behavioural Energy Management: Do you have a specific behaviour or situation that you would like to learn how to work with energy management techniques to approach more clearly? Are you ready to work with energy techniques to build a path to your more comfortable life? If the answer is yes, these sessions are for you! Come talk to me about things like your situational anxiety, fears about transition, or how to work with alignment to make sure you are AT YOUR BEST when you go out to perform. These sessions are not just for people who experience what they feel are limitations. They are also for people who are ready to tap into the unseen and energetic realms to supercharge what they are already great at.

Baseline: $400 USD. Includes a consultation meeting in which we discuss your situation. From there, I create unique support materials tailored to you. This could include a meditation or skill video, a written plan, and self-check materials like screen savers and backgrounds to keep you on your right track.

Entering and Leaving this Realm. Preparing for birth (and post birth energy repair) as well as crossing support: Coming and going from this earth is a powerful experience. As a psychopomp, I do this activity as part of my daily public service. Many of you pop in or find I pop into you naturally as the seasons of life bring new family members in and as we prepare to leave or have others go before us. If you would like to specifically request guidance about birth or crossing, email me with some information about where you are at. I take these moments as sacred and do the best I can to be there for you in them.

Please note, I do help mothers heal from the birthing process, even as much as 50+ years later. Also please note that I work with people who have had pregnancies end.

*I would request the same types of rates for this that I would the other activities listed. If I am your person and you do not have that, know you are not to be turned away. Ever. This rated activity is for those who specifically would like to hear or have my advanced support as they give birth (or around it) or as they or their loved ones cross over (and activities relating to that). You matter in these moments and a dollar figure is not a true cost and certainly not a barrier. Rather, it is something I am comfortable receiving from those who are able to provide it.

Energy Body and Soul Repair
Believe it or not, most forms of soul wounding and energy body repair are rather easy to fix. I designed ‘Soul Compass’ the learning program around these two basic concepts. You learn both concepts and tools to identify and fix yours as they come up in your life. Come study it!

Sometimes, we require a little extra support and professional insight. In these moments, I invite you to write me and request an appointment.

The reasons for energy body and soul repair are many. They could be anything from having cancer (something I have personal experience with), to addiction, to past life wounding, to something related to the birthing process, or because of undergoing something traumatic in life. As we have these experiences, sometimes we incur wounds. These sessions are in depth and cover over the putting it back together process. Please note these repairs may also be related to something more structural such as your energy body being blown out from overuse or not yet fully formed. The range for one of these things is

*Rates: $400 – $1000. This varies and would be agreed upon prior to our session and always with respect to your budget. Some things take a few goes, or more in depth goes. We scale accordingly.

Skill Support Training Consultation Exclusively for people enrolled in my school or past students. These sessions are for people who would like to check in on skills or to receive additional support with theirs. Contact me privately with your request. I will let you know if I am available to consult on it.

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