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As you read on my homepage, I am ALL about ongoing learning. I had a book in one hand and a pen in the other since I was a young child. I always knew that I would work with these tools to help change the world.

With a formal educational background as a social anthropologist, before I became ‘Katie IndiCrow’ I was teaching university, running my own research projects, and consulting on others. During the research years, I was known as a research ethics whiz kid and highly respected for my ability to develop complex social, psychological, and economic theories. I had a prolific public voice in my community advocating for quality of life and working with local social economic organizations in my home province.

As I was being that Katie, I was also always developing my spiritual self. Like a lot of people, in the course of obtaining this education and running these projects, I often times found it difficult to get in all the self care that spiritual teachers were telling me to do. It felt like I would have to spend hours a day at it. Even though I was doing daily exercises to take care of my soul and body that should have made me ‘feel good’, I became increasingly exhausted, had regular migraines, and developed extreme IBS symptoms.

Looking inward I asked my soul, “Is it really supposed to be like this?”

“No” said my soul. “In fact, I bet you could design something that works better than the tools you are finding.”

Set about finding and developing those methods, I did. Ever the researcher, I put my academic skills to action and went into deep study on myself and the mechanics of the soul, body, and Universal connection. In the process, I saw through how many lifetimes I had been doing this and tapped into my own ancient knowledge. Long story short, I came (back) up with a tripartite approach to soul and self-care that promotes harmonization in the body, ongoing introspection, and deep soul-connection.

I call it the ‘Body, Soul & Planet’ method.

I believed in what I developed so much that I walked away from my formal academic career in 2017 to focus full time on teaching it. Hearing that soul call, I taught variations of this approach to many thousands of people through an earlier version of my school, IndiCrow Academy! For the full description of the ‘Body, Soul, and Planet’ method and more about how I created it please visit my school website: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/about

Want to Study with Me?

*New Offering*: In the Flow:

Beginning in late May and running through mid-August, this is a learning experience that is all about supporting goal setting and personal development.  The special part? Participants learn in ‘real time’ about how the cycle of the seasons works this way by intentionally experiencing it. *Encompassing the season around June Solstice 2022.*  As such, the process includes preparation for solstice, a ceremony, and drip-fed support on follow through bits the whole season through. Participants receive ongoing material in ‘drip feed’ format throughout the cycle. This includes self-discovery questions, notification of planetary alignments and cosmic booster points as they come up (and how to apply them to you). All delivered in no-pressure, get to it as you are able, format.(learnworlds.com)https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/in-the-flow

“Breathe, Ground, Connect” is a great place to start. This is a short read, high impact self study course that teaches you the basics of energy management through meditation using the technique I created. Bonus? It is designed to be adjusted for your environment and adapted to your life. Part of the learning package are suggestions on how! This one is all about seeing the benefit by doing it. Starting off with a few minutes each day at key moments, you learn how to work with earth, the Universe (source), and your breath to stay high vibe and tuned into you, all day long. Bonus? This is also a powerful energy management technique that is great for anxiety and stress feelers. Why? Because it is designed to teach you how to get proactive to build safe spaces of connection to return to in those moments. https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/breathe

Soul Compass: Hearing and Healing the Soul and Body Connection 2022 version has just been released. The video below is a video presentation summarizing the three month learning program and all the great things you learn should you choose to come study with me:

This post contains more information about the program and access links: Have You Been Feeling the Call to Soul Care and Self-Discovery? – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

New courses coming May, 2022!

If you are such a prolific teacher, why do you only have a few blog posts and courses available?

THIS BLOG IS BRAND NEW!!! BORN June 2021, it will fill up quickly. On another blog I had about 700 posts and 250 videos. Some of those will be transferred here. Most will not. They were for a moment in time that has ended that we knew was going to be short. Those of us who were here as ‘groundcrew’ to make sure we got where we needed to did our job. That reality is dissolving. This page and all that comes from it are based in that new reality stream that so many of us worked so hard to secure. Just like any good science, when we discover a better way to do something, we do it. Trust that my researcher heart and nature remains secure. I will ALWAYS be creating something new!!! We will have lots to play with in the coming years!

As for my school. A great teacher in any discipline keeps their information fresh and up to date. That is what I am doing and will continue to do.

Request private mentorship: Email katieindicrow@gmail.com for that.

Private material development: I thoroughly enjoy bringing energy tools into various contexts. This is often making up energy management plans and meditation videos for people to bring calm and focus into specific areas of their life. I am happy to record personal or group practices for a ‘theme’. Contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com with your request.

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