As you read on my homepage, I am ALL about ongoing learning. I had a book in one hand and a pen in the other since I was a young child. I always knew that I would work with these tools to help change the world.

With a formal educational background as a social anthropologist, before I became ‘Katie IndiCrow’ I was teaching university, running international research, and getting trained in formal education techniques. I was known as a research ethics whiz kid and highly respected for my ability to develop complex social, psychological, and economic theories. I had a prolific public voice in my community advocating for quality of life. Basically, I was working to educate myself on all of the facets I would require to be able to help build a better world within the formal institutional context.

As I was being that Katie, I was also always developing my spiritual self. Like a lot of people, in the course of obtaining this education and running these projects, I often times found it difficult to get in all the self care that spiritual teachers were telling me to do. It felt like I would have to spend hours a day at it. Even though I was doing daily exercises to take care of my soul and body that should have made me ‘feel good’, I became increasingly exhausted, had regular migraines, and developed extreme IBS symptoms.

Looking inward I asked my soul, “Is it really supposed to be like this?”

“No” said my soul. “In fact, I bet you could design something that works better than the tools you are finding.”

Set about finding and developing those methods, I did. Ever the researcher, I put my academic skills to action and went into deep study on myself and the mechanics of the soul/body/universe connection. Long story short, I came up with a tripartite approach to soul and self care that promotes harmonization in the body, ongoing introspection and soul communication/healing, and healthy connection to our planet.

I believed in what I developed so much that I walked away from my formal academic career in 2017 to focus full time on teaching it. Hearing that soul call, I taught variations of this approach to many thousands of people through my school, IndiCrow Academy! During those years I was often ‘hard core’ because I was teaching global specialists on processes key to caretaking the planet. I built up IndiCrow Academy to 25 plus self-study classes, and let countless public access community events. . It was quite the little project to meet the goals all that training was designed to help us get to. Thankfully, we did it. Congratulations to all!!

December 2020 brought with it the major planetary transformation we had been working toward. We did it!

This meant that I was able to start letting go of what came before and embracing our new Age of Aquarius reality! That may sound hippy-dippy to readers now. It will make more sense, soon.

Phase 2 (Crow Medicine) represents the next steps of getting this great information out there. The posts on this page are one part of my ongoing public education program. I am still the same Katie who believes that we are able to make our lives and this world GREAT. What I post here is part of my contribution to seeing ourselves in that.

‘Soul Compass’ is the premier learning experience at my Academy. (Anyone seeking further training with me as I elaborate in the future will have had to study this program as a prerequisite.) This is a program that is powerful for beginners and experts alike (and it has been studied by both). My approach to energy is unique. Getting grounded in these basics of energetic principles, how to hear your soul, and how to heal your are the key points of learning that we would all be doing great to learn. This is what you learn in Soul Compass and it is also what I teach about through the pages here. In itself, it is a one stop shop for self discovery, soul healing, and soul hearing.

Click here to read more about the program, to see what you would be learning about during the program, and to get started right now if you feel inspired: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/course/soul-compass.

Click here to read more about the tripartite body, soul, planet approach that is the unique backbone of my method: https://indicrowacademy.learnworlds.com/about

If you are such a prolific teacher, why do you only have a few blog posts and courses available?

THIS BLOG IS BRAND NEW!!! BORN June 2021, it will fill up quickly. On another blog I had about 700 posts and 250 videos. Some of those will be transferred here. Most will not. They were for a moment in time that has ended that we knew was going to be short. Those of us who were here as ‘groundcrew’ to make sure we got where we needed to did our job. That reality is dissolving. This page and all that comes from it are based in that new reality stream that so many of us worked so hard to secure. Just like any good science, when we discover a better way to do something, we do it. Trust that my researcher heart and nature remains secure. I will ALWAYS be creating something new!!! We will have lots to play with in the coming years!

We earned this new! *If you were part of what came before. You know how hard that is. It is time to put down the sword and have some fun. Ultimately, that is what we really came here to do. The planet thanks you.*

Opportunities to Learn and Train

  1. Soul compass is program recommendation #1 for all people.
  2. I host a patreon community that is super relaxed. We do a mix of calls and/or I send out ongoing practices and tools like what you see here that are exclusive to the community. How it gets worked with these days is that one group of people tends to enjoy the informal calls and gatherings where we talk about our current energy context, life, and the tools. The second works with the group primarily as an email list and receive the emails to their inbox as opposed to interfacing with the group. I love the interaction and would like to meet new people. I also know many people are highly sensitive and still nervous about groups. You can give this one a go and see what works for you! Head to patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow to see what we have going on!! This is a great place for new people and people on the path for a while alike. The tone is exactly what you see on this site. We are playing with developing our intuitive senses with sound, this season.
  3. Sign up for my email list. Go to the ‘home’ page of this website (www.crow-medicine.com). The two that I host and their opt ins are listed at the bottom of the page.
  4. Check out my other creations! You can scroll through a set of brand new content that I started recording in March, 2021. I designed the Crow Medicine podcasts that include music to be sound journeys of self investigation and exploration. There are always juicy ‘new’ tips about the planet and how to get to know it better, too. If you are not a music person it is possible to tune in to ‘voice only’. You can add in your own songs OR just work with the tools and knowledge I express in each segment. *The first few are a little cringe as I worked out my flow! Check out a more recent one for a true representation of what this form is becoming.*
  5. Upcoming training: I will design new training on how to work with developing intuitive senses, how to develop the soul compass method and apply it to healing your own soul, and later on, how to hear the planet. I am focusing on the basics into 2022. This gives people ample time to get into Soul Compass and to learn the basic methods that I will require you to know to get into those more in-depth classes with me. (*This even includes for the masters. Things have changed drastically and even a well seasoned vet is at a space where re-connecting to their skills, healing wounds we incurred getting here, and hearing the new voice of the planet is important.)
  6. Contact me for a private consultation. I no longer do healing sessions. I do, however, work with people on a number of fronts including: People learning to heal their soul/body relationship (this includes people rehabbing from surgery, trauma, addiction), those seeking to get better in touch with their skillsets through soul spark connection and recognition (athletes, caretakers, caretaker crew, and musicians), and as always, children. Know that in these consultations, I will recommend my own training and signposts as part of your process.
  7. Follow me on Instagram: @crowmedicinekatie and be sure to check out my stories.

Please note: I also happily welcome participants of Soul Compass (or those who have just registered for the program) to come in for consultation regarding how they may work with the methods taught to better support themselves! I created Soul Compass so that people would be able to learn how to heal and hear themselves. When you learn these basic methods, that gives us a powerful starting point to get tactical and specific about healing and life path strategies.

30 minutes with me will change your life.

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