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Hi! My name is Katie IndiCrow. I am the teacher and creator behind all you find on this page. The meditations, articles, books, podcasts, and videos hosted herein are powerful tools for self-discovery. Empowerment through knowledge, choice, and personal development are themes here. Listening in to my monthly astrology reports and following along with the flow of posts will help anyone gain functional knowledge of life in this Universe and how to apply metaphysics to improve daily life.

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Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection

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  • Solstice Ceremony & Personal Power Event

    Solstice Ceremony & Personal Power Event

    SETTING INTENTIONS AND EXPERIENCING PERSONAL SUCCESS THROUGH THE UPCCOMING SEASON Earth is in a rapid transformation and healing cycle (as you know). The upcoming solar maximum and cosmic alignments are absolutely perfect for making positive life transformations, calling in sacred knowledge, seeking clarity, and making momentum on life change. Remember when we used to get……

  • December 2023 Astrology Report

    December 2023 Astrology Report

    December 2023 has arrived and with it comes a flurry of fresh possibilities. Two years ago, when I began these astrology reports, we were walking into the beginning of a phase of initiations that we, as a whole planet, co-experienced. Month by month, alignment by alignment, we met the structures of the ‘old’ world. It……

  • Crow Medicine Shop: International Services Activated

    Crow Medicine Shop: International Services Activated

    Crow Medicine Shop: International Services is now activated. Sorry to the several people who tried to purchase something at Crow Medicine Shop, today. I had to hit a little switch to turn on my availability to ship to international markets that I was unaware existed. I apologize for any inconvenience. Things are up and running……

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Post Map and a Little About Me

Hello! My name is Katie IndiCrow. This is the blog home of my spiritual lifestyle and planetary caretaking writings. Here is a little about the soul behind these stories.

A lifelong student of esoterics, I have been writing and teaching in this tradition since 2014. In the early days I was doing it while also holding down the fort as a practicing social anthropologist, private researcher, and lecturer. I ‘retired’ from my formal academic career in 2017 to focus on this ‘full time’. I approach the content I place here (and teach) with the same amount of rigour and love I would have put into my teachings in those realms. What you find here is well thought out, well researched, and born from observation and experience.

Post Map: Check out my writing, podcasts, and videos by viewing the recent ones that appear in the home screen tab (above this text). They are currently sorted into ‘astrology’, ‘energy management’ and ‘lifestyle’. You may also link to ‘learning’ to hear a little bit more about me, this method, and how to get in on the fun.

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