The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites and their Impact Today

*Another cycle in study and I have learned SO MUCH from a different angle than what I talked about here. Check out ‘Sage of Earth’ series for more to the story. I have future articles and video presentations on deck When Earth Got Overtaken By Saturn (Saga of Earth pt 1) – Crow Medicine ( reading “The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites and their Impact Today”

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Remember in June I said I went on a crazy journey and that I would tell the story? Well. Today is the day and this is the podcast where I do it. In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we start off into a whole new adventure: psychopomp stories. That time I got called to BuffaloContinue reading “Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York”

Maximizing Equinox Alignments

A friendly reminder that Equinox is upon us. That means that the Equinox cracks are open!! As a result, more cosmic rays are able to make their way into the energy field of Earth (and therefore, us). We are about to have MANY solar flares that are earth facing. With the cracks open, they areContinue reading “Maximizing Equinox Alignments”

Visiting Liberty Bell

Finally got to visit Liberty Bell in Philadelphia as a stop on my Equinox ceremony tour. Though I have been in and out of Philly several visits since moving down, this was finally the day to go to Liberty Bell. When I got to it, I was surprisingly so moved that tears started streaming!! OutContinue reading “Visiting Liberty Bell”

Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection

Join me, under this tree, for a solstice ceremony. The theme? Celebrating your sacred connections, with a special nod to Planet Earth. Fusing nature sounds, crystalline core connection, and belief that you are all part of this, the goal of this journey is to honour life here on the planet. Celebrating the Cycle of theContinue reading “Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection”

Pluto Planetary Power 2022

Pluto is a planet that we do not often hear a lot about. This is not going to be the case for 2022. As of its solstice conjunction with Venus and solidified with the nodal switch of South into Scorpio as of January 18, we are into a blissful (or terrible) year cycle that willContinue reading “Pluto Planetary Power 2022”

How Eclipses Work: A Personal Story of being Torn Down and Building Back Up (again)

Eclipses are notorious as being illumination points for any and all kinks and inefficiencies in life. They have a way for popping things off and moving along processes. Often in unexpected ways.
This post is an example or how eclipses work as told in a personal story.

What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality

On July 3, 2021, we had our first x-flare solar flare activity since 2017. This has been followed by halo cmes, sideways moving cmes, and a ‘global shockwave’ that has affected the geomagnetics of the earth (as of July 15). This is significant. Why? This new series of flares and activity represent another main signpost in our planetary awakening journey.
This is a podcast all about Solar Cycle 25, solar flare and CME activity, and the great spiritual awakening journey our planet is on.

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