Benefits of Getting into your Highest Vibration (30 Day Vibe up pt.3)

Hello, friends! This is a little post that is a thought-piece and inspiration point to go along with the 30 Day Vibe Up Challenge as our week 3 material. Not part of the challenge? No problem. You still may be interested in getting to and staying in your highest vibration and experiencing the benefit ofContinue reading “Benefits of Getting into your Highest Vibration (30 Day Vibe up pt.3)”

Creating a High Vibration Lifestyle (30 Day vibe up pt. 2)

Our vibration, stated simply, is the tone of the hum that we sit at. It has to do with the radio station we tune into ‘energetically’ in the world around us. It also has to do with the way that we feel about and in our bodies. (We have been talking about this in recentContinue reading “Creating a High Vibration Lifestyle (30 Day vibe up pt. 2)”

30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge

Hello! Welcome to the 30-day ‘Vibe Up’ vibration raising challenge. It is my pleasure to be organizing this. In this post you will find the welcome video where I explain it all, the 30-day vibe raising challenge calendar, and a little summary of what we are doing here and why. The 30-Day Vibe Up ChallengeContinue reading “30 Day Vibration Raising Challenge”

How to Hear Your Crystals (Video)

Crystals are amazing. They help us raise (and balance) our vibration, protect us from unwanted energy, aid us in developing a skill or characteristic, or in getting to know a part of the planet. One of the best parts of getting to know crystals is getting to form a friendship with them. With a littleContinue reading “How to Hear Your Crystals (Video)”

Tuning to Self-Love

Feeling loved, lovable, and deserving of love is something that many of us struggle with. Admittedly, this was perhaps the #1 lesson I had to learn. This article contains a music video + affirmation exercise that you can work with to tune your energy field to self-love. This is great for shifting inner dialogue andContinue reading “Tuning to Self-Love”

Calling New Energy Into Your Path

Hello, friends! As you know from all my posts and podcasts, we are in a cosmic moment (really, series of moments) of great change. I know that many people are curious about how best to connect to the ‘new’ energy and bring it into their lives. As you can tell by now, this is somethingContinue reading “Calling New Energy Into Your Path”

Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection

Join me, under this tree, for a solstice ceremony. The theme? Celebrating your sacred connections, with a special nod to Planet Earth. Fusing nature sounds, crystalline core connection, and belief that you are all part of this, the goal of this journey is to honour life here on the planet. Celebrating the Cycle of theContinue reading “Solstice Ceremony: Celebrating Your Sacred Connection”

Music Meditation: Getting High Harmonic with Jupiter and Mars

Mars and Jupiter are powerful planets for self-expression and getting things done. Take ten minutes and play with breath, sound, and focus to call forth your highest harmonic connection to them this season. Featuring the song ‘Light in the Dark’ by Dee Montero, the goal of this one is to foster empowerment, self-acceptance, and toContinue reading “Music Meditation: Getting High Harmonic with Jupiter and Mars”

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