Video Premiere: Beyond the Keepers

This is a special announcement! You are cordially invited to join me for a video premiere this weekend. Where? Right from the comfort of where-ever you are opening this page from. Perhaps you would like to watch it as you wind down from work, or as you prepare dinner, or as you are getting readyContinue reading “Video Premiere: Beyond the Keepers”

Beyond “The Keepers”: the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell Podcast Series pt 1 & 2

Have you ever found yourself wondering about concrete examples of what makes the vibration of a place so low, or how things like negative beings are able to gain influence on people? Do you enjoy “deep dive” style story telling? Do you like when things turn out the right way in real life? If youContinue reading “Beyond “The Keepers”: the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell Podcast Series pt 1 & 2″

When Earth Moves: The Turkey Earthquakes and Energy

The last 24 hours we have seen a major occurrence that is significant in the telling of the story of the planet. On February 6, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that impacted Turkey and Syria. As I explain in this podcast, that earthquake and the ring that it sent around the planet are symbolicContinue reading “When Earth Moves: The Turkey Earthquakes and Energy”

Psychopomp Stories: My Best Adventures

Hello, everyone. Back in October I mentioned that I was going to start moving in some new directions now that things have been calming down a bit. This is finally that moment!!! I have been a quiet and busy little Crow because I have been giving birth to something I have been waiting to createContinue reading “Psychopomp Stories: My Best Adventures”

The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites and their Impact Today

*Another cycle in study and I have learned SO MUCH from a different angle than what I talked about here. Check out ‘Sage of Earth’ series for more to the story. I have future articles and video presentations on deck When Earth Got Overtaken By Saturn (Saga of Earth pt 1) – Crow Medicine ( reading “The Energy of USA: Forgotten Sites and their Impact Today”

Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York

Remember in June I said I went on a crazy journey and that I would tell the story? Well. Today is the day and this is the podcast where I do it. In this instalment of Crow Medicine, we start off into a whole new adventure: psychopomp stories. That time I got called to BuffaloContinue reading “Psychopomp Stories: Closing a Gate to Hell in New York”

Visiting Liberty Bell

Finally got to visit Liberty Bell in Philadelphia as a stop on my Equinox ceremony tour. Though I have been in and out of Philly several visits since moving down, this was finally the day to go to Liberty Bell. When I got to it, I was surprisingly so moved that tears started streaming!! OutContinue reading “Visiting Liberty Bell”

USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Land

USA is having its Pluto Return. That means that we are in the process of revisiting the energetic and foundational underpinnings of the creation of this country that we call home. Earlier on in our Pluto Return process I released this article introducing this special astrological alignment that brings us back into the very energyContinue reading “USA Pluto Return: Stories from the Land”

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