Energy Pillar Soul + Body Alignment Tool

As you know, I am passionate about creating positive and healthy pathways for the soul and body connection. I am also an advocate of the positive benefits of daily energy body maintenance and vibration raising.

One of the things that I found as I was learning how to do all of the above is that in order to achieve these states, I was spending hours at a time covering the plethora of practices needed. I could meditate to get my mind right, do reiki to get my vibration up and my body repaired, do a cord grounding to connect to the Earth, and then do perhaps do a soul exercise to be able to tap into my sacred parts. I found that it was next to impossible to fit all of this into every single day with my busy schedule at work and school.

I am one of those people that absolutely loves finding efficient and effective ways to do things. In my journey, I felt compelled to create a method of energy alignment that could a) align my energy to source (the Universe, Creator); b) connect and ground myself to the healing crystalline energy of Earth and c) repair, recharge and vibe up my energy body. These are the steps of grounded and well-rounded spiritual and planetary alignment. By taking moments to align our bodies, souls, and connection to the planet, we are able to tap into the healing power of Earth, tap into our sacred soul connection, and make sure that our energy body stays flowing properly and in good repair. This covers the hallmarks of spiritual and energy body well-being.

I Call this ‘Energy Pillar’

What is energy pillar? It is an energy alignment and self-connection tool that grounds your energy whilst also harmonizing your physical and your energy body to its highest harmonic. We align to source, we call in our souls, we repair the energy body as we build the pillar, and we get ourselves into our highest harmonic pathway for the day. It takes about 10-14 minutes to do a ‘long’ version, once you learn it you can do it in minutes.

Energy pillar sits as the basis upon which I teach ALL of the other practices in my methodology. Getting started here is a great way to see if what I teach works for you!

I put together a little learning package for anyone to start bringing energy alignment + self-connection into their daily life

“Energy Pillar Learning Website“: is a self-contained little learning website put together for easy and quick no-pressure access to this style of active meditation and alignment. Not a school, this is a little place on the internet you can go to start learning how to use the pillar.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. This is value priced.

OR go in depth with it.

I teach about this method in detail in the book ‘Soul Compass’ and show you how to work with the pillar as a baseline for energy healing of the soul and body. As you learn, this is a really reliable and safe way to cultivate the soul-body connection, to get to have strong yet flexible energy boundaries, and to know the sound your soul voice.

For Soul Compass: ***Note I have new ‘faster’ shipping options!!! I can get these babies off to you without the printing wait, these days!***

Get ‘Soul Compass’ + Energy Pillar ESALE

I put together a little sale for anyone wanting to get both energy pillar + Soul Compass as a package deal! Access here:

A lot of people are picking up one of each. The guided version is a lovely complement to those who have already purchased “Soul Compass” and would like to have a little more ‘guidance’ on what it sounds and feels like to do the exercise with me!

I am about to start teaching people how to do expand this method into more advanced energy healing and repair. This is great for anyone wanting to learn an intuitive alignment method that works. email me at to get on my information list for it! You may also sign up for the email list (at the bottom of the page) to get email updates. A notice will go around that way as well. Studying Soul Compass and energy pillar is a perfect place to get ready for the next bits.

Meditation to Raise Your Vibration

Anybody out there looking for a little vibe lift? You are invited to join me for exactly that this morning at 9 est (or anytime thereafter) for a vibe raising meditation.

Meditation is a powerful way to set our tone for the day. It does not always have to be about getting focused or quiet introspection. Sometimes, we can work with it to create a certain state of being. In the case of today, we work with a disco-funk song by an artist called Folamour and we groove our way into a higher vibration. As you will see, a little disco funk paired with focused intent and some breath and movement can go a long way. *

Would you like to join in? for the direct link.

It releases at 9 est. That link may change after the premiere ends. If that happens, it will repost as a ‘new’ link on my main page: Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube

Heads up: In the meditation I mention moving around feet and knees. I recognize that I have people at varying levels of mobility as well as people who just do not feel like moving. Do you. Just groove however best works for you. If you have varying levels of mobility, focus energy in the limbs when I call em out so they get their vibe rise as well! This is a full body one.

ICYMI: I started up a little Saturday am meditation thing and you are invited.

The idea behind the concept is to share positivity and to demonstrate all the different ways you can work with meditation to improve your quality of life and self-connection. I release them most Saturdays on youtube at 9 am EST. This is the one from last week:

See you there!

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*Happy Saturday!*

This is a picture of me dancing as I recorded it.

Looking to Do You, This Season?

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Saturn enters Pisces: A New Way of Life

Saturn has entered Pisces on March 7. Not just a big moment for ‘today’, this represents us moving into the final phase of what has been a cosmic spin with harder harmonic Saturn at the healm. Saturn has been touring the signs. Lucky us, as we have lived the process, we have gotten to help free ourselves from some very real bondage.

Saturn made its last big move ‘sign wise’ back in December 2020, when we had our major conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that lit up the sky, solstice, and our lives. We had a rough go with Saturn square Uranus all the way through 2021 *which was a theme here*. It felt like we were facing the ‘unfinished business’ and underside of our age because we did. Every ugly energy, entity, and backdoor to souls and the Universe got visited sin that span. That had a real life impact on material existence. Those were difficult years where we certainly did get to see all of the systemic inequalities, energetic distortions, and imbalances that had come to run the world around us as well as our lives. In these times, Saturn felt like a taskmaster.

In these past years, a Saturn date would come and it felt like WHAM right in the kisser. Not so much a little love tap, that was the strength at which things were being exposed to be unraveled. Oh and unravel they have since then. Thankfully.

If you listen to my astrology reports, you know that Saturn is ready to behave a little differently than it has been in our last two thousand years or so. Saturn has a personality that we get to know more of as we move into Aquarius. Saturn is a happy planet. It has a strongly feminine, grounded part. It is not just a ‘masculine’ father planet. Rather, that is the role it took in a version of reality that was distorted, in part by a dark set of ceremonies that are well documented in historical records. Guess what? It left an imprint, fused the energy with a terrible being, and now we are fixing that.

What we have experienced Saturn as these past several thousand years or so is not how it truly behaves at its natural state. We have been clearing that away and guess what? Now, we get to the better moments.

(Stay tuned for a future psychopomp story on that whole ordeal. It is almost time.)

The image affixed to this post is a Saturn that I crocheted in ceremony back in 2021. Notice that it has no rings? That was done with intention. FREE SATURN.

Saturn is in Pisces from March 7, 2023, to May 24, 2025, and then from September 1, 2025, until February 13, 2026. (Thanks to for those dates.) The world will be significantly different by the time we get through this. This is an opportunity to make sure we are heading in the direction we would like to be. It takes a while for change to happen but trust that it is happening.

We have been through the worst of it. Think about ALL those past issues we re-visited these previous years to put to bed. Think about all the lessons we have learned. Think about the very real hardships we felt and remember honestly when wham moments knocked the wind out of our sails. Acknowledge it. Heal from it. Mourn what was lost and what is no longer if that needs to be done. Then. Get ready. We are all going to move on.

Do not be afraid. This Saturn shift is a good thing

The position of Saturn has moved into a more friendly, loving, introspective, intuitive space. This is going to be a lot more psychedelic and fun than the previous months have been. (YAY.)

This, my friends, is where we get to start seeing the higher harmonic parts of Saturn. THE GOOD BITS. *Yes, there are good bits.* Saturn is here to help us integrate our creativity, ground our goals, and take action. Especially this month of March with the double Pisces action and its conversation with Venus.

Remember when it would feel like things were not working these past few years? Remember when it felt like things that should be plainly obvious were invisible to people who needed to see it? Those moments were hard to live through. That was the ‘distortion’ of the harder harmonic energy and archetype at work. It makes things inefficient and silly. It twists justice.

Now, we get to go to that phase of life where things start to work. We begin to see that rise of humanity and Earth that the Age of Aquarius represents.

To make the most of these transition days

We have Saturn moving as well as our big steps into Equinox at the time of writing. We are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius and ALL of these conjunctions pack an extra punch. These are moments where we wrap up the last age and start anew. It is where we continue what we built, we leave behind what is a brick.

Today, tomorrow, and really the next two weeks we will be feeling the transition into this new phase. SETTLE IN THERE! Take some extra moments for yourself and really make the most of it.

Saturn is goal oriented and loves to help us make the most of our lives. When we take moments to commune with ourselves, we get a lot out of it.

Set goals. What is important to you this cycle? What are the types of things you would like to experience and achieve?

Where do you limit yourself? Where do you stop yourself from experiencing what you seek?

What are your best assets?

Where are your untapped resources?

Where do you need a reality check?

Anyone who has studied Soul Compass: the conscious self-connection technique works perfect for this sort of thing.

You may feel like doing activities like: wrapping up old communications, doing houseold chores, getting organized, and taking care of mundane but important tasks. This is almost like ‘nesting’ and signals being ‘ready’ to receive. The double bonus of cleaning, organizing, and preparing is that you are in a GREAT space to receive inspiration.

Making peace with where we have been is important to stepping in peace to where we are going next.

Supporting Grounded Connection

This is a positive set of alignments to get into a nice self-care plan. I have these beautiful books ready to go to a happy home

*I can ship THEM WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS!. Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (

Join in on the Saturday Morning Meditations I will be running through my YOUTUBE page. I love when fitness instructors release a Saturday workout. In that inspiration I decided to let out a weekly one as well! They are released on Saturday am at 9 est here: Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube

Book a management or excellence session WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Energy Management Consultations +Skillset Advising and Mentoring – Crow Medicine (

Get an andara gift: I have specifically been working with this collection of andaras to tune them. These orange ones are tuned to the ‘Saturn’ energy in its highest harmonic. These are GREAT for people who are working on grounding their action orientation, who would like to learn a little more from teacher Saturn, and who are attracted to this colour spectrum: Orange Andaras (

You may also love these brown ones, which are perfect for grounding in Earth connection. Brown tends to be my favourite: Brown Andaras (

Check out the March Astrology Report for More

March 2023 Astrology Report: Seeing the Path through Intensity (pt.1) – Crow Medicine (

Guided Meditation to Connect to Your Inner World

Happy Weekend, Friends! Introducing a new concept: weekend meditations.

One of the things that a lot of us like to do is ‘treat’ ourselves with a little extra self-care or relaxation time. We take that long yoga practice, we watch that tv show, and sometimes, we take a little time to fit some self-connection in.

Introducing “Saturday Morning Meditations”

For the next few months, I am going to be releasing a guided meditation here and through my youtube page on most Saturday mornings. The idea is that anyone feeling so inclined can come on over and check out a fresh bit of sound and self-connection to vibe out with. (Maybe you do not get to it on the weekend. It does not matter! The point is they will be there.)

Guided Meditation to Connect to Your Inner World

This is a meditation that you may use to cultivate powerful self-connection. Fusing breath, an excellent song, and visualization, this practice helps you walk over the bridge and into your inner-world.

It is simple, it is powerful, it made me cry when I made it.

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Thank you as well to all the people who have purchased Soul Compass, energy pillar, and shown support that way. IT MEANS SO MUCH. I am gearing up for some very special activities here through this page for us.

Also, thanks to all you out there who are likers, sharers, and who listen to my podcasts and read these posts. It means a lot.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

Video Premiere: Beyond the Keepers

This is a special announcement! You are cordially invited to join me for a video premiere this weekend. Where? Right from the comfort of where-ever you are opening this page from. Perhaps you would like to watch it as you wind down from work, or as you prepare dinner, or as you are getting ready to go somewhere. Perhaps you are watching it from you work desk right now. (I will not tell.)

What is it? This is a mini-doc video essay I made. Like an episode of what you would find on ‘Discovery’, except filmed entirely by me.

The topic: Exploring a dark web of energy that I spent the last 3 years of my life working with a nun and my husband trying to fix. In it, I show energy detective work and describe the process of battling a dangerous entity. As you will see, what happened here in Baltimore is a textbook case of what happens when people are able to run amuck with power doing bad deeds and the energetic imprint it leaves on a city. BONUS? It ends with very good news.

A little bit true crime, a little bit ghost story, a lot deep dive.

Would you like to hear more stories?

I have six instalments of this on deck. Some with videos, some audio only!

Psychopomp Stories on Spotify:

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You may also check out my snazzy website where I have all the episodes summarized and quicklinked for you: Esoteric Earth

Hope you have a great weekend and that you enjoy this deep dive.

March 2023 Astrology Report: Seeing the Path through Intensity (pt.1)

March is such a powerful month that it gets a two-part astrology report. It is intense, it is fast moving, it is heart expanding, it is world changing. March is a lot. I admit the intesity and am also ready to celebrate.

March is roaring its way into our lives with high intensity. We are having solar activity that has made life feel ‘uncomfortable’ these past few days. We are also getting the full effect of Saturn and Neptune conjunctions and their flow from February to March. People are having physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences (sometimes all at once) and in moments, it feels like ‘too much’ to manage. The good news is, it is not going to feel like this forever.

The first part of the month is going to feel very different than the second. This report covers March 1- March 18. I will release part 2 just in time for Equinox on March 20!

The main themes of this month include:

-The Venus and Jupiter conjunction represents an important moment in the harmonic shift we have been working on and the transition into Aquarius. This represents the integration of Creator energy and the healing of the great wound that we ALL experienced when Mother and Father were attacked in the previous epoch. (For more check out ‘rekindling the feminine flame’ podcast)

  • Healing in the Jesus line of energy. A lot is positively unfolding relating the Mother and Father Creator, as well as Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Tune in to hear what I have to say about it.

-We are also seeing justice. Finally. On so many things. Completion where we have been waiting for it. Vindication. People who have been working hard are breathing. Myself included.  This is lovely to experience after some very tough years.

-There is also the idea of overcoming the inner walls and realizing where we have been limiting ourselves, all along. Small changes and being willing to overcome these patterns is part of our path to freedom.

– Meeting physical discomfort because of solar energy and figuring out what to do about it.

-Meeting personal discomfort as we see inner truths that may be not as nice. It is ok, we will get through it!

-Connection to creativity and inspiration. Feeling inspired and being able to go full power at our projects, goals, and lives. 

To Listen to the March 2023 Astrology Report

March 2023 Astrology report pt 1 on spotify:

March 2023 Astrology report pt 1 on Esoteric Earth Channel: Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts

March 2023 Astrology report on the inline player:

Main Planets

March 1: Mercury enters Pisces

March 2**: Venus and Jupiter conjunction, conjunction of Mercury and Saturn

March 7: Full moon in Virgo, Saturn enters Pisces

March 9: Make a wish

March 15: Neptune Solar Conjunction

March 16: Venus enters Taurus

March 17: Mercury superior solar conjunction


At the first of the astrology report, I mention a difficult project I have been working on that had a big ‘break’ this week. If you would like to hear it or any other of my stories, you can get them all here: Esoteric Earth

Additional Materials

As I mention in the report, I have created a number of materials that are useful for understanding and grounding this energy:

The top #1 is Energy pillar. What is energy pillar? It is an energy alignment and self-connection exercise that I created. It grounds your energy whilst also harmonizing your physical body and your energy body to its highest harmonic. We align to source, we call in our souls, and we get ourselves into our highest harmonic pathway for the day. I created energy pillar because I wanted a practice that would align my body and my soul at the same time it was raising my vibration.

If you want to just test the waters with the energy alignment method I ground in here at this page, I recommend you check “Energy Pillar“: a self-contained little learning website put together for easy and quick no-pressure access to this style of active meditaiton and alignment. Not a school, this is a little place on the internet you can go to start learning how to use the pillar.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. This is value priced.

OR go in depth with it.

I teach about this method in detail in the book ‘Soul Compass’ and show you how to work with the pillar as a baseline for energy healing of the soul and body. As you learn, this is a really reliable and safe way to cultivate the soul-body connection, to get to have strong yet flexible energy boundaries, and to know the sound your soul voice.

For Soul Compass: ***Note I have new ‘faster’ shipping options!!! I can get these babies off to you without the printing wait, these days!***

I also made mention that I am ready to take new clients on for excellence training. private coaching, energy management consulting, and to support guided soul-connection. If you would like to request a consultation you may email me at You may also check out this recent post where I mention rates: Energy Management Consultations +Skillset Advising and Mentoring – Crow Medicine (

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Beyond “The Keepers”: the Dark Web of Joseph Maskell Podcast Series pt 1 & 2

Have you ever found yourself wondering about concrete examples of what makes the vibration of a place so low, or how things like negative beings are able to gain influence on people? Do you enjoy “deep dive” style story telling? Do you like when things turn out the right way in real life? If you answered yes to any of the above, I have a great one for you.

Updated on April 6, 2023.

The Dark Web of Joseph Maskell

This story takes place in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It is about a nun named Sister Cathy, a priest called Father Maskell, and a web of dark energy that I was called to fix. If those names sound familiar, they are the same Sister Cathy and Father Maskell the Netflix docuseries ‘The Keepers’ was about. Sister Cathy, a nun who is no longer with us, called me to this project to help with her unsolved business: bringing justice to the many vulnerable believers who were hurt by Maskell, and more importantly, to show me the web of evil that his actions had created. She knew that what he had done was not isolated and she understood that the souls of the people he had hurt were in some cases, still entangled in it and thus, were not free. She also knew that what he was doing went much beyond Archbishop Keough to cover a lot of this city and parts of the county.

(I am not using Maskell images with intention. We need less, not more of him.)

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

As it turns out, Father Maskell was a busy guy who had been in 7 different parish-based locations spread all around the city (and briefly Wexford, Ireland) before he was defrocked. In those years, he was a pedophile. A violent pedophile. Though he was reported, nothing was done except move him from church to church. His tenure with the Church spanned almost 30 years. As I worked this project, I realized what he was described in The Keepers, it appears, continued. These actions left a dark web on the city. It was this dark web of influence that Sister Cathy was contacting me about.

(I describe this in detail in ‘episode 1, listed below)

(Image courtesy of Netflix)

A I describe in episodes 1 and 2

When I began working this project, I had no idea how deep it was or how many people would be involved. The whole thing was shrouded in secrecy. I knew it was BIG and I sensed that there were many other people involved. That this was not a one off but moreso a systemic thing. The strength of the entity I kept having to face when I went to assist the souls was enough to tell me that. However, because this was kept in that secret shroud, there was nothing ‘official’ I could go on to substantiate that feeling. I was working blind outside of my psychic senses.

As I explain in episode 2 and the mini documentary I made about this, In In December 2022, this all changed. There was, all of a sudden, definitive evidence of what was happening here and it was indeed a big huge web of priests being pedophiles. This evidence came in the form of an Attorney General report. From 2018-2022, there had been an investigation into the Archdiocese to substantiate widespread abuse claims. As they found, there were 158 people (plus) involved in the types of behaviours Maskell was doing, all circulating out of the churches. This dark web was much more than the accumulation of the actions of one person. It was powered by a group of 158 people (that we know of) who, in my opinion, were under the influence of and were feeding a demonic entity. The fear and the pain created by their actions created a really harsh web that hung over the city. (I describe the power of the entity these terrible actions gave space to in episode 2, listed below).

Over the course of three years, Sister Cathy my husband, and I worked together to do our part to metaphysically untangle it.

This is the story. And yes, this is really what I do with my everyday life. Follow the podcast to get more stories. I release one every week.

To Listen to part 1 of the Podcast: Describing the Dark Web

In part 1, I describe the web, meeting Sister Cathy, and the detective process of being an energy sleuth and what I found here:

Listen to “Beyond the Keepers” on Spotify: “

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Listen to “Beyond the Keepers” here via Anchor:

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Part 2 of the Podcast: Meeting the Entity

Last week, I introduced you to a web of dark energy that I had discovered in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. I had been investigating this web which was in part being powered by untoward and violating behaviour at the hand of a Priest called Father Maskell.  As I came to find out, this ‘web’ had the capability to be operated as a weapon. 

In this instalment, I tell you about what it was like coming face to face with the web when the entity who operates it turned it on me. I have battled beings in France, England, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, and beyond. What I met here in Maryland was more powerful and strong than them all. So much so that for a period, I could not even leave my house without it trying to smother me. On the day that this particular story is about, I was out walking in ceremony and them BAM. Something hit me like a freight train. I could not walk. I could not move. I just had to stand there and figure out how to get my body to calm down from the onslaught enough to match my mental calm to keep on moving.

These things have power. If this was affecting me to this degree, it speaks to what it was probably doing to the people who were still being impacted by it through their trauma and lost soul pieces. I am very happy for anything I could do to help them be free of this evil, evil thing.

In sharing this bit, I also talk about what it was like to be in the right place at the right time. As I later found out, that exact hour that I was experiencing that attack, very close to where I was many of the people who had been targeted by Maskell were standing in front of legislators. Their goal was to advocate for the repealing of the statute of limitations on abuse reporting. Guess what? That day, for the first time in 20 years of trying, the legislation made it through. At the time of writing, it is on the desk of the Governer.


Esoteric Earth channel on Apple: ‎Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts .


If you scroll to the bottom of the page, I put together a little mini documentary that features this story in parts 1 and 2.

Episode 3: Coming as Soon as the Report is Out

As I was preparing to release part 3 of this podcast, a miracle happened. The Attorney General Report I had been talking about in part 1 and 2 that had been sealed, was ruled unsealed. Even better? That it was going to be RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC!!!!! I am going to record part 3 when we have it out.

As of April 5, 20203: The Attorney General Report is out and it is VERY BAD. You can read it in full here. I will have more to say on the matter very soon:

To hear the rest of my psychopomp stories

I have started up a whole new podcast that is dedicated to telling stories about taking care of the Earth. It is like a mix between psy-fi and adventure, mixed with the personal stories component about what it was like to live it. So far, I have 9 other episodes up covering topics like meeting the souls of the titanic, what it was like to fix up a toxic wasteland in Baltimore created by unethical priests and their horrid activities, and going to the Grotto of the Magdalene. You can listen to them all here:

Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3 Psychopomp Stories

Jesus died and went to heaven after the crucifixion, right? Well. Not according to a lot of people. In the Book of Nicodemus Jesus was walking around within days of being put on the cross. A natural question that comes up is if he lived, where did he go? Based on Indigenous traditions, it appears over to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and then onto USA and Canada where he continued his mission to free the planet from Baals' grip. In this instalment of 'Saga of Earth', I tell you about the rise of Jesus. I also talk about a Pale Bearded Traveler with Grey-Green eyes who was well recounted in their visits of the Americas teaching in precisely the same style as our boy Jesus did. To support this podcast one time or to become a monthly donor: — Send in a voice message:
  1. Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3
  2. The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt.2)
  3. Ceremonies of Saturn Ongoing + Uncensored Episode
  4. How Earth Got Hurt: Infiltration of Saturn (Saga of Earth pt.1)
  5. Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

Are you a video person? If so, check out my mini-doc featuring this story

It features real life road footage and commontary.

I realize I have a lot of local fans. This is our real life. I hope that in telling this story, I help us all disempower this BS. Visibility helps, which is a theme for part 2 of this podcast. You may contact me privately to request support on healing and disentangling from this at

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Repeating Thoughts as Excess Energy

Repeating thoughts and repeating phrasing is something that a lot of people experience at one point or another in their lives. Sometimes called excessive rumination, sometimes energy looping, the experience of having an occurrence or idea running around on repeat is not uncommon.

In the energy or esoteric community, repeating thoughts and the anxiety or stress that may come with them often gets called energy looping. It gets this name because you run an ‘energy pattern’ aka a thought or an interaction, over and over in your head ‘on loop’ like a record. In psychology, this experience is explained as excessive rumination and hyper rumination. It gets this name because you are having the thought In patterned, repetitious formation.

These are two different ways to explain an often related (and sometimes, the exact same) phenomenon.

The terms excessive rumination and energy looping have a lot in common. They are two ways of explaining the same thing that are able to interplay and overlap. Both can be taken to say that there are repeating thoughts, often not pleasant, that negatively impact the life and experience of a person who is having them.  This is an article about how we can explain repeating thoughts in energy terms. It includes suggestions on how to proactively manage the excess energy that spins into these looping thoughts. Yes, it can be done. Believe it or not, with a little bit of discipline and the right tools, it is not as difficult as you may think for a great many people.

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When Energy Terms Meet Academic Theories

To start this article off, I am going to make a personal admission. Excessive rumination is something that I experienced until I was in my late-20s and figured out what I am about to tell you here. At its worst, it was debilitating. It is through fixing it with ‘energy work’ that I first realized HOW useful learning how to shift my own energy patterns was going to be to living a good life. It was also through this experience that I started to appreciate that the metaphysical dimension of reality had a real-world impact. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. This is also a ‘huge’ topic that I am not going to cover every aspect of in this one article. Take this as food for thought, and work with it as may benefit you.

For me, excessive energy via rumination sounded like this: “You are not good enough”, “Nobody loves you”, “Nothing you do ever gets noticed”, “Nobody will ever love you” were phrases I used to hear on repeat. Any interaction I had would get run over in my mind for ‘analysis’ sometimes hundreds of times. At the time, I thought I was being ‘thorough’ and would go over the words, attitude, anything that happened in an interaction to try to ‘understand it better’. This would be so intense that it stopped me from sleeping and negatively impacted how I felt about myself and other people.

Sound familiar?

This is more common than you would think. Why? Explained from an energy perspective, we recognize that we in a world where it is common to engage with upwards of thousands of energy signatures and intersection points a day. Just because we do not ‘see’ energy does not mean we do not ‘feel’ it. Because energy management was considered ‘woo woo’ in a lot of our households, taking care of it has not been made into a part of regular life. This has created space for accumulation and build-up over to occur in a lot of us, over time.  

As I discovered through my studies,

states of being like ‘excessive rumination’ are related to ‘energy flow’. The more stagnant and built-up energy, the more likely to experience these repeating thoughts and loops. The more grounded and clear flowing, the more we are able to stay in the moment.  

When we start taking this dimension of energy into account, we find new answers to a) why this happens and b) discover new tools to deal with it. (There are other energy and situational factors to consider. More on that in future articles.)

Excessive Rumination as Moving Energy

Every thought is an energy pattern. Repeating energy, repeating thoughts, and needing to turn things over in our mind over and over again can be understood as energy that we are seeking to process, place, reconcile, or otherwise deal with. One of the ways that a body will work to do this is to circulate it.

Thinking about things is important. But here is where it can get a bit tricky:

Our thoughts and internal dialogue contribute to our vibration. They contribute to the ‘tone’ that becomes our general state of being and harmonic as we move through life day to day. You have heard and discovered the power of affirmations. Your internal dialogue acts like that writ large. When your internal dialogue is pessimistic or looping around with panicked, anxious, and self-questioning thoughts, you wind up having a lower vibration. You ‘feel’ the thought you repeat and you attract people and situations that confirm that situation. That is why so many people start off with affirmations as part of their transition and maintenance strategy.

One of the reasons why repeating negative thoughts, or repeating analysis of experiences (especially painful ones) can be so dangerous is that with each repeat you run the risk of magnifying, not depleting, the issue you are rolling over in your mind. Depending on your position in relation to the thought, you may be coding it in as opposed to weeding it out. A general rule of thumb is that if you cannot stop with the thought and it is causing you distress, it is something to ‘look at’.

Excessive rumination, from this perspective, can have a negative impact on our energetic wellbeing. As we go around in the circle, we are doing two things that can ‘hurt’ us. The first is we may very well be magnifying the power of the negative thought or experience with every repeat. We are ‘tuning it’ in, just like we would with positive affirmations. On a secondary layer, we are burning our precious energy and focus that we could be putting into creation into self-destruction. In this sense, excessive rumination or looping gets us ‘stuck’ in the track of thinking. In the third layer, those repeating thoughts we have about ourselves can become the ‘tone’ of our vibration. If we think we are ‘x’ enough times, that ‘x’ is what our field attracts and what it feels like to be in our experience.

From a spiritual perspective, if you are finding yourself with excessive rumination like looping and negative thinking, there are a few things to keep in mind. These negative thoughts, if ours, may come with a message that our soul is working to communicate to us. There is a fine line between giving ourselves the opportunity to hear and engage the message and falling into a lowered vibrational state. One of the key things that people who are seeking to shift out of one way of feeling into another is to get a strategy in place that stops them from having the negative thought so much that it erodes your auric field, lowers your vibration, and tunes your energy system to attract more of that negative thing.

Taking an Energy Based Perspective to Managing Excessive Rumination

One of the first things I want to say here is that yes, this is something that can be managed. Is it something that goes away forever? Sometimes, the habits we have that push the action do in fact, go away, because we heal them or form pathways that are more supportive to ourselves. Other times, the reason we are feeling what we are feeling is because we are picking it up from our environments, and thus, it is not ‘internal’. Have you ever had repeating thoughts that you could not seem to place as your own? That, my friend, is a sign you are picking them up a) from your environment and the astral waves of energy around you, that b) that your auric field would do with some reinforcement, or c) you may be becoming increasingly psychic (or realize you are for the first time). Other times still, what you are experiencing is your own body working through its healing process usually spurred by other work you are doing on yourself and the natural flow of the planet as it goes through its cycle of the seasons. Notice that you find yourself having more intense thought-patterns and emotional experiences around Solstice and Equinox or the full moons? That is a sign you are naturally in the flow with the cosmos, which is all part of this. In each of these cases, recognizing the presence of energy and tracing it to its source are key to the management strategy.

There are two main ways that I am going to suggest in this article to help get excess energy managed. Getting your energy flow managed is step 1. Learning to work with yourself and your tools of introspection is step 2. We will work with the latter, first.

General Questions for Introspection

Identifying the source of the repeating thought and the reason we are having it (or them) are key to figuring out how to manage them. In general, identifying if any soul wounds are being presented and figuring out if what you are experiencing is even yours are two strong bases to cover.  

If you have ‘Soul Compass’ or ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’, this is exactly where that method of conscious self-connection you learn from exercise one kicks in. Get into the energy pillar, do your self-connection practice, and then talk to yourself about this.  Exercises in phase 1, 2, and 3 are useful here!

1) Is the thought or energy ripple I have moving around belong to me? Or does it belong to someone else?

2) Is this a feeling I have about myself now? Or is this my body and soul trying to bring forward ‘energy’ from a past event via a thoughtform to help me process it?

3) Is this energy that rippling around on repeat like an old record player in my body? Do I just have to pathway my way out of this?

4) Am I feeling because I am trying to heal it or am I feeling it as part of an old pattern/something external to myself?

These four questions are helpful to keep in mind, particularly for energy aware people. If you are not yet at the space where you have developed an internal dialogue where this form of communication is possible, know that it is. Check on down to the final subheading for how to learn from me if that is something that is appealing to you.

Suggestions to Bring into Your Energy Management Strategy

Here are some baseline suggestions to proactively manage energy.

– If you have repeating thoughts that are negative. Replace them. The ‘I am loved’ meditation listed in the next section is a perfect example of how to do that. I used the affirmations in that one to fix my life so get to it if you think they may help yours.

-If you feel excessive energy, start finding positive places to put it. Walking, weight-lifting, stretching, playing a sport, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, dancing, and finding other ways to move your physical body are high on the list. Why? They move your energy, support the soul and body expression and connection, and through that, create a clear conduit through which you are able to let go of that ‘excess’ build up in your body. Doing something that you focus on counting, immerse in nature, and really ‘get lost’ in doing helps you stop overthinking, rethinking, and hearing that negative voice.

-Set a schedule for how you are going to ‘keep yourself positively engaged’ and then do it. Plan positive spaces to put that energy. Like I said, excessive rumination means excessive energy. Excessive energy can be turned into POWERFUL CREATION. This is alchemy and guess what. You CAN do it. Feeling the stress of the moving thoughts coming on? Make a choice to go exercise and put your mind on counting reps.

– Some people experience the hard parts of excessive energy because they are not using their creative power or they have a LOT of it. This is a related yet distinct topic. I will bring this forward in another article in the future.

-Vibration raising and energy body maintenance is key. Many people who experience ‘excessive energy’ do so in part because they feel their own flow as well as what they are ‘feeling’ from people in the world around them. Some people who experience ‘excessive thoughts’ are surprised to find out that some of the extra thoughts they are thinking are not even their own. They are picking them up from their neighbours, friend, partner, or some other source. Getting a strong energy body-physical body connection that is regularly maintained helps you make sure you are not carrying around ‘other people’ or feeling them too much in your interactions.

-Learn when to cut yourself off and have the discipline to do it. Identifying a thought pattern or loop as having a negative impact is one part. Designing a strategy on what to do if it comes up again is the second. Doing that proposed strategy is the third. Creating and implementing a ‘shut off’ mechanism and having the strength to do it stops the energy from magnifying or tuning your vibration down. I read Harry Potter for the first time as part of my own strategy back in the day. It worked.

-Give yourself multiple spaces for processing as part of a regular 7-day cycle. Excessive rumination can also simply be unprocessed energy. It is not always ‘that deep’. These running thoughts do not always come up because we have something terrible going on. Sometimes, it is just that we are hyper stimulated from what we ‘picked up’ in interactions and we have to burn it off. If we do not give the energy somewhere to go, it can quite simply show itself in thoughts. Obviously, energy alignment is a great way to deal with this. So too is a routine that lets you blow off physical steam. A day off for personal retreat here or there can be very nice.

Would you like to request a personal consultation? I am receiving them! Energy Management Consultations +Skillset Advising and Mentoring – Crow Medicine (

Tools that I have created that you can bring into your strategy

This is a topic I am passionate about. Because these concepts are so central to our lives and wellbeing, I place them at the basis of my training. Everything from the ‘energy pillar’ up is going to help you get your energy into a healthy flow. Anyone who has the energy pillar and is working with it once a day is doing themselves a powerful service to keeping their energy flowing. You are intentionally tuning yourself up and letting yourself move excess energy every time you do it.

Tool 1: I am loved practice: “I am loving, I am loved, I am deserving of love”: This video is not ‘just a meditation’. It is a harmonization exercise where you work with breath, focused intent, and your ability to ‘tune’ your own vibration. This is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool to help get yourself out of a negative, self-depreciating loop space.

To do the harmonization: Meditation for Self Love – YouTube

Tool 2: Energy Pillar : Energy pillar is the no frills, no stress, easy access to a website that includes written and guided versions of the energy pillar (featuring lo-fi music), suggestions on how to put it into place in your life to benefit you, and a short little introduction from me. The best bits: once you learn the steps to energy pillar, you can do it anywhere and in minutes. You have a mobile self-support chamber with you everywhere you go. Not to mention this is an ‘active exercise’, so as you are reading and going through the steps, you are too busy focusing on that to think about other things (see what I did there?).

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. The best, easiest, most non stress place to start getting grounded today with not a lot of thought or learning. It is presented on a website you are able to log in to at your leisure. Not even the pressure of a school!!!

Study time: one afternoon. This is ‘tool’ focused. I provide the audio, video, and written practice so that you may come back to be guided through the alignment + meditation each day.

To access:

Tool 2: Breathe, Ground, Connect: Energy Management through Meditation’ is a step up from ‘Energy Pillar’. It costs a little more and has more components and ways to work with the pillar from an energy management perspective. Those who sign up for this self-directed learning experience learn 3 different ways to manage their energy with the Pillar. This is especially applicable to people seeking to figure out how to work with energy management to improve their life because it has the angle where you are encouraged able to proactively identify spaces in your day (life) where you would encounter things that could trigger uncomfortable energy related experiences. The idea is that by building energy management into your life (and having 3 neat ways to do it), you are able to improve quality of life. This works because a) you are tuning yourself consistently, b) you are managing energy flow consistently and c) you are recognizing your unique needs and working to fill them.

What you get: 6 different videos showing you the various steps of the methods, 4 instruction videos explaining the course and how to do the energy alignment, a video copy of me leading you through the method, a written version of the method, and guidance on how to bring it into your life for maximum personal benefit.

Study time:  I recommend about a month, dedicating one week at a time to each layer so you can feel how it works and see what it does for you. However, this is self-access and you are an independent learner. Some people may like to go through it all at once and then go from the pillar. Up to you.

To access:

Tool 3: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: I lay out the IndiCrow method of energy management and self-connection in ‘Soul Compass’. In this book, you get a chapter by chapter guide on how to work with your energy body to get it into shape. You also learn about how to hear the messages your soul and body sends you through things like your internal dialogue and how you feel. This is the kind of book that changes lives. This is something that you are able to work with as a reference material much beyond one read. These are the foundational tools an energy aware person is able to use throughout their whole life and was designed to have the most useful, impactful included. To look at the book and see the table of contents: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection – Crow Medicine (

I have 3 ways you can order the book ranging from $18 – $35 depending on version. You can get a physical copy either directly from me or my publisher. You are also able to order the ‘get it right now’ ebook version.

Option 1:USA readers and people who like mail fast, I have 4 available copies that I can send out this week. I will have 20 more to go for 7 days from now. Guess what?  This includes the physical book as well as the ebook!! Click here to claim one as your own and get your digital copy immediately:

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Option 3: The right now option as well as the ‘cheapest’ option. At $18, this is a pdf copy of the book that you are able to pop into any document reader on your device (adobe, word, google, whatever you use). To get your pdf digital copy:

Anyone who has ordered a papercopy is free to contact me and request a digital copy. I am happy to give you one so you have this on your phone for self-connection on the road. Those who are ordering from my publisher (option 2) will have to contact me directly for their digital copy at I have to send it to you independently.

Tool 4: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: Deluxe course where you learn the methods in ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ in course form. Designed to be studied in about three months, this is a rich program that includes a digital copy of Soul Compass, chapter by chapter videos of me teaching you how to work with it and giving lots of grounded suggestions.

This is self-access and built for a person who loves gradual learning. It is a great package with three months worth of material in this: read a chapter, watch a video, and practice the little tool. If you would like to learn more about it, click here:

***Anyone picking this course or the book ‘Soul Compass’ up also gets an andara coupon to ‘Elemental Ascension’. That coupon is currently good for 40% off anything she has in the store. You will see it when you register in the very first folder of information in the course.***

To take a look at the course and get started today:

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Ways to Get Grounded

This article is all about that state of being so many of us have experienced yet often goes unexplained. BEING UNGROUNDED. This article explains what it means to be ungrounded and offers practical, super easy suggestions on how to get grounded (and stay that way) in your daily life.

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What does it mean to be Ungrounded?

There are esoteric and material dimensions to this.

From an energetic perspective, being ungrounded often comes about because of life experiences that impact the ability of our emotional and physical energy to travel fluidly in, through, and out of our body. From an esoteric perspective, each person is meant to have a flow of energy that connects us to planet earth. We are able to receive certain stability and fuel from this. As flowers nestle in the soil, so too do we relate to earth. Thus, the term ‘grounding’. When we are not giving ourselves that nourishment, we feel it. From a material perspective, we as humans have certain needs like food, access to water, the desire to be loved and to feel safe. Ungroundedness may be the result of not having our physical and emotional needs met.

In general, we tend to feel grounded when we take care of 3 main components of our existence: our body, our soul, and the way we connect to life on the planet. We feel ungrounded when we do not care for the parts of ourselves that form our energetic, material, and emotional ‘roots’ to Earth.

Reasons People Become Ungrounded

As noted, there are both material and energetic reasons that people become ungrounded. Most of it revolves around whether we feel and experience safety on planet earth. Having said that, some of it has to do with what we are exposed to in our environments. Many people experience a mix of both. This is a non-exhaustive list of some common reasons people may become ungrounded.

  • Rapid positive soul growth that has created positive vibrational change.
  • Being in a place that is high vibrational in a way that you are not used to (yet).
  • Being constantly exposed to technology. Working in an office building surrounded by computers or living in a big city with a dense population counts.
  • Overhead lights that are common at schools, malls, and indoor public spaces.
  • Being indoors without any or very little opportunity to hang out in green spaces. Being disconnected from nature and the planet.
  • Going through a life change. Sudden or planned.
  • Experiencing poverty. Ongoing uncertainty around if you are going to be able to keep a roof over your head, food in the belly, and the credit wolves off your back.
  • Being homeless or experiencing housing insecurity.
  • Living in emotional instability. This could include being stuck near or carrying around the long-term impact of abusive energy or acts. Living in a space where this happens, even if it is not in your home but say, the apartment next-door, vitriolic energy makes our soul turtle into the body.
  • Experiencing or witnessing violence. Being exposed to it in your neighbourhood counts.
  • Experiencing shock, trauma, and PTSD.
  • Experiencing life-threatening illness.
  • Being emotionally repressed. Not feeling safe or being given space to feel, experience, or express our emotions.
  • Not having our basic needs met.
  • Not feeling safe to connect to the energy of where you are.

Would you like to request a personal consultation? I am receiving them! Energy Management Consultations +Skillset Advising and Mentoring – Crow Medicine (

How to Identify if You are Ungrounded

These are some indications that you are experiencing being ungrounded. Some of what is listed are the energetic factors, such as the feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Other components focus on the material gaps that come along with precariousness. It also includes acts one may engage in to help themself feel (or not feel) emotional and energetic connection with soul and environment.

  • Feeling anxious and dealing with situational anxiety.
  • Panic attacks.
  • Not able to regulate an extreme emotion. Having a hard time ‘calming down’.
  • Your feet do not touch the ground. Raised heels or walking on your toes (while not wearing heels or as a result of that) is a big indicator of being ungrounded.
  • Cannot remember something (in the middle of a task).
  • Not able to start an idea that is in your head ‘in this world’. Feeling like you cannot express the concept.
  • Rushing from task to task and living in a blur that is ‘uncomfortable’.
  • Having no personal time to check in and thus, feeling like you have no idea ‘where you are at’.
  • Using your phone or social media to check email or communication spaces to excess.
  • Not able to sit comfortably with your thoughts. This often leads to the two following factors.
  • A tendency to consume alcohol or illicit substances, particularly using them as a ‘shield’ in difficult situations.
  • Emotional eating.
  • Disconnection from own wants, needs, and opinions. Not able to identify and or potentially not feeling safe to express them.
  • Feeling a strong desire for sexual stimulation. Feeling almost overwhelmed by the desire to experience orgasm. Being willing to engage with risky behaviour to have that moment of connection with another.

How to Become More Grounded

The great news about being ungrounded is that it is relatively easy to take energetic steps to begin fixing that component. Though they may not immediately ‘fix’ some of the ‘big picture’ factors people feel ungrounded such as economic insecurity and experiences with violence, they help get us into the headspace where we can get to that. This is the magic and miracle of energy management. Here are some simple yet effective suggestions for the get started part.

  • Be outside. Sitting with a tree or by a river and being immersed in the environment really works.
  • Go for a walk. Preferably outside, but on a treadmill, track, or just on the spot works.
  • 5-minute daily energy management in the am. Return to a grounding activity when you notice yourself lifting off. (I have a program designed to help this, see next section.)
  • Stretch for 10 minutes.
  • When an extreme or uncomfortable feeling comes in, feel it without being owned by it. Do not rush to put the substance, phone, or food in hand. Instead, breathe with yourself and ask yourself “Why am I acting like this? What is the message?” because you can trust, there is one.
  • Start paying attention to where you feel most ‘ungrounded’. Is there a theme there?
  • Practice expressing yourself in safe scenarios. Even if that means writing your thoughts in a scribbler.
  • Get to know your soul and heal it. When you feel ungrounded routinely, it indicates there is a reason for ‘not grounding’.
  • Have a snack in the moment (healthy) if you are feeling dizzy.
  • Do weight-lifting or strenuous physical activity. This is top 3 for me.

It is very important to find ways to ground just about every day. Mix it up! Walk, meditations in a beautiful park, drawing, dancing, lifting weights, doing personal growth ceremony. It all counts.

Have a copy of the Energy Pillar or Soul Compass?

If so, you have a very powerful grounding tool with you right now. In fact, working with the energy pillar is my #1 suggestion for forming and keeping those nice strong earth connection points required for grounding. When you form connection to Earth, yourself, and your source-self you are taking care of the soul, body, and planet layers. Take a few moments when you feel yourself ‘going off’ and work with the crystalline earth bit as a boost..

Pro tip? This is especially powerful when done with a tree or whilst out walking! Get creative with it.

Resources to help you get grounded

This article is loaded with great information and thus, you have already got a few great ideas as you were reading it about what you may like to do. On a more practical, focused level, this is something that I cover the bases on strongly in my teachings BECAUSE it is so important. I recommend my teachings here because they work better than anything else I have ever encountered.

  1. “Energy Pillar”: A brand new self-access digital offering, ‘energy pillar’ is where you go to learn how to align your energy body with your physical body and to connect to your source self. This is a great place to start for anyone new here.

What you get: guided energy alignment + meditation video of me leading you through the energy pillar, a written copy of the practice, an audio version of the meditation + alignment, and a written version of the meditation + alignment sequence. You also receive guidance on ways to fit into your life. The best, easiest, most non stress place to start getting grounded today with not a lot of thought or learning. It is presented on a website you are able to log in to at your leisure. Not even the pressure of a school!!!

Study time: one afternoon. This is ‘tool’ focused. I provide the audio, video, and written practice so that you may come back to be guided through the alignment + meditation each day.

To access:

2. Breathe, Ground, Connect: Foundations for Energy Management: Learn the ‘Energy Pillar’ method of energy alignment and self-connection in depth. Learn the 3 layers of the energy pillar one at a time, and then put them all together. Discover the intricacies of ‘breathe’ as a source of power and peace, connecting to crystalline earth as a source of grounding, and your source self as a space of daily inspiration and guidance as you work with the method. Find practical ways to work energy management into your schedule to improve your focus, encourage emotional and energetic stability, and to improve quality of life.

What you get: 6 different videos showing you the various steps of the methods, 4 instruction videos explaining the course and how to do the energy alignment, a video copy of me leading you through the method, a written version of the method, and guidance on how to bring it into your life for maximum personal benefit.

Study time:  I recommend about a month, dedicating one week at a time to each layer so you can feel how it works and see what it does for you. However, this is self-access and you are an independent learner. Some people may like to go through it all at once and then go from the pillar. Up to you.

To access:

3) I also extensively go into the body and soul communication and connection in ‘Soul Compass’ the book and the deluxe course version ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’.

3) Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection: I also have a course version of ‘Soul Compass’ called ‘Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’ that goes week by week, chapter by chapter through the book and method with you. This is self-access and built for a person who loves gradual learning. It is a great package with three months worth of material in this: read a chapter, watch a video, and practice the little tool. If you would like to learn more about it, click here:

***Anyone picking this course up also gets an andara coupon to ‘Elemental Ascension’. That coupon is currently good for 40% off anything she has in the store. You will see it when you register in the very first folder of information in the course.***

Not sure if any of these are for you? I have taught people from all walks of life and all levels of expertise. Join me! These are limited time offers. My school is not always open. If you feel like getting in on the fun, this is a very good opportunity to do just that.

4) My book ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’. The most value friendly place I lay out the energy pillar as well as self-connection techniques that will aid in grounding and so much more:


Katie IndiCrow

Identifying the Presence of Negative Energy and How to Deal with It

We are stealth energy ninjas who are able to detect all sorts of things, including whether we are in danger or not. Stated honestly, there are moments in life where we may encounter a nefarious entity, negative energy depression, or person with ill will and negative intent against us. These situations do have real life impacts, like ‘energy bleeds’ that cause fights with loved ones, confusion, and panics. This is why identifying and dealing with them matters. Though I do not often speak like this here, this is my specialty as a psychopomp. If you ever wanted to know a little more about how to detect and eliminate threat, this is a great one to listen to!

Full Article (Podcast Listed Beneath It)

The key here, as always, is knowledge and so for the first half of the podcast that goes with this article, I identify some of the key signals that the soul and body will send us to let us know something untoward is happening. This includes going into fight or flight response, having anxiety reactions, feeling energy drains, and falling out of love with something we used to adore. It can also include unexpected lashouts, having unprovoked disagreements, and otherwise acting out of character for no define-able reason are all indications something may be ‘up’. I summarize them here:

  1. Fight or flight: your body goes into this response. You feel like you have to leave a seemingly ‘safe’ or happy place, you feel like jumping out of your skin, or you start feeling like you do not want to go somewhere you once loved because it gives you ‘anxiety”. In some cases, this is a sign that your soul/body is aware that there is something negative or potentially harmful there. This could be in a situation that may unfold socially, but often means that there is someone around harbouring ill will, a negative entity, or who has negative plans. This is my #1 sign something is happening that should not be.
  2. Feeling drained, lethargic, and falling out of love with your creativity or with the team, activity, job that you once used to love. What you once had full power for, you no longer want to do. We certainly do change in our tastes and what we choose to participate in as we grow. These changes, when ‘all of a sudden’ or we cannot explain them or are not happy about them, may represent something is ‘up’.
  3. Having a reaction to a person, scenario, or situation that you do not understand. A great example is you read a text message or email. As you are reading the words you become short of breath or start feeling your heart rate rise up. There are moments where we are having ‘positive’ sounding conversations, engaging with a happy seeming event yet we are left feeling rattled inside, angry, or shaken. By the words of the email or text, there is no reason you should be having this physiological response yet, you are. That is a sign that you have just encountered some negative energy. Sound familiar? This is VERY common and it leads to confusion. This is an indication you are around an energy drain and/or someone with ill intent.
  4. CONFUSION. All of the above examples lead to confusion, which then leads to a) breakdowns, c) lowering of self-esteem, and d) lost progress.
  5. Having fights pop up with loved ones that make no sense. Listen to the podcast to hear what I say on this. It is extremely important.

*****Note that there are instances where a negative vortex of earth energy can be the necessitating factor for ALL of these experiences. There are spots on the planet where wars, murders, all kinds of things have happened and the land carries their echoes. This is what I talk about in psychopomp stories and a main part of my job. This article and podcast are mostly about when we are engaging an individual that has a) either something negative with them that wants to hurt souls, which does happen or b) who themselves is a negative and dangerous person.***

As I go over thoroughly in the podcast that this article summarizes, several of the signs of dangerous energy are also signs of something that we often recognize as medical. I am not trying to step over those diagnoses. In moments where the medical definitions do not apply and especially when we are doing all that we are supposed to in order to maintain our baseline, it is highly appropriate to ask: IS THERE SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL GOING ON HERE? 

Figuring out how to read our own signs is key here. I call this discernment. Discernment means being able to identify a state of being and recognizing where it is coming from. Once we do that, we are then able to proactively do whatever we have to do in order to get ourselves feeling good again. 

Empowerment through Discernment

One of the key things that I mention in the podcast that I bring forward here is that there is not something wrong with every person we feel something negative around. There are times when someone we are interacting with is going through a rough moment at home. You can feel that in a person. There are also moments where people have to take on tough things for work. I have had people talk ill about me and my ‘bad energy’ while I was out doing a job to save the planet. At the time I sure was in bad energy, and it was to save lives. Other people find them in similar situations. In these moments, though we may not want to be around these people, we also do not need to ‘add to their pile’ by calling them negative, spreading rumours about them, or turning against them. Rather, we just realize they are doing a thing and we give them space and time (or, if we feel like it, love and support).

There are also times when a person has such a high vibration that it will actively bring up anything you need to heal right away OR it will trigger any negative entities around you to get scared. I work specifically to cultivate this power. Some may even be feeling that when they read these words. Ask yourself. Is she actually scaring something out of me? Is this happening because of spontaneous healing? Act accordingly.

In these AND ALL cases, being able to sit back and ask ourselves questions about why we feel what we do, whilst also being able to see ourselves and others objectively, is important. Yes, energy is objective. Not jumping the gun is important. So too is knowing when to get the heck out of a bad situation.

To Hear the Podcast that Inspired this Article (the rest of the written bit is below)

“Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It” on spotify:

“Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It” on Esoteric Earth Channel on Apple: Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts

“Unexpected Signs You are Experiencing Negative Energy & How to Deal with It” here via the inline player:

I am an action person. The point of writing this article and making this podcast is to talk about this and give examples of how to positively deal with it.

Some of the best things we can do:

  1. Identify your baseline in energy and emotion and work with that as a barometer for everyday life. Take deviations from it seriously. Look for patterns in your behaviour and when those shifts may occur. They are especially telling if you are doing ‘everything right’ by your wellness standards and you are still having an ‘issue’ with anxiety, anger, or any of the signs you may have.
  2. Keeping things in their containers. Sometimes, we do have to deal with negative energy in life and work. For some people it is at school or sports, for some it is our job. We cannot necessarily always run away from these things. Sometimes, we have to stand and just live through it. In these moments, boundaries and keeping things separate really works.
  3. Take care of your energy every single day. I designed the energy pillar as a way to a) get high vibration, b) align and ground, and c) strengthen the field. All of those things help you a) release any negativity you may pick up, b) raise your vibration and energy level so you do not fall in a slump and c) keep your energy shield defenses aka auric field up.
  4. Recognize that, especially if this is connected to a nefarious entity, we do have to take action. Ignoring it does not make it better. There are moments where someone like me will show up and deal with the really bad things. But mostly, it is up to us.

As I say in the podcast and will again here. The skills I lay out in my training will help you with all of this. Love my writing and knowledge you feel here? The base I lay out in my training is where articles like this come from. ‘Energy Pillar’ is a tool that you can work with to start getting high vibe, clear and strong now and it is still on special for $15. ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection” at $18 or $35 is all about that soul and body connection and goes deep into how to hear yourself and to become a discernment ninja. “Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection” at $300 is a great place to go if you want to learn all of the above, like videos, week to week learning structure and a take at your own speed learning experience. (all linked below.)

Materials Referenced

Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection:

This is a quick link list taking you to Energy Pillar and Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection. The former is a great place to start if you are seeking to get a solid grounding. The latter comes with a digital copy of Soul Compass AND is a deluxe learning version of how to work through all the steps and components. Great for a nerd or somebody ready to go deep but also likes guidance. Grounding in Self-Connection: New Opportunities – Crow Medicine (

And for those who like hearing about these sorts of things. I tell stories about handling tricksters that represent that negative energy in psychopomp stories in some instalments. The next one is going to be a doozy.

Psychopomp Stories:

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