Taking a Great Leap

Ah, here we are. Vesta has just entered Taurus. We have a rare Eclipse coming up on April 20th which is the first on the Aries – Libra axis. You are likely very much feeling the ‘transition’ energy that these alignments (as well as those we celebrated last month including Pluto into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces) coming together. This is the equivalent of a big leap. You are probably sensing that.

As the last week and the next two play out, you may find yourself meeting initiations, choice points, and opportunities to test and further carve the path that you are creating. When something comes up that could be interpreted as either “AH THIS IS HAPPENING AGAIN'” or “Ok, I just have to stay calm and HAVE FAITH”, I recommend the latter approach. This is the energy equivalent of taking a big step from one energy stream into another. It takes a few moments, it can be confusing and hair-raising, but if you remember what is happening and ride the wave, you will get through it.

You may also find yourself experiencing what people call ‘zero point’. That is, when you cannot sense the past or the future and you feel like you are walking in black hole type bubble that feels like a doorway or gate. You are the gate to your own reality, you carry it in yourself, and when this is present it is another sign that you are moving. It can feel scary. When you take these moments and apply them in focus to your life, it is possible to make radical and rapid changes.

Eclipses are interesting. This is the first on a whole new axis that we will be experiencing throughout the entire Aries-Libra nodal journey that we ‘officially’ begin in July. This eclipse to me, represents the true beginning of the transition between nodes. Hold on but not so tight that you cannot let go. Eclipses have a way of bringing us into a new reality, and this one is showing its power. You may have encountered it already this week.

Self-Care and Self-Connection

The phrasing of the planets and this moment in our story has created a cozy nook space for self-care and self-connection. You may very well be feeling the pull to organize your home, to plan for the future, or to look back at what happened during the last phase and take stock. I encourage you to go ahead and do just that. These activities bear ripe fruit. It is the equivalent of investing in you, energy wise. We know this bears material results such as a more functional home life, a happier and more balanced inner world, and a more trusting relationship with yourself.

Excitingly, these are moments where a lot of people are going to be ‘finding the time’ to nurture and nourish themselves. This is where you get to pick up the new sport, the new book, the paintbrush, guitar, whatever it is. Placing your focus on creative expression and personal expansion in whichever form appeals to you is a powerful way to ground this energy and to enjoy the experience. It also helps us to stay grounded amidst what can sometimes feel like way too fast-moving energy or unexpected circumstances that are known to come about during Eclipse season:

One of the things that I have been enjoying as part of my personal experience is reading a great book that helped me gain a different perspective on energy. It had some great exercises in it that helped me get to the core of a question I had a little differently than I was when I worked with my own methods. It had exercises, it had self-reflection questions, and honestly, it reminded me a lot of how I wrote ‘Soul Compass’. It was nice to be a student and to get to feel like what it would feel like going through the experience of gradual learning and self-connection a book like that promotes. It made me very glad for choosing to write mine that way.

Have you been feeling like connecting to your soul, self-inner world with more grounding, this season? Have you been feeling ‘stuck’ and think you would benefit from a little bit of a different perspective just as I did? Maybe you are ready for loving journey into self-connection that you can begin now and ease into over the next few months! If any of these sound like you, I invite you to take part in the Soul Compass journey. This book was written with a lot love and it is receiving rave reviews from the people who have gotten their copies. I would love to send some more out into the world and have 20 here at my house ready to go! I also have a sale on where you get 15% off the ebook version (see below).

‘Soul Compass: Conscious Self-Connection

Summary: You are your most valuable resource. Learn how to refine and use your intuitive self-connection as a source of reliable, everyday guidance. Featuring the IndiCrow method of conscious self-connection, this book walks you through a journey of getting to know the sound of your soul and how to work with your unique talents and gifts. Learn the groundwork for healthy soul and body energy connection and how to heal yours. Build pathways for your intuitive senses to do what they are meant to, which is help you out in everyday life.

Oriented with the practical reader in mind, this book and the concepts and tools for conscious self-connection that it teaches you are ones you will be able to return to for the rest of your life to go ever more into you.

*Based on the hit class, Soul Compass.* Bonus? I teach from this material at my website ‘Crow Medicine’ monthly through my astrology reports and written projects. I even recently did a ‘vibe up challenge’. Value added, every month and opportunities to ground your learning..*

200 pages, 11 chapters.

Part 1: The Sound of Your Soul
ch.1: Welcome to the Journey
ch.2: The Personality of Your Soul
ch. 3: Conscious Self-Connection
ch. 4: Healing Soul Wounds

Part 2: The Soul and Body Relationship
ch. 5: Your Body is a Sacred Vessel
ch. 6: Building a Healthy Energy Body
ch. 7: Creating a Clear Path for Soul Connection

Part 3: Tools for a High Harmonic Life
ch. 8: Embodiment
ch. 9: Doing Intuitive Research
ch. 10: Hearing and Trusting Your Intuitive Guidance
ch. 11: Flaming Your Soul Spark

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Celebrating Crow Medicine by Giving Myself a Writing and Podcasting Rest

This was a HUGE year for Crow Medicine. I released 56 podcasts, approx 50 -60 articles (still counting), my first mini documentary, and 7 meditation videos. It has been so fun to practice some new forms and to also be here for so many people. I opened this page after my old website crashed and burned. March 2023 was the BEST MONTH with the MOST VISITORS that have ever come since I started out at this new version of my website. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who comes here. I truly appreciate that you trust and value my teachings and it is so nice to be experiencing this growth.

On that note….

A Period of Personal Observation and Organization

I am SO READY to take just a little rest from making new things. I am going to be silent the next few weeks.

The best educators practice what they teach. (In fact, they teach from grounded and practiced experience, but that is another thing.) After the taxing energy caretaking tasks I was doing for the planet, I am ready for fun and quality time with my husband. I feel the call to be outside, immersed in the healing power of Earth, and enjoying my life. It is so important to give ourselves the space to dream and enjoy life. It is so easy to get caught up going task to task to task and not breathing. I can feel an expectation in the realms that I am going to snap in and lift other loads. Nope! I did my part of the heavy lifting, I lost a lot while I was doing it, and now, I get my chance to be happy and free. Taking it! Everyone is capable of handling their own tasks otherwise they would not be meeting them. Having said that, I love advising people as they do their caretaking and lightworking. If you would like that, you may email me and request consultation. I still do that (katieindicrow@gmail.com).

Are you aware that I do a podcast where I tell the adventure stories and deep dive information about what happens during these adventures? They are fairly entertaining. It is called ‘Psychopomp Stories’. You can listen to all episodes without login here:

Click here to go to Psychopomp Stories directly: Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

As some of you may know, this is a ‘second’ website that I built. An old one that I had worked on for about 6 years crashed. I deliberately removed my old youtube page because the quality of videos was low, information becoming outdated, and I felt like it was time to freshen up. So that is what we have been doing here! Now that I have made all these new materials, I am going to go ahead and organize them and do some re-designing of what this website looks like so that they are easier to find and sort through. If you happen to come here one day and things look crazy, it is because I am mid-adjustment and may be fiddling.

I am very excited because in the coming 6 months, I will FINALLY be re-opening my business and kicking that level up. YAY! Part of what I will be doing these next few weeks is thinking about what that is going to look like.

Support a Page that Supports You

Do you know that I did not formally get paid for ANY of the things I did here since I opened this page? Yup. It is true. I have really been here doing this the whole time because I felt a strong responsibility to continue standing as a teacher during the worst years for our societies. I did it for all the people I built relationships with during the years 2014-the pandemic as well as for anyone who was looking for no strings attached, real information that talked about the truth of what we were experiencing. Let me tell you what a challenge that was with the censorship and cancel culture that was happening.

I know that me showing up has helped a lot of you because you have told me. I have appreciated the thank you emails, the likes and comments on my posts and podcasts, and all of the positivity that has been sent my way. THANK YOU. That really means so much. Thank you most especially to the 25 people who sent in gifts of support in recognition of this page and all I have put out here. It has meant a lot to me. It has helped me cover the costs I incur to keep this going!

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I have some website costs to cover in May. The support either buy buying a book, the energy pillar, or a few dollars contributed would mean a lot to me.

Enjoy this big leap, community! May it go well for you. I will see you in a few weeks.

Funny note. After I wrote this post, I went to FB and saw that today is the 6 year anniversary of the leap I took to leave the academic world to do this. WOW Facebook for those of you who would like to see the little video I recorded then. I miss it, but I do not regret my choice one bit.

Guided Meditation to Relax + Unwind

This is a guided meditation to relax and unwind. It is perfect to release stress, ease anxiety, and create a feeling of inner peace. Use it at the end of a day or for a moment of regeneration.

The Process

We begin by slowing down our breath. From there, I guide you through a calming and relaxation activity inspired by the peace we feel in nature. Working with healing white light energy, you build yourself into a regenerative white light cocoon. While encapsulated here, you relax and unwind. You release any stress you may be feeling. You fill every cell with regenerative energy. When you are done, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed. You will have connected to that space of inner peace. You will have left the stress of the day (afternoon, evening) behind you.

Are you person who got themselves a copy of energy pillar or Soul Compass? Read on down below the meditation for suggestions on how to work with this relaxation practice + what you are learning to go a little deeper. Look for ‘extra’ suggestions from me each week.

The Meditation

This meditation will be released ‘live’ at 9 am EST (so early am PST, afternoon for Ireland & UK, evening to my Australian fans). You are able to access it here as well as through my youtube page. If it is not too much of a bother, would you be able to hit that ‘subscribe’ button on this yt page? I am trying to meet the requirements to monetize it so that I can get a little $$ flow to my page for these creations.

To Learn More about Meditation + Energy Alignment

If you would like to learn more about aligning your energy like you did in this meditation, that is a specialty that I teach about. If you would like to start out slow, you can check out ‘Energy Pillar’ which is a lot like this video, only featuring a special meditation + energy alignment that I created called….you guessed it, energy pillar. To get your copy today or to learn more about it: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/03/13/energy-pillar-upgrade/ Or to go in depth with it, I work, check out my book ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”.

In it, I lay out a foundation for energy alignment + self connection through meditation and intentional practice. You work with crystalline earth energy to do energy body repairs, you learn to recognize the ways your soul talks to you, and you refine your intuition for daily life: To Get a copy: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection-new-options/

Already a student? Use this exercise as a ‘warm up’. Do it and then when done, get out one of my meditation music playlists or your own favourite album. Put it on. Do a long, slow energy pillar exercise that takes maybe 20-30 minutes. As you begin, set the intention to use the pillar to ‘relax and unwind’, and allow your intuition and the energy to guide you. It is really fun to work with this way!

Also note: note how your visualization and self-connection is improving and how that helps you get into activities like this meditation more quickly + with more impact. As you practice ‘energy pillar’ or when you work with the materials in Soul Compass (especially part 2), you are working these ‘muscles’ in your energy body-physical body to connect more quickly and impactfully. Sort of like getting your energy body in ‘shape’ and building muscle memory.


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Trained by Earth

Have you ever wondered how I learned how to do all the things I talk to you about, here? The truth is, it all started out in earnest when I was about 13 years old. At that time, I saw a bush breathe. It showed me that the Earth had a heart and that plants were alive. (I talked about that in ‘https://crow-medicine.com/2023/03/30/teenage-adventures-stepping-into-our-power

Fast forward a few years. I am recovering from cancer, hanging out in a field looking at some trees. All of a sudden, the green is so bright and it is not just one green. It is what feels like hundreds of them. In that green, I saw another new layer of the Earths’ life.

As the years passed, I had more and more gradual experiences. Feeling Universal love for the first time, learning that crows had voices and that they could speak to you and most importantly, learning about past lives and emotional healing from my cat companion Damien. A lot of long walks and quiet contemplation and ‘figuring it out’ took place.

Later on, once 2012, the tone of the teaching started changing. Arriving in Dublin, Ireland, I will never forget feeling the largest wave of energy I had ever experienced as my feet took the tarmac. Ireland is a special place for my soul that has been a home more than one occasion (and a place I visit frequently, still). Ireland was also my teacher. These years, it was about the telluric currents and the energy system of the Earth. They were also spent learning that the Earth could get hurt and that it needed repair. Slowly slowly, and sometimes quickly, I learned everything I know about how the Earth works directly from it. It showed me that we ALL have the capacity to tap into its healing love and power and potential. We just have to listen. These moments formed the bedrock of what eventually became the method that I teach you, here! That crystalline core earth connection is derived from this component.

In 2016, I found myself standing in front of a gate to Atlantis on the shores of Nova Scotia, knowing it was my job to close it. After a trip to the Rocky Mountains and being shown the Great Rift and that the Planet was in danger, I left my job as an anthropologist to do what I do now full time: the psychopomp bit.

Today, I come forward with the story of how I was trained by Earth. These stories, while told from my perspective, are told to deliver in depth information about the Universe in a way that also shows how it works in our lives. I offer them here as perhaps the most valuable of all of my teachings.

To Listen to the Story:

On spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/00C8WMjhVjXufrhaVVuOFa?si=auYsYYdGQiGb_19gt4LpAQ

Esoteric Earth Channel on Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/channel/esoteric-earth/id6445342717

To begin working with the energy of the Earth for Healing and Self-Connection

The idea of earth as an endless source of healing sits at the basis of the method I developed and teach. If you would like to begin learning with me, I invite you to do 1 of 3 things.

  1. check out ‘energy pillar’ (which is the energy alignment method you learn to ground and connect to the crystalline core and harmonize with source with): Energy Pillar Upgrade – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)
  2. Check out ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection which is the book that I teach you how to begin working with the energy pillar, the Universe, and your soul to do advanced self-connection, energy body repair, and bringing your intuition into your daily life: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

I recommend getting a copy of each. They are priced so that you may do that for $53 usd together.

Later on in 2023, I will be teaching more advanced classes on this method such as how to do in depth energy connection. I will also continue to advise people who wish to train on how to hear the Earth privately on a 1:1 basis. Getting started with the pillar and the book is a good way to prepare yourself for that!

To hear the rest of my psychopomp stories

I have started up a whole new podcast that is dedicated to telling stories about taking care of the Earth. It is like a mix between psy-fi and adventure, mixed with the personal stories component about what it was like to live it. So far, I have 9 other episodes up covering topics like meeting the souls of the titanic, what it was like to fix up a toxic wasteland in Baltimore created by unethical priests and their horrid activities, and going to the Grotto of the Magdalene. You can listen to them all here:

Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3 Psychopomp Stories

Jesus died and went to heaven after the crucifixion, right? Well. Not according to a lot of people. In the Book of Nicodemus Jesus was walking around within days of being put on the cross. A natural question that comes up is if he lived, where did he go? Based on Indigenous traditions, it appears over to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and then onto USA and Canada where he continued his mission to free the planet from Baals' grip. In this instalment of 'Saga of Earth', I tell you about the rise of Jesus. I also talk about a Pale Bearded Traveler with Grey-Green eyes who was well recounted in their visits of the Americas teaching in precisely the same style as our boy Jesus did. To support this podcast one time or to become a monthly donor: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/esotericearth/membership — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/psychopompstories/message
  1. Jesus Rises + Visits the Americas: Saga of Earth pt. 3
  2. The Reality Jesus Came to Shift (Saga of Earth pt.2)
  3. Ceremonies of Saturn Ongoing + Uncensored Episode
  4. How Earth Got Hurt: Infiltration of Saturn (Saga of Earth pt.1)
  5. Trained by Earth: Psychopomp Stories ep 10

April Astrology Report: Changes Abound

April is a month that started off in the midst of great change. If you feel like everything is moving and some of it makes no sense, you are not alone. We are indeed in the midst of a great shake-up. We are moving from one astrological age into the next and directly experiencing the social, political, and relational changes that come along with a world order being re-thought. There are moments that we know are powerful and important for cosmic healing that simultaneously seem to come with what feels like just more challenges for us. It can be frustrating to know that so much ‘good’ is happening astrologically and to still be meeting the wall of unjust systems or unfair treatment ourselves. I know from personal experience.

When we are pushing the wall of a system, when we are here to ground a fresh frequency, when we are architects of life and light, it is not always easy. We are here, united by the condition that we are living together through this. These are the times where recognizing the strength of our community, recognizing the impact of our kindness and acknowledgement, and really walk the talk to one another by treating each other with dignity makes a world of difference. It also has the power to make our worlds different.

In this astrology report, I address how far we have come. I acknowledge the transitory nature of this moment. I talk about the importance of remembering to plant seeds for your present and future throughout it. There are ways to keep ourselves from getting swept away in the crazy tide of everything that is dissolving. We are here, now, and we will stay strong through this.

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For Scope: A Quick Review of the Astrologically Significant Events We Have Lived through This Past Month

From the middle or March through its completion we did a parade of planets during which time we toned the higher harmonic frequency being birthed through each into each other. Over the past month, they had been coming into alignment with one another and as they touched, they helped one another to shed the outdated frequency that had once characterized their communications. This, in turn, created a change in the way that ‘astrology’ is going to affect us (which is a good thing).

We also had a turnover in the sun, something that is only supposed to happen once every ten  years at solar maximum, well before solar maximum.

Pluto entered Aquarius, representing a change in the generational frequency. Pluto is moving us through the final pushes of a rough look at Saturn in Cancer.  It does rock back to Cancer as part of this transition for a short while. This will bring the fresh tone back into the sign which will be an important part of its healing and rebirth. This will continue the Saturn healing project, to which this is connected.

Saturn entered Pisces, moving out of AQUARIUS. As noted other articles and in this report, Saturn is a planet whose energy got harnessed magick that ultimately, sits behind things like the usury aspect of the global financial system that affect our lives today. We know that a certain world order was set up and that the influence of an entity that was working through Saturn (aka Baal, aka Mollock aka any configuration of people who work with variations of this to benefit themselves of which there are many). You can say that we just worked through the last 2.5 years of Saturn in Aquarius that also included that awful journey of Saturn square Uranus to rid our future energy strands of the things that would pollute the birthing we are in the process of experiencing. Saturn squared Uranus on Feb 17, June 14, and December 23 (2021). These were awful moments that were also freedom pings. More on that this month.

We had the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery. This document was forged in black magick a la the Borgia family (it was a Borgia Pope who created it as a Paoal Bull, thus granting it its authority). (I will be addressing this one in ‘Psychopomp Stories’. Be sure to ‘follow’ that podcast to get notifications you may listen through this link to all episodes no login required Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters.)

This was punctuated by an x-flare on the day that each of the planets were visible to us in the sky (a special phenomenon that would have been considered a ‘sign’ of something cosmically important happening to most cultures in the world prior to our disconnected from the cosmos one. It is still a sign).

Feel like you would like a private session as part of your self-care plan? I am receiving requests again Life-Path and Personal Support Consultations – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

The Planets for this Month

March 31: Conjunction of Uranus and Venus

Beginning the month in Aries, we have:

April 3: Mercury into Taurus

April 6: Full moon in Libra

April 8: Mercury @ Dichotomy, Moon Perihelion

April 11: Venus enters Gemini, Jupiter solar conjunction, Mercury at highest altitude and greatest elongation East

April 14: Eris solar conjunction, Saturn sextile true node

April 15: Vesta Enters Taurus, Conjunction of Moon and Saturn

April 16: Close approach of Moon and Saturn

April 17: Venus at Perihelion

April 20: Hyrbrid Solar Eclipse and New Moon

April 21: Mercury goes retrograde, close approach + conjunction of Mercruy

April 23: Close approach moon and Venus

April 25: Close approach Moon and Mars

To Listen to the Podcast Where I Discuss This All:

April Astrology Report on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3PRYiF1RKxqh8lyrdS9wcb?si=ByM9NND6RmOe0_oaIN4eaQ

April Astrology Report on Esoteric Earth Channel on Apple: ‎Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts

Listen right here via this inline player:

Positive Changes but Also Things Feel Like They are Blowing Up

The major transformation initiated last month and addressed in the beginning of this article very much play into how we are going to be experiencing the planets of this month. As discussed in the AUDIO VERSION OF THE REPORT, WHERE I DO THE FULL ANALYSIS:

As usual, I watch the moves of Saturn because it is through them that we are able to see the path of whichever prison we are moving through (at this moment). Saturn was used against us extensively and on purpose through thousands of years of ceremony. (I will be talking about this on ‘psychopomp stories’ later on. Follow that podcast.) When we see Saturn square true node that equals = cosmic healing for Saturn and shifting it out its prison (and the one it was used to hoist upon us).  You will notice that Saturn is traveling with Vesta and Eris this month for a portion. More on that below.

We are also continuing on with the revelations of Mercury. Mercury and the medical institution are closely bound. We will watch closely for continuing communications around things like: advancements in healthcare, visibility on moments where there was obstruction, and freedom of choice. The healthcare industry is currently a huge source of controversy and is being pushed as a political mechanism to keep people upset, in fear, and thus easy to control. Issues around bodily choice and autonomy have been a key theme since 2020. This is ongoing.

As this energy plays out, people are going to be meeting things like: the dark night of the soul, seeing very clearly where they are being manipulated by ‘the system’, finding out things like being exploited in the workplace, rapid and unexpected life changes, being tempted to act in the ‘worst’ version of an energy to others. I have been seeing this via capitalist greed and exploitation in the workplaces of people close to me, and in seeing people I love coming directly into contact with slimy and manipulative practices and having to call them out. People arguing for things like a paycheque owed for hours already worked. This is the dying system and we cannot let it beat us down.

When we get to points like this, we have the ability to go within, to get upset, to lash out at others. As people who are spiritually aware, many who believe they are here to make the world a better place by virtue of acts like being a light architect: remember how important how we treat one another and allow ourselves to be treated is.

Women, especially middle-aged ones like myself: because of the movements of Vesta and Eris, this month is a big one where things place on the energy of what it is to live our category is being cleared out. Said with a sense of humour but also honesty. Our age group and the energy we carry in it has some very nasty tendencies, especially in terms of how we treat each other. I implore us: please try not to be a ‘Karen’ to women who are younger than us, try not to tear one another down with the nasty snarky comments, and try not expect another woman to carry the load of our discontent or jealousy because of what we perceive she has. If you find yourself going through other peoples pictures, writings, and offerings and feel like being nasty to them or like ‘you want to give someone a piece of your mind’ or ‘prove them wrong’ even though it is not that type of scenario: know that you are being touched by that energy.

Women are a huge part of the solution and we have the power to heal and help lift one another up. We have had VERY difficult years with the crush on our households. This is a time for us to be strong within ourselves and to be able to build one another up. We are not weaponized against one another, our partners, our children, or anyone else. The harder harmonic of Eris, the unappreciated aspects of Vesta and the way we feel when we are not appreciated is not going to make us be terrible to other people. Instead, we search out those who treat us with respect and we nurture those relationships.

Getting Engaged in a Routine of Self-Care and Self-Discovery

One of the best ways to make the most of the potential of these moments is to make regular spaces within your life to feel, experience, and express it and yourself. I know that for many people, finding the ‘time’ and knowing what to do with that time to take care of their spiritual self can be a bit of a question mark. I will be here, talking about it. Make sure to ‘subscribe’ to my email list to receive posts to your inbox (the link is at the bottom of the text of this report).

If you have been looking for a place to start, check out this 30 day vibe up challenge. It is a great way to start thinking about fitting self-care and energy management into your life AND you can start right now if you feel like it: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/20/30-day-vibration-raising-challenge

Join me for Saturday Morning Meditations (even if you do not do them Saturday): Every Saturday at 9 am EST I release a new meditation practice. The goal is to encourage positive self-connection. I have five great ones posted and available to you now: (1) Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube

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Get Your Copy of Soul Compass and Energy Pillar

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Guided Visualization: Achieve Your Goals

It is April 1st. We are well aware we are in the midst of something very special being birthed in our solar system. The Pluto into Aquarius energy along with the Saturn clearing, Equinox that just passed and our upcoming rare Eclipse event tell us clearly that this is a poignant phase of our journey on Earth. A PERFECT time to work with energy to benefit our lives.

Visualization is a Powerful Way to Achieve Your Goals

We are able to help ourselves experience the material realities we would like to be part of by creating the metaphysical conditions for that to occur. One of the best ways we are able to do that is to work with visualization. When we get into focus power mode and apply our inner connection to our goals, we are actively creating our path.

Today, I invite you to take a few moments and work with this visualization process to see yourself achieving one of your goals

The Video:

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The Process

Starting off with our breath, we get focused and set our intention to dedicate this practice to setting and achieving your goal. From there, we get into visualization mode and go for a walk through a forest. As we get to different clearings, we meet components of what we will require to achieve our goal. As we continue you get to the top of a big hill and experience meeting your goal.

Having generated this positive goal setting and goal meeting energy, we ground it into your material world as we wrap up the meditation. You have set the energy conditions for success. Now get out there and remain diligent. Keep going at grounding what you perceived. I believe that you can do this.

This is part of my new ‘Saturday Morning Meditations Project

Every Saturday morning I release a new meditation on my youtube page at 9 am EST (or around 9 pm for my Australian and south of the Equator friends). The goal in doing them is to get diverse, fun, and practical meditations out there for anyone to work with to improve the quality of their lives! I release them on Saturday with the objective of encouraging people to take a little ‘them’ time on the weekend. Subscribe to my youtube page ‘Crow Medicine Meditations’ and check out my other practices. These are not your typical meditation experiences. I work to bring good music, fun imagery, and a unique flair to them. Meditation and self-connection is fun and I work to make these enjoyable experiences. Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube

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Teenage Adventures: Awakening Power + What Comes with That

What do Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Percy Jackson, and half of the cast of X-Men the original cartoon have in common? They are all tweens and teens who are in the process of discovering + figuring out their ‘extra’ abilities. Guess what? There really is something to this. Young people develop their intuitive senses and begin receiving more of their soul power around puberty. This is not just for movies. However, because we do not talk about it, we often leave the young people in our lives vulnerable to spiritual entities who hunt and attempt to gain power over them through astral manipulation and false promises.

All People Have Superpowers

All people have their own version of superpowers, and all people are meant to be developing the soul-body connection as they grow. The idea is that we are meant to receive ourselves over time. As a body develops in its hormone responses and a child makes it to puberty, that is one of the moments that the energy body and soul connection starts to flow more powerfully. The changes in temperament and interest and the rise in urges and feelings that we explain biologically also have an energetic component in that it is at these times of ‘physical maturation’ that we also experience spiritual changes. * I think this is why people mark occasions like Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation. *

My Coming of Age Story

I was born with my senses ‘turned on’, but they were not fully functioning. Like most children, as I got to 12, 13, 14 years, my energy body started coming online. This allowed me to have more direct connection with the Earth and my own soul energy for the first time. For me, this is where the magic in life started happening.

This is also where some of the danger and spiritual manipulation also first came up. You see, almost as soon as I hit that puberty age, I started getting visits from ‘voices’ that would try to influence me to do terrible things. After many years of saying ‘no’ to the voices, as I got to the age of 14 I made a big mistake. That mistake was choosing to adopt 2 mascots. An alien pen named Lucifer and a Zebra named Zeus. I was a naive 14 early teen at the time thinking these were just names. I thought I was being silly and having fun.


In those very few short months of associating with them, I lost all of my friends and got in the only trouble I have ever been in for my whole life. If there were ever a time I could have walked down a bad path, it would have been this right here.

Sound familiar? It could.

My experience was in no way unique. It is a common tactic for dark entities and energies to seek out unprepared young people and seek to gain spiritual influence over them as they step into their soul power. It is important to me to get this information out there to people. Voices in the astrals, promises of ‘great things’ if you go against your morals, and astral browbeating are not uncommon experiences. Let us take the power out of the hands of the takers by talking about it.

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To hear more of the story

Because this is such an important topic, I chose to record a podcast about it. Told in ‘story telling’ fashion, I weave information about the spiritual awakening process together with examples I experienced when I was a child. If you would like more explanation on the soul-body expansion idea or why we feel it as teens, I highly recommend listening to this podcast. I go into detail that you will appreciate hearing.

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Psychopomp Stories on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5f2DrjHFgniHYeiLOMvM64?si=nG1XS5HMTd-FnWB7J9VHsw

Psychopomp Stories on Esoteric Earth Channel @ Apple Podcasts; Esoteric Earth on Apple Podcasts

What happened to me is something that happens to many people as they begin to near the spiritual growth and soul grounding that comes with maturation. Though a story about my life, it has much to say about the truth of waking up in our current world.

If you would like to contact me for private guidance on this, you may email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com

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My book Soul Compass is great to read with a teen or on your own. I have several parent-child study teams that work with it: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection-new-options/

You may like to get a copy of Energy Pillar, a meditation and energy alignment process that repairs and grounds the energy body + soul body connection. Do it once a day. It will help fix the energy leaking I talk about in the podcast: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/03/13/energy-pillar-upgrade/

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Guided Meditation: Receive Your Soul Essence

As humans grow, we are meant to gradually expand our connection to our souls and ability to ground our spiritual power. This is a meditation that you may work with to ground and receive your soul essence in your physical body. Do this any time you would like to proactively connect to and make space for receiving and grounding ever more of your spiritual, soul essence power.

The Process

We begin by visualizing your most favourite cozy space. Once there, you settle in and call forth and connect to your highest harmonic soul essence. As we work through the meditation, you may feel emotions, buzzing, or like you have electricity in your body. That is a sign of your soul essence connecting and amplifying. Great job!

*To Learn More About Grounding + Communicating with Your Soul*

This is one of my favorite topics. So much so that I designed an energy alignment + meditation method that is highly impactful to grounding and connecting with your soul. I also wrote a book about how to build from this method into a practice of conscious self-connection where you focus on how your soul works in your body including how to heal it and how to appreciate and develop your intuition.

For the energy alignment and meditation method (I call it ‘energy pillar’): https://crow-medicine.com/2023/03/13/energy-pillar-upgrade/

For my book “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection: https://crow-medicine.com/2022/11/13/soul-compass-pathways-to-conscious-self-connection-new-options/

Already have your copies?

Go a little more deeply with the method of self-communication you have been developing with ‘Soul Compass’. Get into your method of conscious self-connection and ask your soul what you require to support the best grounding of your soul essence. There will be different things that you may feel like doing, like adjusting food intake to creating a painting to watching a throwback film from 1993. Allowing yourself to do the various things and actions that are part of grounding a soul are part of the fun! Meditation and energy alignment are great ways to do that. Add on to them with the more playful, creative parts to get the most out of this experience.

For more meditations

Check out my youtube page: Crow Medicine Meditations. I post a new practice every Saturday as part of my effort to encourage positive self-connection for everyone. These are a fun way to practice visualization and get to know different forms of meditation. I mix it up with new prompts and different music to keep it fun and interesting. Hope to see you there, next week!


Pluto Moves into Aquarius: Fresh Air, Anyone?

Pluto has been on a very special journey in our zodiac, being extremely present since January 2022 when it became the official south node to Venus’ north. Together, the two have led us through a year (and a half by the time they are done) of introspection, deep diving, and analysis of the hidden parts of our world. Everything from the ways we organize our households to the way we make money to where our freedoms stand (or do not). There have been death moments. So too, have there been rebirths. Pluto as South node as well as moving through a series of rare conjunctions (in 2022) has preceded and set the path for this moment. It has also made this one of the more ‘Pluto-filled’ years most of us will have in our lives.

Pluto is a planet that does not move quickly. Sitting as an outlier in our solar system, it takes Pluto 248 years to make a full stroll through our constellations. It remains within one for anywhere between 10-20 years or 17-30 depending on who you ask. The last time that Pluto moved it was in 2008 into the constellation Capricorn. It is so important that we have spoken about it at three separate touchpoints as we moved into this configuration. Today, we get to the best part. The part where we talk about the symbolic and energetic significance of Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and what that means for us.

(This is part of the dawning of the Astrological Age of Aquarius.) *

Pluto as a Psychopomp

One of the things that I love about Pluto is the way that this planet escorts us through the pathways of civilizational change. When a series of Pluto transits come up, one may rest assured that transformation, evaluation, and deep diving is afoot. I call Pluto a psychopomp for several reasons. The first being that it was through this passage that we saw and moved through the Underworld that had been living here on Earth. We saw the unseen, we went into the depths, and we made our way out of it.

For example, when I look back at where we were at the beginning of the Venus-Pluto node transit began, I am amazed at how much we have come through. When mid January 2022 hit, we were moving toward a two-tier society. We had people in the throes of hatred, poverty, and manipulation. We were still in lockdown and we were seeing the absolute worst in censorship and breach of public trust that most of us have ever experienced. (Or at least that is how some people feel.) We saw friends and families being torn apart for absolutely no good reason. We saw people go into hardship. It was a very dark time. One that helped us see deeply into the social, political and energetic structures governing our worlds. As jarring as that was. We got through it.

Month by month, conjunction by conjunction, Pluto helped us find the creative point, the harder harmonics, and also the new, raw potential. It was awful at moments. What seemed like an impossible situation that was never going to get better did. Rapidly. Do you remember how quickly things started to make sense again around March and April 2022? Examples of the Pluto power of rebirth.

We talked about this in PLUTO POWER a podcast and article all about Pluto + Rebirth potential. Still a great one to listen into if you are an astrology nerd:

The good news is that with all of these harder moments behind us, we have earned ourselves a little cosmic reward.

Pluto is Slated for a Beautiful Aquarius Move

On a personal, planetary care-taking note, I have been in ceremony with Pluto this whole time. Alignment for alignment, move for move, I have been working with the power of Pluto to close gates and heal our Universe. Pluto is a powerful salve when you are able to tap into the pure love that sits at the center of its frequency. While Pluto is known for its destructive nature, I choose to see it as upending that which needs to be moved. When we have less to be moved, we will experience it more pleasantly. The information I give you here comes from deep study and what Pluto showed in those moments of connection.

In July, Pluto had its solar conjunction. You may remember me being excited about it and referring to it as ‘cosmic rebirth’. Shortly thereafter, I wrote about a ‘cosmic wave of love’. This is because on those days, we had reached a condition in the transition of energy for Pluto to make its highest harmonic presence known. Whether you remember or not, the point of bringing them up is to reference a little bit more about how the planets work. You see, when a planet is preparing to make a big move, it will have ‘tone setting’ moments that mark what its path will be. Just like we as people do. What those moments and celebrations meant was that Pluto was toning well, the Universal healing project is moving powerfully, and we are walking into fairly good conditions here. It is relevant because that powerful, more pure form of expression is achieved and will be felt as we move into this next season.

Ten years is a very long time to have poor tonal energy. I realize this section may sound like gobbledygook to some people. Anyone who has a planning, growing, or programming background knows how important getting certain conditions at base levels are to the success of a future project. Said simply, when I say I am out caretaking part of what I am doing is making sure that the best possible conditions are met in energy. This plays out in material reality in the events, emotions, and experiences that come to be evoked by the planet. We shall see we did as these next ten years unfold!

To say it a different way in material terms: when we started off this Pluto transit (in 2008) you may recall the global financial recession. That one came in like a storm of uncertainty and questions. Some that we have ultimately spent the entire transit examining. It is not lost on me that we began with banks almost going into default necessitating bail-outs and the mortgage crisis, and we are ending it on a less intense but still serious note. We have banks in the danger zone and home security has been a major issue.

One of the reasons people are excited about Pluto moving into Aquarius is because this sign is much more friendly than Capricorn. It is also the sign that represents the new astrological age that we are transitioning into. A generational planet like Pluto making its way into the sign representing the new Age, in my calculations, represents getting a taste of what is to come. Those of us who have been thirsting for this breath of fresh air. Good news. It is here. Will things be all sunshine and roses? I highly doubt it. But we are done with the goatfish that is Cancer (except for one small return transit that I will write about when they happen) for 200 or so odd years from a Pluto perspective. The goatfish is not notoriously a pleasant constellation (at least in the harder harmonic). This will be nice.

Have you been working with the planets each month and setting intentions all along? Well good news. You are probably about to experience some LOVELY Pluto. GOOD ONE.

Making the Most of the Pluto Move

One of the best ways to capitalize off of an alignment is to mark it. Do ceremony, take a moment to ponder the planet Pluto and its journey. Take a few moments and honour YOUR journey. Where you were in 2008? What have been your big lessons these past 15 years? What are you most proud of? Where do you imagine yourself by the time Pluto moves into its next sign? What are your long-term, big picture dreams and goals? What seeds are you ready to plant now to get yourself in the stead to achieve those goals?

I was still a MA student during the last transition, studying the global economic recession. I am excited to see where these next ten years will bring me.

Join me for regular self-connection

If getting into more awareness of your soul and self-connection is on your list of goals and priorities for this transit, I would love to cordially invite you to the Saturday morning meditations I have started up. They happen every Saturday at 9 est on my youtube channel. The idea is to invite people to schedule a little ‘them’ time into their weekend. It could Saturday morning, it could be Sunday night. On my part, I release a new meditation every Saturday on Youtube that you are able to work with for that getting to know yourself a little more.

Meditation to Connect to Your Inner World:

If Your Soul Could Tell You One Thing Meditation:

I am also happily receiving requests for private work and session once again!:

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If Your Soul Could Tell You One Thing, What Would It Be?

As a spiritual teacher, one of the most frequent things I hear is: “I just wish I could hear myself better.”

Meditation is a great way to slow down the chatter and hear our inner world. That is one of the reasons I am such a strong advocate of it. Today I present to you a very special meditation that you may work with any time that you would like to hear the message that your soul would love to deliver to you.

This practice is based on the question: ‘If your soul could tell you one thing right now, what would it be?”

The process for today:

In layer one, you get focused with your breath. In layer two, you call forth and connect to your soul essence. In layer three, you ask the big question: “Soul, if you could tell me anything right now, what would it be?”


This space of self-connection is always here. Come back to this practice any time you would like to hear what your soul has to say to you. Trust that it is always there for you!

If you would like to keep cultivating this conversation, work with your copy of “Soul Compass”. Go to your spot in the book today and get into it! Do the energy pillar and ask yourself the question, “Soul, what is my best gift?”

To get your copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection”

To get a copy of ‘Energy Pillar which is a meditation + energy alignment + soul alignment tool:

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A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself: How to Tap into the Miracle in Progress

Hello! This is a post about a cosmic opportunity moment that we are in. It has come about because of the significant frequency and harmonic shift that is happening in our Universe (and thus here on planet Earth). My point in bringing this forward is to encourage people to recognize this special occurrence, to take moments to ground in positive self-connection in it, and to make the most of it.

*Special note: if you are an andara fan, make sure you read to the bottom. I have a special 30% off discount to my FAVOURITE andara dealer that is active.**

Equinox + Solar Activity + Planetary Alignments = Unique Miracle Experiencing Moments

The first part of the miracle is that we have made it here to this point in our story. I know that I have some new readers coming to this post, so in cliffs notes for you (and anyone needing a refresher):

The last Age of our planetary development (2,500 years) has had specific lessons and limitations that we have been ‘dealing with’ as we made our way from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Long story told extremely short, during the Age of Pisces, the planets (and this planet) suffered a fall. During the fall of the planet the vibration of Earth lowered significantly. There were nefarious beings and orders who worked to use dark magick to control the elements, planets, and they really did a number to harm all of us and Earth. We have been working on healing from this age (as well as what preceded it) as a civilization for a long time. There are many readers who may come to this page who have had lives involved in preserving the Earth knowledge or helping to raise the vibration of Earth. This has been a long-standing effort that actually worked. So yay!

You often hear me speaking about ‘upgrading harmonics’ or doing the planet work. This is, in part, what I am talking about.

One of the very special things that is happening right now is that the planets and our Universe are working their way through a toning process. This has been happening since January 2021 and will continue over the next few years. As we go through the cycles of the seasons, there will be specific moments where the planets and the sun will line up to strike tones that are going to be highly impactful to soul awakening, harmonic upgrading, and self-connection. Long story told extremely short, the healed resonances of these planets are here for us to work with. What is the benefit? If we allow them to, they will help us retrieve, find, love, and discover different parts of ourselves. Just as the planets are meant to!

If this is so good why does it feel so intense?

These past few weeks have been ‘intense’ because we are physically scraping out the harmonic resonances that do not fit with this framework out of the Universe. As we have shifted the position of Saturn into Pisces (as I wrote about last week), that has brought up some of the remnants of the things that caused our fall. That is not pleasant, especially if you are not ready for it. Saturn represented the prison of the self, and it was also used as a prison for parts of the Earth and this Universe. When it comes about, especially in a purification moment, it can feel hard. But guess what? As it has come through, we have closed a door on the energy of Satan. So that is a good thing. That is also one part of the miracle.

Another reason it feels ‘so hard’ is because we have increased solar activity. Consistently, there have been buzzings through the ionosphere which impacts our physical body. The solar waves, just as they impact the geomagnetic structure of Earth, ripple through us. It is creating a simultaneous healing and clearing. Like a solar powered car wash.

I talked about this in March astrology part 1 for anyone who would like to hear more detail on that: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/02/26/march-2023-astrology-report-seeing-the-path-through-intensity-pt-1/

***I also have since published ‘Astrology Report pt 2: A Cosmic Opportunity to Receive Yourself: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/katie-indicrow/episodes/March-Astrology-pt-2-A-Cosmic-Opportunity-to-Receive-Yourself-e20k5rs

Back to the Miracle Parts

In addition to the other points discussed already, the Jupiter and Venus alignment was powerful in that it represented the beginning of this ‘toning’ for Equinox. Since those planets made their close approach, we have been feeling ‘more of this’. These are planets of integration. They also represent the cosmic mother and father frequency. Source, creator, however you want to call them, are flowing more freely than they have been for 2,500 years (or longer) and this is an extremely positive thing for all of us. (This is also much more ‘high power’ than what we achieved in 5d. If you have been finding yourself dragging and you are still connecting to that frequency, know that we are intentionally leaving it behind. It was always meant to be a stopover.)

This Equinox (and the following months) are a powerful trajectory of planets and solar frequency that you are able to work with to intentionally connect to the higher harmonic versions of these planets and yourself.

Today, as I write this post, we have Neptune at solar conjunction (March 15)

March 16 we have Venus entering Taurus

March 17 Mercury is at Superior Solar Conjunction

March 19 Moon and Saturn Conjunction

March 20: Equinox

March 21: New Moon

March 22: Conjunction and Close approach of Jupiter

March 23: Pluto Enters Aquarius *this has not happened for 250 ish years.* Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. It will return there briefly in June. However, Aquarius is where Pluto is for the birthing :). If you remember me being extremely excited about Pluto in the summer, it was what we had achieved for this alignment. Now, it is here. this is excellent.

March 24: Close approach of Moon and Venus as well as Lunar Occultation of Venus

March 28: Close approach and conjunction of Moon and Mars

March 31: Conjunction of Venus and Uranus

Each of these planets are on a healing journey. When they intersect with one another, they ‘tone’ that frequency of what each of them represents as well as their interactions. Each of these planets is also connected to a story and a trajectory of things that happened on this planet that impacted how their vibration works here (so why for example, Saturn feels cranky). In the world of healing the Universe, we have been working on purification projects for years. This is a moment where the purified form of each of them is flowing powerfully. ONE OF THE FIRST. TAKE NOTE OF IT. This is another layer of the miracle. We get to the best parts of ourselves, our creativity, and our lives on this planet when we give ourselves moments to connect to these purified energy strands. They create internal ah-ha moments.

Once Pluto changes signs and Venus and Uranus are in conjunction, we have moved past that ‘marker’. Will things be magically perfect? No. But there energy will be present and the cosmic happenings will have occurred that certain limitations are no longer present.


Equinox cracks are open, the sun is blowing lots of power at us that is able to penetrate the planet, and it is helping us supercharge it.

In my psychopomp work last night, I saw millions of people receiving themselves as the potential for this moment. I also saw a lot of people choosing to reject that activity. They were not ready to be themselves, yet. Or, were too afraid or were not interested in putting the work in.

To hear an instalment of psychopomp stories telling that vision and talking about why people reject themselves:Psychopomp Stories • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (ep 8)

Receiving New Frequencies and Getting the Upgrades Takes Work

This is intense on a few layers, which can make it a turnoff or confusing. On one layer, all this solar power makes us feel tired and we feel like slowing down. On the other hand, taking in these more purified frequencies may turn on major healing within ourselves in that it brings up ‘old’ outdated energy for processing and release. That can feel like being cranky, overwhelmed, sad for ‘no reason’. It may also come in terms of seeing the truths about things, either for better or for worse. On another hand still (yes that is 3 hands) we feel creative, inspired, and like we want to make the most of it.

One of the things about receiving these new energies or benefiting from the Equinox cracks is that we have to put effort into doing it. Said with very much love, as a psychopomp I have been running into a LOT of people who are in soul misery because their soul parts are RIGHT THERE hanging out somewhere near or outside of the person, waiting for their person to call them in. Their person, unfortunately, appears too tired or too busy or just not willing to bring them in. Instead of receiving their souls, they reject them. These past three years, we have had a lot of incidences where people were not properly receiving their souls. For more on that listen here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/psychopompstories/episodes/When-People-Reject-Their-Own-Souls-ep-8-e20feut (You can listen ‘for free’ with no login.)

How to Make the Most of It

-Do a daily practice that helps you align with your soul and really luxuriate with it. “I call forth and connect to my soul in its highest harmonic” is a powerful intention to set in your daily practice.

-Work with the energy each day to raise your vibration and repair your energy body. Even if you are in ‘great shape’, working with this energy will launch you into that higher harmonic.

-When moments that you get to release the ‘old archetype’ or ‘old frequency’ or ‘old behaviour’ come, recognize them for what they are and get blueprinting to your new pathway.

-Work with each planet or alignment as it happens (or specific ones as you are ready). These planets are bringing their new, higher harmonic version to the table. Meditate with them. Make art with them. Talk to them. They are a part of our energy spectrum and so as they upgrade, we get to upgrade with them. We have to form that positive connection on purpose.

– Spend extra self-care time in your vibration raising, energy repair activities. Do advanced energy body repair, do your energy pillar, do yoga, do the salt baths. It will pay off, especially right now.

-Allow yourself to do things that engage and ground soul activity. This could be working out, dancing, hiking, writing, meditating, composing music, making arts, crochet. It all counts. You have to be you to ground you.

-If you have my materials, do the energy pillar every day. It shines in these moments. Get into it, spend 15-20 minutes here and there and see how much it helps you shift into that higher harmonic (and quick).

-If you have my materials, work with your method of self-connection you have been developing in Soul Compass. If you feel yourself feeling ‘extra’ something, slow down. Get into your method: ask yourself what is going on. If you show yourself a wound or an energy condition, you have the tools in that book to walk yourself through it.

-Set aside extra resting and nourishing moments. Intense solar energy does make us feel like we require more rests. Allow yourself to have them.

-Increase water intake. Most of us do not drink enough water. (Even when we try.) More water will help your cells keep up with the work they are doing.

Stay tuned for some guided lectures where I help people advance the method!

My Materials to Help You with This

Receiving yourself is one of my favourite topics. I built my spiritual practices around this concept of grounded, high vibrational practice that consistently lifts you up whilst also creating that soul-body connection. I am going to be going full out season of self-connection and soul dedication here at this website and on my podcasts this season. This is a beginning point.

(In addition to all the great materials I have in the ‘energy management section):

I recommend that you pick up a copy of Energy Pillar and that you start fitting it into your day, each day. It is a 14 minute energy alignment and self-connection practice that WORKS. It includes suggestions on when to fit it in, an audio copy, and a website you can log into where I load fresh energy pillar related content on occasion. For more information and to get your copy:

Do you already have your copy of Energy Pillar? I upped the audio game for the practice significantly. Head on over to get the new copy.

For people who are ready to get into a strong relationship with themselves: I also recommend a copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection’. It is designed as a ‘three month’ reading journey, with one chapter a week. The idea is once a week you take 20 minutes to read a chapter and then maybe another 20 or 30 doing the exercise at the end of it. You practice the exercise during the week and when ready, you read the next chapter, build a bit more and move on as you are ready. I give this the highest recommendation because the book teaches you how to hear your soul, how to repair your energy body, and how to thrive as yourself.:

A lot of people are picking up both and I priced em so that would be possible for a large range of people.

I also have my Crow Medicine Meditations. I have started up these little weekly practices that are there as ‘touch ups’ you can work with when you are looking to connect to or ground a particular part of yourself. Right now there are 4 self-connection practices there. I will have more there soon. Starting off with the high vibe or bridge to your inner world videos is a nice start. I also have one for receiving yourself posted. Take a look and get vibing:

I will be releasing the next Crow Medicine Meditation to my youtbue page on Saturday, March 18 at 9 est. The theme this week: If your soul could give you one message, what would it be? Click here for the practice and hit the bell to make sure you know when it goes live!

Dedicate to yourself. You ARE worth it.

While these next few weeks certainly are going to represent a MAJOR change in energy, we must be ready to put in the work in the long run if we are hoping to see great results. Will giving yourself a lot of space for getting LIT over these next ten days or so pay off? Absolutely.

Want to see REALLY big change?

Dedicate to yourself for six months. What you start over these next few weeks may be an indication to you of what works for you and where you might fit it. Do a little ten day test run and see how you feel after focusing a little more on giving yourself time for energy and that soul part of your personality.

If you feel like you would like to get proactive and set up a seasonal success plan, I am so ready to help with that:

Andara Special Offer

I have officially teamed up with Dana Marie at Elemental Ascension, which is my #1 andara crystal dealer anywhere on Earth. Andaras are high vibrational pieces that work with the etheric and physical aspects of your energy and the cosmic frequencies they are tuned with to promote self-connection, grounding spiritual knowledge, and emotional connection. I work with these andaras each day, and I help take care of tuning the collection she has for sale.

Right now, Dana and I are teaming up to offer a special 50% off deal on any andara in store. If you care to browse the store and make a purchase using this link, I get an small commission! https://elementalascension.idevaffiliate.com/103.html . To avail of the discount type code ‘indicrow’ at checkout and PLEASE if you can, shop through my link :).

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