Awakening (so, what?)

Not exactly how you would expect a post about awakening to start out. That is exactly the point.

Indulge me as we back in to the one.

There was a doctor of sociology that was a senior member of my last department. You could count on him thoughtfully sitting through every department meeting, presentation, and major class discussion. At their conclusion, he would smirk, fold his hands and say,

“So, what?”

Bachelor degree student to colleague to internationally renowned visiting scholar, we all got it. The “Chris Murphy” test of approval was whether you could answer that question directly or not.

So, What?

Chris asked the question very specifically to make the point that all the theory, ideas, or facts in the world were great to hear about. Why are you, a presenter, asking us to care about this topic? What does taking action on it change in our or someone else’s lives?

Posing ‘so what’ was his way of helping to guide us into that space of really grounding why we were doing what we were doing. In asking that tough question, he was preparing us for the real world. Dr. Murphy was helping us define and see our objectives and goals and to be able to articulate them to ourselves and others. He was also showing us that no matter who you were or what your rank, the ability to define what you were doing easily and understandably to self and others was the sign of truly knowing’ what one was doing. (Not all the top scholars were able to answer that question. Food for thought.)

How ‘So, What?’ Influenced My Life of Asking Questions

So, what? I loved this question so much that it stuck with me for ten years. It is so blunt and jarring. It really makes you think. Knowing it was coming always encouraged me to dig deep into the core of what I was doing and why. To explore my convictions and to think long term about what it all means. Even though I have long left the department, I hear his voice and see his face as I create.

In short, when Dr. Murphy asked, “So, what?”, he forever engrained the value of that question in me. He did exactly what a great teacher does. He did not tell me what to think. He helped me think in my own way. In more depth.

Being able to encourage that type of self-awareness is something I very much aim to do with my teachings.

So. In the spirit of Dr. Murphy, I say: Awakening, SO WHAT?

If we apply the term “awakening” (or any of its derivatives), take a moment and ask ourselves: what do we really mean? What does awakening look like and how does it happen? Why am I doing it? What is the objective? What is the benefit?

These questions are important ones in that they encourage us to go into our own personal beliefs, to identifying *or remembering* our own convictions, and to remind us of why we are doing what we are doing.

Do not be ashamed if you have never really thought about this or not done so in a long while. I am asking this question today knowing that it is powerful because within it all, sometimes the reason we do things gets lost in the shuffle. Coming here helps bring us back.

As a spiritual teacher welcoming readers to a new phase of creation, I am dedicated to laying out a solid foundation of self investigation and soul awareness techniques upon which to ground your life. This is spirituality for the 21st century! As such, getting to the brass tacks of what we are doing when we talk about these concepts is a GREAT place to start.


So, what?

What are you Awakening to?

What are you waking up from?

What does all of this mean to and for you?

*For now, resist the urge to crutch on what anyone else says. Do not Google the answer or try to recite the answer someone else gave. Sit with yourself in meditation, talk to yourself while you are going about your life, and let the answer trickle in. Something this complex takes us more than one go to reel in! You may even like to throw on the Music of Crow Medicine playlist and take it out on a walk with you!:

I have many thoughts on this one. Come back for them as a main feature publication and Crow Medicine podcast topic. For now, I encourage you to get into your ideas!

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Did this topic fire you up? I hope it did! Stay tuned. I will be calling readers back in a future post to share some of what their thoughts on ‘awakening’ is. Hearing what this means to other people is super rich. ‘Subscribe’ to this blog, follow me on FB (Katie IndiCrow, Crow Medicine with Katie), youtube (Katie IndiCrow). I love getting to chat with our community about our topics!

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Saying ‘No’ IS Part of Healthy Communication

In life, sometimes we say ‘no’.

No, I cannot maintain this conversation right now.
No, I do not want to do the activity.
No, I do not think that is a safe idea.

When we say ‘no’, we have reasons. It could be that we are stressed out, already have something on the go, do not think it sounds fun or useful, it is not the right alignment, or we just do not want to. Our reasons are diverse and many.

When People React Poorly to ‘No’
Sometimes when people hear the word ‘no’, their pain influences the way they hear the word. They hear any litany of things that were not necessarily implied with ‘No’ such as, “You are not good enough”, or, “I prefer to spend my time with other people”, or, “Everyone gets to do this but you.” They hear no as an act of rejection. This can result in any range of behaviours from lashing out to temper tantrums and bullying to making up reasons they perceive they received the ‘no’ that puts them in a ‘right’ position and the ‘no’ person in the ‘wrong’. Denial is not just a river.

These types of reactions can make saying no ‘scary’. It is why a lot of people will choose to just say yes or to avoid scenarios altogether. Because it is ‘easier’ than dealing with the above.

No Is Not Always An Act of Rejection

The word ‘no’ is not always a rejection. Though sometimes it is and if it is, that is ok as well. We do not always get what we want from people and that is part of life. Learning to recognize that people are complex and their reasons are many is a great way to stop taking ‘no’ so personally.

My ‘no’s

Often times when I say ‘no’, it is because:

a) I am in ceremony and have to stay focused.

b) Your soul has something going on and there is a better alignment around the corner.

c) I am not the right fit.

d) I am exhausted from something else and cannot currently give what I call my best

e) This is not going to be a safe interaction and I can tell from the jump off.

Every single person coming to this post could make up their own personal, “Reasons I say no” list. In fact, maybe you would like to do so as an activity of strengthening y our own boundaries (or evaluating where they are at). When I have ignored my own internal ‘no’ and did the people pleaser thing, it has often blown up in my face.


The Power of ‘No’ as a Teacher

In my life, I have realized how powerful those ‘no’ moments are. Not only as an act of boundary and self preservation, but also as teachers. When I say ‘no’ to a person and they respect it, that demonstrates that they are probably safe to engage with at a better moment. If they throw a little tantrum including digs or pain speak “You ALWAYS think this about me” or “You are denying me this thing I demand of you now” it shows me that the ‘no’ was justified. In fact, it reinforces my ability to say it in the future.

If you have been feeling a little nervous about saying ‘no’, I get it. Nobody really likes the potential lash outs that come with it. As a seasoned ‘no’ sayer, I add this: A lot of the time, people appreciate a sincere ‘no’. Especially if they have had to say one themselves.

As a dear friend Patty said,

“One thing that comes to mind on this broad topic, for me is before healing, much self discovery and growth the words, ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ were very much tied to self worth for me. Whether I was making the request or receiving. (I felt) Rejection if given a no response, or …acceptance (if) a yes.

After so much work on that people pleaser part of myself, my perspective has totally changed. I know that a No means not right now, in this moment I cannot meet that expectation or request, and I let it be. I don’t let the response ignite a feeling of unworthiness, instead it brings a feeling of respect, grace and understanding for myself and the other person, without having to require an explanation.

(I have learned) What I deem urgency does not obligate anyone else to take it as such. A no response can open a door of opportunity for me to take the next steps to figure something out on my own, or reach out to someone who is better equipped to assist. People who know me, know very well that there is a very valid reason for me to say no, and because I can now do so for much of the same reasons you pointed out, I don’t feel pressured to explain myself. The more I respect the no’s and boundaries of others, the more mine are in return.”

(Patty S. included with permission.)

Questions for Self Discovery

I love working with self discovery questions as a way to guide my soul growth process. They are a simple and effective way to see where we are at with something. I like to meditate with the questions and give myself multiple passes at them. Often, the answers will begin while still in practice and keep trickling in for days (weeks, months) after.

Here are some to get you started.

How do you react to the word no when you say it? Do you say it?

How do you react when you hear the word no?

What does it mean when you say no?

What do you hear when someone tells you no?

What happens when you say ‘yes’ when what you wanted to say was ‘no’?

As you go through the answers, be kind to yourself. These questions of self-discovery are meant to go deep. Taking the reigns on your healing is a big deal. Congratulate yourself on that.

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This post is being written during the late 2021 Mercury transit. These questions are great to ask when in meditation any moment. Supercharge your practice by lining up with Mercury for questions of communication. I regularly speak about the alignments on my instagram feed in ‘stories’. Follow @crowmedicinekatie to stay informed!



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Hearing the Call to Work with Crystals (and why so many of us do)

Hearing the Call of the Crystal (and why so many of us do)

Crystals. Recently thought to be the providence of your ‘woo woo’ aunt or friend, crystals are taking the world by storm (once again). Whether it be quartz, aquamarine, aventurine, amethyst, tourmaline, or jade: people recognize that crystals ‘work’.        

The call of the crystal can sound in many forms. For a lot of people, it begins very simply with one day stumbling into a store and making a first purchase. Others have very specific and strong soul instruction that this is an important part of the path. If you are here, you have heard it. Welcome to the club and/or great to see you back!


Forming our very first relationship with a crystal and getting to know who they are is an incredibly valuable experience. Crystals become our friends and confidantes. They go in bras, cars, to the office, in sports bags, and as some of the few belongings receiving coveted carry-on luggage status. (I have stories. There will be a podcast.)  Many of us have ‘favourite’ crystals that become like family. No matter what, they ride with us. On occasion for more than one lifetime.

  1. A lot of people remember the very first crystal they ever had.
  2. Forming relationships with crystals and being exposed to their lessons is consistently one of the most rewarding parts of the path experience that people share about. (We all know that ‘crystal person’ and a lot of us become them.)
  3. Learning about crystals helps us learn about how vibration works in our own lives.
  4. Through this, they also teach us about how vibration works on the planet.

So what is all the buzz with crystals?

Crystals and the minerals that comprise them are an important part of our everyday lives. Appearing in a wide range of appliances such as sonar, watches, computers and LCD screens, glasses and roadways, they help power the world around us.

In addition to their function in the ‘real’ world, crystals are also a main component of the structure of our planet. Quartz, for example, makes up about 10% to 12% of the crust of the Earth. Feldspar makes up approximately 60%. Though that name is less familiar, crystals like moonstones, labradorite, and amazonite are all considered feldspars. The crystal formations of both types turn up as deposits that are scattered throughout the continents. Labradorite, for example, was famously discovered in Labrador, Canada (and you can feel its power there, let me tell you that having been personally). Though we do not often think of it,

All the natural crystals that we carry around in our pocket, see at a museum, or in our communities come from planet Earth.  

Together, they form a powerful network of frequency that helps constitute the ‘vibration’ of planet earth.  

Crystals are so everywhere that we kind of take these little (and big) magical beings for granted. This series is dedicated to helping us to get deep in our love for them.

Let us get started by covering some basic ground which is: Why am I hearing a call to crystals and how do they work (in general, but also, for me)?

Image from Unsplash Edz Norton

We are not re-creating the wheel when we work with crystals

To be clear: Working with crystals and gemstones is nothing ‘new’. As well demonstrated by the archaeological record, crystals have long been incorporated in ritual and spiritual practice throughout our existence. They have been discovered at viking burial mounds, were widely used throughout Greece and pop up in the armor of soldiers in battle.  The presence of lapis lazuli in Egypt is well documented. So too is jade and its occurrence as a prime choice for sacred carvings.

We also see this in architecture of powerful buildings. Take altars at Churches for example. They are embedded in mosaic tiles, fireplaces, and as part of the infrastructure. They are in pyramids, palaces, and adorning sculpture and monument alike.

(Not to mention the crystals far beneath the earth that often act as attraction points for human civilization. Big cities often mean powerful crystals nearby. More on that in 2022.)

Quietly, clearly, crystals have been part of the human journey through its phases with little lapse in recognition of that connection. Where there are people, there are often crystals or figurines shaped of minerals that we currently call by that name on their person and in their spaces. This is unique.

Hearing the Call

Crystals represent the call and the healing power of planet earth. They are part of a natural range of tools that we may work with to enjoy life, here. Not only do they help us heal ourselves, so too do they teach us a great deal about the planet. When we hear the call to the crystal, it is important to remember that we are not being crazy. Working with cyrstals is natural, it is safe, and it is something our souls know we are meant to do. For this reason, the call to the crystal is a first or early stop on the awakening journey for a lot of people.

The call of the crystal can take many forms. What is important to recognize that often, when we feel an inner nudge to go do something, it is our soul speaking. Our soul is meant to be our supercharged guidance system that helps us bring ourselves to what is going to benefit us. Many people hear their first call to the crystal when their soul and body are ready to make some changes. It also comes up often when people are asking for solutions to an issue they have. The voice (answer) may be experienced like flashes of a thought recurring (“Rose quartz or is kind of neat….maybe you could get a ring of it”), browsing etsy shops, reading about them, or asking to hold the ones that your friend has. A lot of people start stuffing them into bras, socks, the car, their desk at the office without really knowing why.  (Congratulations if you are just now realizing you have been hearing and listening to your soul!)

                My first crystal call

I know my own first call was not that glorious and came rather late. It was 2013 and I was in Dublin. Though I had been ‘on the path’ for some time, the idea to get a crystal just never occurred to me. On my daily walk I would often pass a store called ‘Dirvish’. It was one of those cool metaphysical stores that felt mysterious and alluring. I knew there was probably something ‘in there’ for me. Coming from a small town from a religious, small island and having been a closet spiritualist my whole life, I had never been in a store like this. Slowly and surely, as my soul started getting louder and louder (also happening on these walks), I decided to go in. Greeted by the smell of incense, the hair on my arm prickled. This was the right place.

 Lined against the back walls were bins and bins and bins filled with crystals. Having never seen anything like this, I had no idea what to do. That inner soul voice said,

“Walk around. You will feel the one that is meant for you.”

 So walk around I did. Hands open, eyes sort of closed, letting myself feel my way around the store. Eventually, a bin that contained bright purple crystals with white bands stood out to me. Walking over, I made my first selection: Amthyst. From there, I added a banded rainbow fluorite, a tigers eye, and I believe a piece of obsidian. Purchased them. Took them home. Started my journey, which at the time included holding each of the crystals one by one and wondering what to do with them.

Pic of amthyst Photo by Renee Kiffin on Unsplash

 Though I had no idea as Katie at the time what any of it meant, that moment opened up a huge pathway for me. Not only in terms of connecting more clearly to myself, but also in helping me to unlock a lot of my own sacred memories. If my life were a movie, that would be one of those scenes that gets flashed to as a ‘This changed everything’ moment. Working with crystals has that kind of impact on a lot of people.

Inspiring and Harmonizing Yourself with Help from the Planet

In essence: Toting crystals is the equivalent of walking around with a healing part of the planet in our pocket. When we carry one with us, we are getting a hug from the planet. We are being ‘tuned’ by that part of it. Though we may not realize that is what our souls are being drawn to, quite often, that strong desire to get our first crystal or to add to our family with a new one is a response to our deep awareness of that love and their capability. Ever pick up a crystal and feel a buzz? Perhaps notice your hair rising? Or do you find yourself coming to peace after staring at it for a while? These are all signs that the vibration of that crystal is connecting to your own and helping ‘tune’ or bring about that frequency in you.

When it comes to learning about the call of the crystal, a piece of advice I offer is this: Do not judge yourself. Do not assume that everyone knows more about it than you do. A good many people carry crystals in their bras in good faith because they know it helps them, realizing down the road the why and how. If you are here reading this article, there is a good chance that you now officially have more information on how crystals work than most of the people around you. Take heart. Stay patient. Do not give up!

The journey begins somewhere. Perhaps for some of you readers it is here, now. For others, it has been some time ago.

Hey, if you want to learn more about it as I teach it, like this page and subscribe to my email list. I have more where this came from. Future instalments will include material focused on how to work with specific crystals, how to care for them, and how to learn how to hear them speak. Because the way I approach this topic asks us to think about things a bit differently, I like to go slowly. This is unique!

Next post: Selecting a crystal (and being selected by it).

Wherever you are, I welcome you to sit for a moment and think: What has been my call to the crystals? When did I first hear it? What was going on in my life?

If you feel so inclined, I would love for you to share part of your story in the comments section of this post.

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This material is copyright protected. Love what you learned and want to include it in your teachings? Thank you for the honour. If you do so, please provide a direct reference to this article. This is how we share the love and respect of creation.

Resources: Much of the cultural and classical knowledge included in this article is the result of my own life as an anthropologist and through my own interaction with the planet directly. Much of what I wrote is from memory and long developed practice, so is not easy to directly reference. I did some background reading for figures and accuracy to support the writing of this post. The two articles I drew from are: Mineral Resource of the Month: Feldspar (

On quartz: Quartz Info – Enviable durability in an array of enticing colors (

About me: As part of my role as a caretaker here on earth, the crystals of the planet are one of my main focal points. When I tell you that I am in ceremony for Earth and working to harmonize it, the crystals are some of the main mechanisms that I work with. The planet has a consciousness. That consciousness and crystals are intricately interconnected. Part of the ‘great awakening’ is turning back on the crystals of our planet, harmonizing the ones within us to them, and thus reaching a ‘higher vibration’ of experience and consciousness.  This series will include some of the ‘same old’ information on crystals. It will be enriched through the in-depth knowledge I have gained through my sacred focus. As many of my ‘old’ readers know, this is my favourite topic. I have taken a respite in producing podcasts and materials about this topic for 2021 to go into a deep cycle of study. This piece is my triumphant return. More to come.

Music + Ceremony Journey: Calling in Positive Emotional Connections

Ready to go on a journey with me? Tune in for a self actualization exercise to harness positive emotional connection. Like a blend between ceremony and podcast, this is a heartfelt and unique instalment of Crow Medicine all about coming home to ourselves.

This instalment of Crow Medicine is about healing ideas that emotions are weak. This is about letting go of self destructive tendencies that come because we do not have a place to speak. This about becoming conscious of the impact we have on self and others. This is about recognizing that the way we feel is a pathway to our heart and soul. When we resist that, we are walking away from ourselves. The path is all about the journey back home (to you).

Together, we move through a series of self dedications where each participant is prompted to work with their own soul power to call forth healing and growth. Beginning with getting cozy and comfortable, we talk about the importance of emotions as messages from our soul. Feeling rage, joy, pain and all the extremes and wondering what that is all about? *I got you.* Throughout the ceremony/practice, we work with forming positive pathways to seeing, healing, and accepting ourselves at this depth.

Click here to access the instalment:

Including music from: Chris Lorenzo, Pete Tong, John Monkman, and Teemid. This one is a blend between what I would like to hear if I were having a mystical experience hanging out on the planet and fuse it with the powerful meditation and self development practices you have come to know and love me for.

Not a spotify premium member and still want to play? Easy. Create a free user account and tune in that way. You will only get 30 second bits of the songs. Go to youtube or a streaming service you like and plug em in that way. (It is just as good.)

It includes music, powerful intentions, and guidance on the inner meaning of deep emotional experiences and a soul perspective on what they mean.

This is a powerful ceremony and a really special experience. I put a lot into creating it. Enjoy it. From my heart to our community.



Seeking more emotional connection? August 20 is the release date for a brand new one. Click here to prepurchase:

Ready to learn more about meditation and its benefits for your life? I have this handy little self study course all about my method and how to put it to work with you.

Seeking some more depth? Soul Compass is all about healing and hearing your soulbody just like we are talking about here. You even learn how to heal soul wounds:

Trusting Your Gut: Intuitive Food Selection and Healing Your Soul/Body Connection with Food

Welcome back to another instalment of Crow Medicine! Today, we get into one of my favourite topics: Healing and hearing our souls through food.

Joined by friend and food maven, Lauren Phillips, this podcast is a fun conversation about how we are able to work with food to improve our soul health and well-being. What is so unique about this conversation? It features a food specialist and a soul specialist in dialogue, nerding out about nutrition, the body, and how we are able to work with these components to improve our own lives. A main theme? Intuitive food selection and hearing the soul/body.

Trusting the Gut

For this broadcast, we zero in on the gut. This is one of the main parts of our body that our soul is able to communicate to us through. Themes discussed include: Spiritual and nutritional perspectives on food including a conversation of micro and macro nutrients; Eating for the soul, eating for the body, and how they relate; Food cravings and what they tell us about our nutritional and soul needs; and INTUITIVE FOOD SELECTION!

In the final segment, we discuss this handy little green concoction RECIPE that Lauren created for us:

Click here for the spotify version: this is voice only so you will not have to use any log in information to hear it: 

Not a spotify user? No problem! You are also able to access this one on anchor. It is the top option when you click this link. By 24 hours from publishing, it will also be available on google podcast and pocketcasts which link directly through here:

Special Thank you To Lauren

Thanks to Lauren for joining in on this podcast. She will be BACK for more food inspired conversation in future months. You can find her on instagram @savourysnackz. You can find me @crowmedicinekatie.

Back soon.


Katie, @crowmedicinekatie

This soul/body approach is part of all of my teachings. It features prominently in Soul Compass:

And here: What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality – Crow Medicine (

Gifts of Mercury

In our cosmic neighborhood, Mercury is a planet that has a lot of influence on communication. When Mercury is in play, we feel it coming up in the way we relate to ideas, interpersonal relationships, and our ability to express the deep feelings and sacred ideas we carry inside. It brings the ways we relate to ourselves and others into play.

Mercury also includes expressing creativity (or lack thereof), feeling heard and seen, and feeling safe to tell the truth.

Through the cycles of Mercury we see different parts of these themes (and more) highlighted. The idea is that as we encounter these cosmic moments, we are also encountering the potential to know ourselves more deeply. We progress in our knowledge each cycle. We do our healing and path expansion along with the transits.

This is the first of many Mercury posts exploring the lessons offered by thus planet on this blog.

(The communication part of Mercury is the one that most of us know and many bemoan. For this reason, our ongoing discussion of Mercury begins here.)

Forming a Positive Relationship with Mercury

Many people have learned or been taught to fear Mercury moments because they can highlight inefficiencies in our communications. It is not always just ‘us’. This can also include how systems of communication work (or do not). Think ‘chain of command’ or ‘process’. This can be frustrating and indeed like playing a 25 person game of telephone at times. In my cosmolougical observations, this has more to do with how we handle the energy of communication and putting feelings into words that others are then able to hear than Mercury itself.

When we work with Mercury (or any planet) from the perspective that it is a teacher highlighting a lesson or opportunity, we are able to begin positively connecting to it. We can call in a higher harmonic personal experience of this energy. We are able to work with it to help improve our lives.

Here are some simple suggestions on how you may like to positively connect to the communication aspect of Mercury.

Stay tuned for more Mercury love in future transits.

Want to hear more about our cosmic family? I recommend “What the CME?” as a starting point.

Anyone out there feeling this dance of Mercury? How is it showing up in your life?



Interested in ongoing updates in this tone? I post updates through instagram stories during the week. My new profile is @crowmedicinekatie.

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What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality

*program down for updating March 31, 2022. Will repost in early April.

Finding yourself feeling like you are walking into a windstream and like you are parched in energy? Noticing yourself feeling strange waves of extreme emotion? That, my friend, is a sign that you are being kissed by the cosmic wind.  

On July 3, 2021, we had our first x-flare solar flare activity since 2017. This has been followed by halo cmes, sideways moving cmes, and a ‘global shockwave’ that has affected the geomagnetics of the earth (as of July 15). This is significant. Why? This new series of flares and activity represent another main signpost in our planetary awakening journey. These flares and the CME activity (which WILL accelerate as we move toward solar maximum) are helping to raise the vibration of the planet. Simultaneously, they are bringing us into natural healing moments physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How does this all relate? What is so exciting about it? Is this a good thing? (Yes)

Join me for a unique conversation that brings together two of my loves: Scientific inquiry and spirituality. This is a podcast all about Solar Cycle 25, solar flare and CME activity, and the great spiritual awakening journey our planet is on.

Format: 53 minute voice only podcast. I will record a music one in follow up to this for my next Crow Medicine instalment!

Main topics of discussion: How our planet relates to this Universe from a spiritual perspective; the changing journey that our solar system is on and its relationship to the transition into Solar Cycle 25 (and the great awakening); the relationship between solar flares and soul healing; the unique form of solar activity we are experiencing right now (July 2021) and how it will continue into solar maximum; how to recognize you are feeling the solar flares; how to learn to work with these powerful cosmic rays as building blocks for life.

Keeping this summary intentionally short, I invite people to tune in and listen to this conversation that brings together the soul science between solar winds, cme activity, and soul healing. Bonus? We talk about how this energy serves as building blocks for the planet.

Click here for the spotify version: .

Not a spotify user? No problem! You are also able to access this one on anchor. It is the top option when you click this link. By 24 hours from publishing, it will also be available on google podcast which is also linked here–The-Link-Between-Solar-Flares-and-Spirituality-e14qajv.

Big ups to for providing the graphs and some of the scientific background that I referenced throughout this report.

Big love!


*My training programs are built upon the philosophy of planet and soul healing that you hear me talk about in this and all of my broadcasts. My new harmonics course is great for those who are seeking a quick study with a big impact. Click here for that: Soul Compass is for those who are ready to dedicate to healing their body/soul relationship that I speak about so much in this broadcast: .

Past instalments that are relevant: Getting to Know Planet Earth – Crow Medicine (

Supercharging YOUR Season of Personal Growth (and How to Begin Right Now)! – Crow Medicine (

Celebrating Solstice: Season of Healing, Reconnection, and Test Driving Who We Have Become

Hello readers and friends! Welcome to another new phase of our journey in growth. Thank you for being here. This post contains some information about the power of solstice, the healing cycles that our planet is on, and links to a SWEET little music infused podcast that tells the story of both!

A Season for Healing, Re-Connection, and Growth

Healing our souls, reconnecting with the planet and one another, and really giving ourselves the space to test drive who we have become are the themes, this season.

The theme of the season we entered with the passage of the eclipse is simple: We, the people of earth have been through a lot. Giving ourselves the space, time, and freedom to engage in a deep conversation with ourselves and our souls IS exactly what the Earth would like to see us do. As part of it, the planet would love for us to get outside and reconnect with nature, too.

Why do we require healing?

The past year+ has brought with it what is nothing short of a shake-up. As we went through March 2020-May 2021 we had a global shut down and lockdown scenario that led many met their deepest fears: Poverty, losing jobs, having friends and family cross without being able to see, say goodbye to, or properly mourn them. We spent months by ourselves, in our homes. We were separated from the physical experience of friends, family, and spaces of worship. We gave extra care (or did not get it), we taught school, we changed our jobs. It was a lot!

 Even with the inner knowing that everything was going to be ok. That was rough.

 No matter who we are or where we fit into this process, we all lived this. That means we require the space to heal.  Recognizing that we require gentleness, a little extra love and self-care is part of holding ourselves in the safety that creates the space to heal. Our inner children require a little bit of play time. The planet missed us. The great news? Healing ourselves and playing with the planet go hand in hand.

We are healing our souls. Our bodies. Our hearts. We are also healing our relationship to the planet.

Celebrating Solstice: A Music Infused Podcast Highlighting Reconnection, Healing, and Positive Growth

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Great news. This post is a summary and and introduction! One of the projects I work on is a multi-media podcast called ‘Crow Medicine’. Sometimes, it includes music! For me, celebration, healing, and ceremony go hand in hand with music. In my sacred practice, there is almost always a soundtrack. Delivering this solstice message with music felt authentic. It also felt like an opportunity to have some fun.

Click here to access ‘Crow Medicine: *Solstice Special* Season of Reconnection, Celebration, and Growth:

. *Note that the full broadcast with full songs is available through spotify prime. Not a member? No problem! You can listen through ‘anchor’ (here) OR by creating a no-fee account on spotify and clicking in. For the full song experience in this option you will have to manually enter their names into a player like youtube and listen there! You get the exact same experience as a listener by pressing ‘pause’ on the voice and doing the music this way. Heck, you can even add your own and make it more personal to your tastes!)

I recorded a companion podcast about creating a season of growth that goes along with this broadcast. It is a voice-cast and is open without the login business and no music. Head there if that is more your style (or as well): Supercharging YOUR Season of Personal Growth (and How to Begin Right Now)! – Crow Medicine (

Blog visitor bonus info: I am about to start live voicecasting through the new spotify platform ‘Greenroom’ (I will be there as @katieindicrow.) I am currently ready to get started on clubhouse as @IndiCrow. Follow my profile to get notified when I go live!

A Word on How the Earth Healing Process Occurs and Where the Information from this Report Came From

Generally speaking, the earth operates according to a healing and flow pattern. This is quarterly. Spring and Fall Equinox as well as Winter and Summer Solstice are the main gateposts through which we pass. During these seasons, the planet and Its people are presented with specific threads of energy that are held by the bodies through which we pass. We ‘work’ on them, thus resolving any imbalances within ourselves and healing any wounding we may have occurred so that we are able to live in health, peace, and feelings of safety.  On a personal level, this created the space for routine points of introspection. It also created the space for an ongoing recognition of the importance of personal healing to the overall health of the community and planet. On a planetary level, these moments of tuning are important in that they are part of how the earth remains within its place in the universe.

Sound far-fetched?

Joining together in ceremony and personal healing is part of what humans do. This is cross cultural. Evidence of these gatherings are found in sacred sites, texts, and ongoing cultural practice that exists throughout both time and across great geographic space. They are all around us. Even in what we consider to be urban environments. I have personally visited sites and calibrated sites aligned to these special windows in: Alberta (Canada), British Columbia (Canada), Boyne Valley (Ireland), Paris (France), London (England), New York (USA), and Massachusetts (USA) to name a few. I have studied hundreds more.* These sites exist as part of the energetic structure of this planet and how it plugs into this Universe. For humans, connecting into these sites for personal soul support as well as in gratitude to the planet and our home, this Universe, has been a part of what we do. It continues to be. Taking care of this structure is my main planetary responsibility. When I talk about ‘taking care of the planet’, this is precisely what I mean I am doing.

The main reason that I share updates like these is so that people seeking information on incoming astrological alignments to support their personal development aka ‘get into the flow’ are able to AS WELL as to introduce new readers to these concepts. When we know what is occurring and feel comfortable with it, we are more likely to see the healing or reality stream adjustment potential of every moment. Stay tuned for more! Be sure to come back every Equinox and Solstice for more!

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Katie D.

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