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In addition to Crow-Medicine, I host a second blog. This is called ‘Crow Medicine Media’. This site is being populated with my multi-media creations. This includes public events, story-telling, and a unique music-infused program being published through Spotify called “Crow Medicine with Katie: Songs, Sounds and Stories Celebrating Life on Planet Earth”. This project includes chat based podcasts as well. The purpose of it all? Bringing spiritual philosophy and tools in a relaxed, approachable way that appreciates the power of vibing and is all about finding JOY on this planet.

Some but not all of the content will overlap with what I share here! Though the content may look sparse if you are coming to these sites in their early launch days. Trust me when I say that my creative flow is thriving. The planet is doing well. I feel so much inspiration and am so happy to have these beautiful platforms through which to share them with you all!

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