Guided Music + Meditation Journey: Calling Love into Your Path

Many moons ago, I guided our community through a number of music journeys that were like going to a mini-rave or mini-festival where we got to listen to good music and work on self-connection. Some of you out there may remember these ‘Crow Medicine Music’ podcasts. I had to stop doing them for a few years as I went into the other side to take care of things. I have been receiving a lot of emails and messages asking about them, lately.

You know what? I heard you. The music podcasts are making a comeback.

Today I deliver you a music infused ceremony focused on calling the highest harmonic of love into our paths. Work with it as a touchpoint to check in with yourself and to inspire moving past the very real-life difficulties we have experienced these past two years. Being separated from the planet and one another (along with everything else) has left many of us feeling a little blah, vacant, and/or wounded. This music journey will bring you back to the space of feeling loved and connected. Meet me here. Together, we brush off the dust, we shine the light into our path, and we get ready to move forward.

Featuring Music From (in order as they appear):

Earth Trax, Axel Boman, Massive Attack, Mariah Carey, and Donna Summer

I received a piece of my soul back doing this guided meditation. May it bring something positive for you too.

The podcast:

This guided music journey is presented on spotify and is accessible to ‘premium’ users.

Not a spotify premium user and feel left out? I am sorry about that. I am working to get these to a bigger audience. Here is one from youtube that I was able to do as a test earlier this year: (50) Music Meditation to Raise Your Vibration With (funk disco) – YouTube

Some recent GREAT NEWS is that youtube has changed their copyright licensing and I should be able to get these up there, soon. **I am also saving up $ for a music license so I can bring music back to being a main way I communicate to you, here.

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Enjoy this journey, friends.

“Crow Medicine Music Journey by Katie IndiCrow”

Additional Materials:

To hear a playlist of the Crow Medicine Music podcasts that are still available:

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