Reality Shift in Progress: November 2023-May 2024

Planet Earth has entered a deep phase of healing that will be taking place from now through May 2024. During this time, you can reasonably expect a lot of things to shift. This is an article and podcast introducing the season and letting you know honestly what to expect. The truth is, this is going to get intense. Some people have already begun noticing the uptick in things falling apart, people feeling ‘testy’, or what feels like having the rug pulled out from under them. Energetic change is not always easy, nor is being in a world with other people who may not handle it so well always fun. On the plus side, the process of re-connecting to Universal love and being a whole soul with real freedom is the most beautiful thing that any of us will ever experience.

Will the world be ‘perfect’ when this is over? No, but a lot of people who were feeling very stuck and who had been spiritually limited are going to notice a dissolve of those realities. They are also going to move into the space of potential for deep soul growth and healing. (We will have more phases in the future.) This is significant because the ‘fear bubble’ that rose up during the pandemic is being healed. So too are other reality spectrums. This is significant.

We are in the long-haul of transformation in this phase. The good news is that things will look and feel incredibly different for a vast majority of people at its conclusion. The key to experiencing this as something positive as opposed to a dumpster fire is in how you relate to it. We are in for the long haul of positive transformation. Even if it may feel downright horrible at times, there is a rhyme and a reason to it. Today, we get into the why, how and what to expect of it.

I deliver this message as a podcast that covers over some of the key themes that we will be experiencing over the next 6 months

I highly encourage that you listen to it to get a better scope of the honesty as well as the excellence of the situation. (Links to listen posted directly below topics list.)

Topics covered:

1) The mirror Universe, the Matrix, and if your soul fragment was stuck there.

2) Shifting Reality Streams: From fear reality to Universal love

3) Deep Emotions and Soul Healing

4) How to ground through this so it feels positive and not like a punishment


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