Eclipse in Libra: Astrology Update

Hello. Today I write you on Eclipse eve. This is a very special series in our journey as a planet and species. This is one where we begin to look in depth at balancing our inner Mars and Venus strands. Though sometimes the ones that people like to avoid the most (and I can see that in the HUGE drop in readers in every article or post I make about either of them), Creator has brought us to the place where we can no longer ignore it.

I am happy about this.

On October 14, 2023 we have a solar eclipse in Libra. Two weeks from now, on October 28, 2023 we have a lunar eclipse in Taurus.

As you can feel, we have fully stepped into the lessons of Aries and Libra. I am so here for this….but what is that all about?

Spotlight Mars and Venus

This season, and in fact, this whole 1.5 years of the Aries North Node, Libra South node experience is all about activating the Mars and Venus threads of experience and connection within the self.  This solar eclipse in Libra is highlighting the Venusian and Marsian strands in the energy of justice and balance. The partner to this eclipse, happening in 2 weeks from now in Taurus, is the formal wrap up of our journey on the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse axis that was the journey the past few years. In many ways this means we are moving from exploring the underworld and underbelly back into productive and integrated life.

To be clear, when I say Mars and Venus, I am at times referring to ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ as we experience these threads as people (men, women, nonbinary, it all counts and these threads exist in us all). I also mean more than that. When I speak the words ‘masculine and feminine’ today, I am speaking about the order built up around that. Our Western world has been split in 2 through a process called binary opposition, which is a way or organizing thought, social, and political order. (Here is a graph demonstrating it.)

This either-or thinking that crops up in this system holds people, places, and energy apart. Thus, it helps keep the veil in place.In this case, something important that we are doing is bringing together modes of thought and ways of being that we thought were contradictory or opposite, like spirituality and science. We are learning to incorporate complexity and nuance in our lives. We are stepping outside of the energetic walls that were meant to hold us in place and seeing dynamism and complexity.

I addressed the binary thought part in depth here: September 2023 Astrology Report: Embracing Spirituality (Again) – Crow Medicine (

Healing the Mars and Venus Strands in our Lives

This season, I recommend that you identify a space where you have been working through ‘inner opposites’ or tensions related to a limiting way of thinking or being. Are you working on allowing yourself to feel emotions and learning how to ground them safely? That counts! Are you seeking to bring in a more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ part of your experience? Are you working on releasing antagonistic relationships with people of the ‘other’ gender? It all counts and the energy to fix this all within your life IS present.

            Another layer where this ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy is showing up is in the ways that we relate to one another in relationships. This applies to friendship and the dynamics of interaction of how we treat those around us. It also relates to romantic relationships of various configurations. We all know that there is distorted energy in the relationship spectrum in the masculine and female lines and that this influences male-male, female-female and female-male relationships in ‘patterned’ ways. I think we have all recognized that our friendships, romances, and acquaintances are our teachers and our healing spaces. We get to figure out who we are in part through how we interact with one another.  This Eclipse (and moving forward through the Eclipses and the next year +) is all about bringing that conscious healing and love into our relations. All of them. This is what we call ‘intentional embodiment’ and being aware of the harmonics of how we act as well as how we are treated. When we are in an interaction spectrum, we have the power to be the high harmonic version of ourselves, even if that is not what we are meeting.

Indeed, various aspects of these threads are going to be visited, revisited, and visited again over these next 1.5 years because of our nodal position. We have Aries (Mars) in North node and Libra (Venus) in the South.

Hear more about the Aries-North Node, Libra-South node axis we have crossed into Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023 – Crow Medicine (

One of my favourite ways to bring this energy into my own life is through my relationship with my husband. Our commitment early on in our relationship was to see any pockets of lower harmonic energy we were still working on when they are came up, to stop ourselves in the moment (if it comes), and to think about how we can proceed that is high harmonic and filled with love.  Another way I like to do it is to be kind to other women, especially those who are being vulnerable and testing things out. If I see someone putting out a new project that looks neat, I congratulate her.  Within that ‘unhealed’ feminine perspective, the action would be to feel jealousy, to think negatively about her project, or to be interested but not show any public support because you do not want to see her success. I take these moments as opportunities to help stamp our collective to have a higher harmonic spectrum as the ‘habitus’ that seeks to kick in than the tear-down jealousy one that we are healing from.

Suggestion: Think about where you may like to create a higher harmonic pattern in YOUR life.  If you find yourself in a space where you are treating people in ways that you do not like, I recommend getting to the source of the behaviour. Hurt people hurt people, as they say. Is your unbecoming behaviour stemming back to feelings of lack of self-worth or fear of loss of control? Figuring this out and healing that wound will help you close the door on that resonance coming up for acting out in your life, forever. If you have a copy of ‘Soul Compass’, you have the tools to do that in part 1 and 2. Need a copy? Get one here: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine (

Working in Deep Ceremony to Heal the Feminine Energy Spectrum

I do not have much to say at this time because I am in deep ceremony with the feminine energy collective, as I know others out there are. If you were part of the activity I organized, know that I posted new materials for us all.

This is an article I wrote on Venus and healing our relations a while back that is SUPER relevent to this now. Read it for more relationship guidance and self-connection tips: Venus Deep Dive: What We Invest in Relations – Crow Medicine (

This is a second article, written about healing Mars:

Check the above resources out, as well as my October 2023 astrology report for conversations on these strands from multiple perspectives.

Ready to Dive into Your Own Soul Healing and Self-Connection?

The first and best place I recommend you get to is my book ‘Soul Compass’ and my energy alignment tool ‘energy pillar’. I will be teaching people about advanced soul healing and energy alignment in the coming weeks (months). Whether you just want to get a handle on soul healing and energy alignment + clear connection in your own life OR you want to go further in advanced studies with me, this is THE place to start. Subscribe to my email list to make sure that you get the materials: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine (

I know that a lot of people out there are feeling like they are ready to get consistent with their self-connection and to start reaping the life benefits of focused energy work and consistent self connection. I did want to make a little mention that I opened up a new mindful connection inspiration space called ‘Soul-Full Living’ that is all about inspiring ways to do that. If you would like to join an informal learning group where you get a monthly dose of inspiration, click in here. You can find more information and get started now: Soul-Full Living – Crow Medicine ( This is a nice one for those of you out there who have been working with energy pillar or the other methods I teach and are seeking a little more. It is also great for people who like grounded suggestions and are ready to enjoy how soul-full living can benefit their lives.

An article on how to receive yourself and call in your soul energy: Receive Your Soul with Affirmations and Meditation (

Happy Eclipse and big love! I am off now to continue on in ceremony.

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