The Hamas Israeli Conflict: Powerful Sacred Sites and the Human Energy Archetype

Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023. Beginning at a rave and quickly fanning out, armed militants have been taking humans hostage and murdering those in their wake. This action was returned the next day.

This is significant because it is happening: a) in a region that is highly sacred; and b) at a moment where Earth people are in the process of making a major leap in our healing journey. (You know how special right now is from the October astrology reports.)

Stated honestly, though it may seem far away, this is something being done with the intention of harming all of us. You see, these sites and this entire region also sit on sites of Baal. War

As a psychopomp it is my job to go to spaces of war as well as to aid those who are being harmed by it. It is also my job to protect the planet. No surprise then, that this would be a sacred task that Creator would assign me to. Knowing that so many people are feeling deeply touched by this incident, I felt it was prudent to record this information about what is happening, its spiritual significance, and to tell those wishing to help what they are able to do,

Psychopomp Stories

In this instalment of my sacred story telling series “Psychopomp Stories”, I talk about the Hamas and Israeli conflict. In it, I speak about the power of the Gaza strip region and the context behind this conflict. This is a place that holds powerful sites for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. This is where it is thought Jesus was born as well as where he fought Satan for 40 days (a list of sites for religions listed below and discussed in the podcast). Control of the sites and their power is always a backdrop to conflicts that happen about or around it. This is a highlight point of the telling.

Analyzing the incident from a spiritual perspective, I argue that this conflict is being used by Baal Molloch as an attempt to stop Earth from its moment of healing and to maintain the order of Chaos as opposed to the Order of Creation. I also address the impact of current actions being done to women and men on the human energy archetype.

There are diplomatic solutions to the inde

As part of this telling, I address our current cosmic moment and how the timing and direction of this battle are no mistake or coincidence. This is how the Beast works. Not today, Satan.

I choose no sides. This is about Creator and being there to move those dying.

To me, peace is the only answer. As

***For those who are interested: a key theme addressed in later segments of the podcast is the way war is used to cause pain to the masculine and feminine energy threads. We are in a cosmic moment where the long held wounds between and within are healing. The ritual coinciding this is aimed to stop that. Listen in to hear why.

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Hamas Attack: Sacred Sites and the Human Energy Archetype

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