October 2023 Astrology: Healing Masculine and Feminine Energy Strands

The alignments have come where we are doing the most important work that some of us will ever do in our lives. That is, we are bringing balance to ‘inner opposites’ as well as the major rift in many of our lives: we are balancing the energy that comes with masculine and feminine strands. This month, we experience 2 eclipses, a series of alignments with Venus, and the final transition from the last node (Taurus and Scorpio) into our current one (Aries and Libra). No longer do we have to live in the extremes of polar opposition. Now, my friends, we get to focus on being fully formed, multi-dimensional human beings.

This month, I am delivering the astrology report a little differently. I am presenting it primarily in video & podcast format with very little written summary. I am in ceremony and just do not have the time to do a 5000-word write up at the moment. It is not because I was unprepared.
It is because I am defending the planet from a spiritual attack on the feminine. Be sure to listen in to either this video or the astrology report that will follow it on my podcast for the full story.

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Structure of this report + timestamps

Intro: 0:00 – 3:08

Conversation about main themes in energy we will be experiencing as the astrological alignments happen: 3:1420:13

October astrological alignments by date with description: 20:1436:16

How to positively connect: 36:1740:00

Highlights of the Astrology Report

This month (and the entire node we are in), we are learning to cultivate powerful romantic relationships and friendships that are supportive and positive. So too are we recognizing that we, all humans, are moving from very limited spectrums of performance and behaviour into becoming multi-dimensional, multi-faceted beings. We are the people who are healing the archetypes from what came in the last astrological age as well as the ‘ground crew’ who get to chart the path for the next age. We are vanguards, we are lovers, we are people who have a multiplicity of interests who cannot be pegged as ‘either-or beings’.

– Balancing of inner opposites and integration into complementarity within self and others: Masculine and feminine can be a bit of a hard term to use without being reductionistic. In energy and action, these words mean man and woman (and we talk about that). In the Western world ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ also refers to a hierarchy of meaning that places some ways of life and information systems as being ‘better’ than others’. Within this framework, things like ‘feminine’ spirituality, emotions, and esoteric information came to be viewed as secondary to the ‘masculine’ world of logic, rationality, and disciplined performance. Within this system of meaning, ‘women’ and us in the woman bodies were supposed to perform one way, whereas men and them men bodies performed another. Though we have made strides in accepting forms of knowledge and different ways of being, the glass ceiling that pervaded lessons in the last epoch remained in place.

Now, it is shifting.

Within all of this, we have built up internal contradictions about what we are supposed to do (or not do) that have caused us confusion. This month, we see the ongoing visibility and resolution of these inner opposites. We also see the continued reorganization of ways of being, thinking, and intuiting as coming into balance on a wider scale.

– Being inspired to build healthy relationships: Many of us out there have experienced imbalance with a partner or felt that we were acting from a wounded space toward one another. This month is a powerful space to bring about positive change in the ways we relate to partnerships, friendships, children, and our lovers.

– Ongoing spiritual awakenings: third key point that we will be experiencing this month is continued spiritual awakening and soul growth. The planet has moved into a new epoch and Creator is ready to connect with you. So many people are hearing this call and are making space in their lives for this relationship. As the masculine and feminine strands within us come together, a new spark of our sacred connection ignites.

– Eclipses: The big astrological point we have this month is the eclipses. Happening on the Aries (Mars) and Libra (Venus) spectrum and then the Taurus (Venus) Scorpio (Pluto) axis – people will be feeling big emotions.

– Scorpio + Pluto = Deep Emotions: In addition to integration, one of the key lessons people will be approaching is to appreciate the message in their emotions and to powerfully ground them as a source of inspiration and information in their lives.

– Healing Eris: keep your heart ready to be aware of Eris. Release the energy of jealousy from your life it if is present. Heal from the spiritual battles you have engaged in. We have a new season and space for this strand. Eris and Mars come together on the 18th and this will be a special moment for integrating the hardened parts of ourselves.

Key Alignments Discussed

October 1: Close approach and conjunction of Jupiter

October 4: Mercury into Libra

October 8: Venus enters Virgo

October 10: Pluto direct (still in Capricorn), close approach and conjunction of the moon and Venus

October 12: Mars enters Scorpio

October 154: New Moon, Solar Eclipse LIBRA

October 16: Jupiter quintile Saturn

October 17: Juno enters Virgo

October 18: Mars at Apogee, Eris at Opposition

October 22: Mercurty enters Scorpio

October 28: Full Moon lunar eclipse (Final in Taurus)

Soul-Full Living

A lot of people out there are feeling the call to fit ‘energy’ and conscious care into their lives. This is a rich topic that goes on forever! Hearing this call, I put together a little something called ‘Soul-Full Living’.

You are invited to join in an informal ‘Soul-Full Living’ group that I have struck through my buymeacoffee page. Each month, I focus on an aspect of ‘Soul-Full Living’ and send out thoughtful material meant to inspire your own connection. This will include video material (recorded uniquely for the community), articles, suggested activities, and encouragement to find ways to be and feel more you.

This is not a ‘formal’ environment. It is all about finding casual and comfortable ways to flow energy management, self-connection, and soul into your life. If you have been seeking information and inspiration on how to be more powerful and grounded in your self-connection, this is a great space for you.

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Wishing you a powerful October with directed growth. I know these moments are ‘powerful’. Remember – the more you put form to the incoming energy with intention, the more the Universe knows what to put in your path.

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