5 Tips for Successful Personal Growth

Making personal changes can be daunting. This is a video that contains 5 simple yet sometimes not so simple things you can do to find the space of growth in you.

1. Behave differently in a situation where you are typically not proud of your results. Know yourself. Make a plan for your new pattern and live it (or at least remove yourself before repeating the old one).

2. Enact boundaries. Stop allowing yourself to be worn down or distracted.

3. Identify what is important to you right now and dedicate regular effort to it. Remove old hobbies or habits to make room.

4. Forgive yourself for moments you were not perfect. Take the lessons and move on.

5. Start listening to your soul. It is a very special part of you that helps you stay on the right track. In order to experience personal change, we must be willing to live it. The key here is to be patient with yourself, do your best, and if you mess up….take the lesson, forgive yourself and keep moving.

Growth is a process. We are always becoming.

To gain ongoing material about making positive spiritual transformations in your life: https://crow-medicine.com/2023/09/20/soul-full-living/

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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