September 2023 Equinox: Bridging Inner Opposites

Planet Earth is engaged in a cosmic dance with the other bodies in our solar system. When a certain planet or star group comes into alignment (with our own one another), it is significant.  We pay attention to the full moon as well as solar and lunar eclipses. We orient our lives with astrology in mind. Another way we may honour this relationship is to celebrate the cycle of the seasons, marked by June and December Solstices and March and September Equinoxes.

We are making our way to Equinox, which is taking place on September 23, 2023. On this occasion, all places on the Earth will have approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of moonlight. In esoteric terms, Equinox is always an excellent moment to honour our inner balance  and to mark our path in earnest self-development.

This year, Equinox is taking place amidst a powerful moment where the harmonic upgrade of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ in the form of Marsian and Venusian strands are being brought into focus. Since our node shift on July 18th, we have Aries (Mars) in our North node and Libra (Venus) in our South. With a set of eclipses happening on the Aries-Libra upcoming just three weeks after Equinox, we are being presented with a clear theme: bringing balance to our ‘inner opposites’. This comes in terms of how we relate to ourselves, but also, in the experience of relationships.

This is a little article describing the upcoming alignment and which focale points it may ping in your life.

Procession of Equinox and Solstice (a little background information)

In the tradition of the Earth that I teach, there are four signposts through which we move each cycle that gets called a ‘year. These are recognized as Equinoxes and Solstices. Rotating Equinox-to-Solstice, these celebrations mark seasonal transition in a material sense. They represent a shift in the ebb and flow of life. They also signify moments where ceremonial masters are in deep communion with Earth and working on its turning, repairs, and healing. In addition to all of this, and most certainly a result of the cosmic alignments enabling and being enabled by the healing as well as important moments, Equinox is important for soul growth and actualization. These are moment for personal magick.

Though sometimes dismissed as ‘new age’ or silly mysticism, these dates are long marked in the human tradition. They are easy to find in the archaeological traditions of each continent (aside from Antarctica that we know of). We see them in sacred sites calibrated to Equinox and Solstice dating back 7,000 plus years. They are to be found throughout the continents including South America, North America, Europe, and Asia. (I have personally visited and tuned sites in eight countries whilst studying and astrally attuning hundreds of others.) These sites commemorate activities of energy alignment and ceremony that have been an integral part of the upkeep of the planet for as long as they have existed. This relates to the energetic structure of the planet as well as their ability to serve as gates through which souls speak more easily to Creator.  This is a main reason why setting intentions and speaking to Creator are so powerful on and around these days.

Balancing Inner Opposites: Releasing the lesson of dualistic thinking, separation, and binary opposition to embrace multiplicity, nuance, and interconnectivity

As you know from tuning in to my astrology reports, we are able to read the flow of planets, the positioning of the stars and our procession of the seasons through them like a piece of music. The experiences that we have, the themes that are ‘up’ most easily for discussion, or what type of ‘key’ is available to harmonize with are marked in part by the alignments we have occurring around and through a season.

            This season, and in fact, this whole 1.5 years of the Aries North Node, Libra South node experience is all about activating the feminine and masculine threads of experience and connection within the self.  To be clear, when I say ‘masculine and feminine’, while I do on one level mean ‘masculine’ energy strands as they relate to the collective male experience (and vice versa in the realm of the feminine and women), I also mean than that. It is about learning to bring together modes of thought and ways of being that we thought were contradictory or opposite, like spirituality and science.

I addressed this, and the precursor to this energy ping we are walking into with Equinox in this September Astrology Report: September 2023 Astrology Report: Embracing Spirituality (Again) – Crow Medicine (

This can be a bit awkward, especially considering that we have been living in a world that tells us that we have to be one or the other. This belief causes a great deal of confusion and pain within people in this world. How many of us have felt slighted because we were being treated as a ‘dumb woman’ whose opinion did not matter or were chastised for being ‘masculine’ in asserting ones’ own thought? How many of us have been shamed for being supposedly ‘irrational’ for believing in spirit or our intuition? How many have felt at one time or another that rationality was somehow ‘better’ or opposite than spirituality and struggled with it? How many have felt that they were not able to express a deep emotion or to follow their ‘intuition’ because it was not practical or manly? I would imagine that quite a few of us have had inner tensions along this dynamic. We are fortunate to be part of the great re-thinking where we get to live an integrated, balanced whole.

Suggestion: This season, I recommend that you identify a space where you have been working through ‘inner opposites’ or tensions related to a limiting way of thinking or being. Make the commitment to work on that as one of your ‘progress points’ for the next three months. Are you working on allowing yourself to feel emotions and learning how to ground them safely? That counts! Are you seeking to bring in a more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ part of your experience? Are you working on releasing antagonistic relationships with people of the ‘other’ gender? Equinox is a lovely moment to tell Creator that this is what you would like the Universe to bring into your path.

            Another layer where this ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energy is showing up is in the ways that we relate to one another in relationships. This applies to friendship and the dynamics of interaction of how we treat those around us. It also relates to romantic relationships of various configurations. We all know that there is distorted energy in the relationship spectrum in the masculine and female lines and that this influences male-male, female-female and female-male relationships in ‘patterned’ ways. These ‘patterns’ are the negative personality traits that get affixed to an energy spectrum. Some of the key ‘wounds’ that people work through in their lives are related to experiencing the harsh, negative side of these relationships. On the other hand, many of us have also experienced ‘high harmonic’ relationships with others and recognized: woah! We do not have to treat one another like that. There is a deepness and a closeness and a support and love that we have to offer one another that sits beneath all of this pain. This is where the healing journey begins for a lot of people!

   I think we have all recognized that our friendships, romances, and acquaintances are our teachers and our healing spaces. We get to figure out who we are in part through how we interact with one another.  This Equinox (and moving forward through the Eclipses and the next year +) is all about bringing that conscious healing and love into our relations. All of them. This is what we call ‘intentional embodiment’ and being aware of the harmonics of how we act as well as how we are treated. When we are in an interaction spectrum, we have the power to be the high harmonic version of ourselves, even if that is not what we are meeting. Did a woman who thought she knew better than you (even if she obviously did not) just spit some venom in your path? Hold your ground, enact a boundary, but do not act ugly yourself. (If you need to send the energy back, do so by balling it up and saying, “Not my energy, not my problem. Sending what you just tried to put in my field right back.” Then, send it back.) Said another way, did your spouse forget to do something that was important but not crucial? Perhaps instead of tearing them a new one, consider what they have going on. Are they feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Perhaps what is required is a little rebalance or understanding as opposed to personal offense that ‘they forgot this’.

One of my favourite ways to bring this energy into my own life is through my relationship with my husband. Our commitment early on in our relationship was to see any pockets of lower harmonic energy we were still working on when they are came up, to stop ourselves in the moment (if it comes), and to think about how we can proceed that is high harmonic and filled with love.  Another way I like to do it is to be kind to other women, especially those who are being vulnerable and testing things out. If I see someone putting out a new project that looks neat, I congratulate her.  Within that ‘unhealed’ feminine perspective, the action would be to feel jealousy, to think negatively about her project, or to be interested but not show any public support because you do not want to see her success. I take these moments as opportunities to help stamp our collective to have a higher harmonic spectrum as the ‘habitus’ that seeks to kick in than the tear-down jealousy one that we are healing from.

Suggestion: Think about where you may like to create a higher harmonic pattern in YOUR life.  If you find yourself in a space where you are treating people in ways that you do not like, I recommend getting to the source of the behaviour. Hurt people hurt people, as they say. Is your unbecoming behaviour stemming back to feelings of lack of self-worth or fear of loss of control? Figuring this out and healing that wound will help you close the door on that resonance coming up for acting out in your life, forever. If you have a copy of ‘Soul Compass’, you have the tools to do that in part 1 and 2. Need a copy? Get one here: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine (

All of the above is going to be a theme well explored as we move into our Eclipses that begin 3 weeks from Equinox. Happening mid and end October, these are going to ask us to go further into this energy spectrum. I will be back with more information about that as it comes.

Indeed, various aspects of these threads are going to be visited, revisited, and visited again over these next 1.5 years because of our nodal position. This is why back in July when we made the transition, I made such a big deal about it!

Hear more about the Aries-North Node, Libra-South node axis we have crossed into Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023 – Crow Medicine (

Ways to Bring in Powerful Self-Connection

I know that a lot of people out there are feeling like they are ready to get consistent with their self-connection and to start reaping the life benefits of focused energy work and their own magick. I did want to make a little mention that I opened up a new mindful connection inspiration space called ‘Soul-Full Living’ that is all about inspiring ways to do that. If you would like to join an informal learning group where you get a monthly dose of inspiration, click in here. You can find more information and get started now: Soul-Full Living – Crow Medicine ( This is a nice one for those of you out there who have been working with energy pillar or the other methods I teach and are seeking a little more. It is also great for people who like grounded suggestions and are ready to enjoy how soul-full living can benefit their lives.

I had planned to say more about all of the above now, as I am in deep ceremony with ALL of this. I have a lot to say. However, the form that the ceremony has taken getting a few moments to stop and record something has not really happened. Sorry about that to those who were waiting! I have released quite a few empowerment pieces this past season, so I invite you to check out those! This is one of my favourites :Receive Your Soul with Affirmations and Meditation (

I also loved the solstice activity and it is a strong base that you can work with as a model now (or any time): Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection – Crow Medicine ( (Scroll to the bottom for a ceremony structure and some suggested invocations! Add your own based on what your goals are, in particular in relation to the threads up for discovery.)

Wishing you a powerful Equinox!

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