September 2023 Astrology Report: Embracing Spirituality (Again)

September is a month where the great shift that I have been speaking about happening begins to ground in the world around us in new and different ways. Have you felt a shift in your inner world? Are you hearing people around you mentioning that they are feeling like they are ‘alive’ and ‘connected’ to the world in new and different ways? Have you felt the shift in energy flow? These are all examples of what I mean.

The inner shift of self-connection, soul expansion, the experience of Universal Love, feeling awe and genuine excitement to be in this world, being all of a sudden aware of our interconnections or able to perceive a new realm: these are all parts of the joy that comes with September. These past three months were exactly what Creator showed them to be. Let us gather ourselves, celebrate our progress, and keep growing! Feeling this (re)connection to Earth, Source, Creator, one another, and yourself is a huge quality of life improver. So too is beginning to take practical steps to care for yourself as an energy being. This is so exciting after the rough past few years. If you have heard my most recent ‘Saga of Earth’ instalment about Earth having a dark night of the soul – you know exactly what I mean.

***If none of this has been happening for you, do not despair. Sometimes it takes a little direct action to stir spiritual change. Skip to the bottom of the article for resources on how to stir some for yourself.***

We also see the beginning of a trend where esoteric knowledge is becoming viewed as valuable (again). People who know about geomancy, how the planets work, and ways to align with the energy of Earth for healing are starting our walk to once again becoming respected for our skills. The veil placed over our importance is dissolving and this is important. This is spiritual justice coming back into play. Thank you most especially to Libra and Virgo for creating the energy scape for this.

Key Alignments Described in the Report

A note to readers who tend to not listen to the audio or watch the video versions: this month, I delivered so much information in the podcast that it would be a 20-page paper which would be too much for 90% of readers. I am selecting a few highlights that I am excited about for this written bit. For the full story, be sure to give this one a listen.

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Rationality and Spirituality are NOT Opposite: Reconfiguration of Knowledge Hierarchy

Spirituality, energy, and esoteric information has been uniquely devalued in the past 300 years. For the past few hundred years, (some) of us (mass society) has been living in this bizarre reality stream where there is the idea that ‘rationality’ is opposed to matters of the soul and spirituality. If we go to the 1900s on, you even start to see the concept of ‘soul’ disappear. To believe you had a soul, to talk about that part of yourself or spiritual matters was (is) to get you sidelined as a ”cooky’, ‘woo woo’, or somehow ‘secondary’ to people who are ‘rational’ in their approach to explaining the world.

As we move through this month (and the entire Mars (Aries) North Node, Venus (Libra) South node, these assumptions are being challenged and deconstructed. Check out this image that demonstrates the concept of binary opposition as it plays out in the realm of knowledge production and meaning making and hierarchies of belief systems.

The thing about energy and the soul is that even if you ignore it, it is all still there.

When we do not take care of our soul, the energy of the planet, or take account of our spiritual selves we become easy targets for ill-intentioned beings (like the false idol Saturn and their associates). We also fall into sadness, despair, feelings of depression, isolation. It is my learned opinion that this disconnection was done intentionally as a way to render humans ‘pliable’. There are direct lines tracing the academics responsible for the ideological framework these divisions were based upon to orders of Saturn. Thankfully, this is being turned on its head.

As we move into September and the effects of the Great Awakening are felt more acutely, people are feeling the love of self again. They are ready to put the effort in. They recognize that things like energy practice make them feel better. If they already do this, they are being called to connect to themselves and their capabilities in new ways.

Validation for the Invisible Yet Important Work Being Done by SpaceHolders

One of the other major themes addressed this month is the concepts of ‘spiritual justice’. One of the injustices that we are working on righting are the open attacks that were placed upon spirituality and esoteric knowledge holders. The Witch Hunts are one example of this. Colonialism is another. Did not live through any of that? Perhaps you have experienced people making fun of you for your beliefs. We are moving into a phase of massive validation that will go on for several years. Enjoy.

Look for this thread in the Virgo presence of Dike (where the sun remains until September 22). A highlight date for this is September 13 where Pallas enters Libra and Vesta enters Cancer. This will be pinged on Equinox (September 23). (Click the images for larger sizes)

One of the less pleasant threads that must be addressed is the severe depletion that people in spiritual care-taker roles have experienced. Represented most clearly by Vesta but also appearing in each of the feminine threads is the idea that ‘spiritual caretakers (mostly in women bodies) should do what they do ‘for free’ or ‘because they have to’. This same thread shows up in the home-care space with an expectation and an entitlement that someone has to ‘sacrifice’ for the others to succeed. How many of us have held the weight only to see other people who would be HIGHLY capable of helping to lift the load either contribute to it or ignore requests for help? Too many is fh

  • This is one I have ‘lived’ and I know that a good portion of my readers have as well. This is where we realize the value in treating one another with respect. This is where we realize the value of caretaking and spaceholding. This is where we become more valued for it.
  • There are a lot of parents, teachers and care-takers out there who have experienced this burden in their own right. As a group of people, we have the power to treat one another well and to help shift this energy in the blueprint.


I have been getting so many pleasant emails, texts, comments, shares, referrals, site visits these past few months. You have no idea how much every single one means to me, so I will tell you here. It is SO LOVELY! In my hardest moments doing my work for the planet (as we were working through the above energy), I felt very unseen yet relied upon. I actually ran a personal deficit to keep this page up. One day I asked for donations to pay my website fee, I lost 10 subscribers. That was how it was for about a year. To be receiving gifts of thanks for all the open access teachings, members to my monthly donation community is extremely encouraging.

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Summary of Key Planetary Alignments & Themes as They Appear in Order this Month

As I said at the outset, there is a lot going on this month. We have all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and I think that applies here. I figured the best way to communicate the high volume would be a slide show (that goes along with the podcast). Some of these are slides you have seen earlier in this article, others are new. This is the order of themes as they appear.

I will be releasing this as a video presentation on my youtube page, later today. Click here to follow it: (5) Crow Medicine Meditations – YouTube. I am building up the page. It would mean so much if you could do me a soldd and check this out there when it comes up.

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I am feeling excited and optimistic about September!

This is a good month incoming. We have already went through the hardest harmonics of healing the above most especially in 2022 with Venus in North node. Now, we get to the good stuff.

I have to get back out there to ceremony!

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With love,

Katie IndiCrow

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