Consent in Energy Alignment

Have you ever been to a session or had an experience where someone ‘worked on your field’ and removed things like karmic agreements or cords and connections without you knowing about it? (Like that email from the ‘healer’ who says “I saw this in your field last night so I just removed it” without having talked to you about that first?)

Alternatively, as a person who does sessions or works with other people, have you done that?

If you answered yes, please do not feel embarrassed.

This behaviour is a ‘standard’ in the current day spiritual community. One that I think we would be doing very well to change. As energy aligners what we are doing is helping to adjust the overall soul direction and energy of a person. I firmly believe that it is important to check in with a person and receive informed consent prior to giving *or receiving* an alignment that is going to alter an energy body, physical body, or soul presence.

Establishing Consent

Those of us who participate in energy alignment activities know that they have the ability to fundamentally alter the way a person feels, how they experience the world, and their course of life. This is serious stuff! I strongly believe that as a person with ‘energy alignment skills’, it is not our right to interfere with the free will process of another being, and particularly not to adjust their soul or connections without their permission to do so. When we are working on a soul or energy body (or having that done to us) it is very important that we establish consent. Aka – a knowing relationship that this is interaction is occurring and giving our permission to be part of it (or to do it).

I have completed four rounds of research ethics training and sat as the ethics and research methodology ‘person’ on many a research team. This is one of my favourite nerdy topics from that world that I bring to this one in the hopes that we make it a) more safe and b) better for all participating.

As a social scientist, one of the most important things that was hammered home to us in our training was the importance of ‘consent’ to being ethical in our work. Consent, stated simply, means that a person is knowingly participating in the process and is doing so with a sound mind. In the social science world, that meant that people would sign paperwork where they were informed of the nature of the research project and what being a part of it would mean for them. Only after they were informed about the project and the potential impacts that participation may have on their life would they be considered able to provide ‘formal consent’. From here, they would sign paperwork consenting to participating in the project and then we would get on with it.

In the energy alignment world, establishing consent involves directly communicating with a person in real-time about what is happening and within reason, giving them information about what the impacts of it will be on their real life.

When we do this we are respecting free will, bodily autonomy, and energy autonomy of that person.

“Consent protocols become most important when we are doing karmic clearing, soul contract adjusting, and cord cutting. This is because each of these ‘themes’ of work goes deep into the pathway and journey scape of a person and their soul. For a karmic agreement a person would have participated in consent and thus, they must then knowingly dissolve that condition. The same goes for a soul contract. The act of a person “consenting to release x soul contract” is a powerful part of the energy shift that will occur. In this sense, their consent is part of the energy alignment process.

Another layer to consider in this regard is that we may not agree with what conditions a person chooses to carry for themselves. It is not our job to project our will. It is our job to let people know what is happening and to give them the space to make their decision. Though we may feel that a person requires a cord cut from a person or a place, they may not yet be ready to let it go. In these circumstances, we listen to the client. This is their life and lessons to work through.”

(Excerpted from my EarthFlow Energy Alignment training booklet p. 87.)

Bringing Consent into Alignment Creates Impactful Sessions

Establishing conset is a form of respect for the person we are working on. It is also a way that we are able to make our work more impactful and effective. When we are in that space of mutual knowing and agreement THAT is where the best alignment happens.

Heads up: If you have someone working on you without your consent, know that you have 100% right to ask them to stop. Your body, your soul, your choice.

Care to dive deep into the world of impactful energy alignment? I have a new round of training coming up. Email me at for more info.

Alternatively, care to set up a consent procedure that works for you? Contact me for private consultation!

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