When the Earth had a Dark Night of the Soul

Remember when Planet Earth went through its dark night of the soul?

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A dark night of the soul is a moment (or series of moments) where we see the things that are in the ‘shadow’ or that have remained ‘unseen’, buried or covered.

One of the things that you have often heard me (and others) talk about is how people have been uniting around the world to raise the vibration of Earth and to return its people to a place where their souls were able to act in autonomy. Just as souls of individual people go through dark night of the soul, so too is it possible to happen to a collective. From early 2020 (thanks to a Saturn alignment), through 2021 and into the present, we have seen, sifted, shifted, and rendered visible.

Moving into Age of Aquarius and the Dark Night We Had on the Way

We all remember how 2012 acted as a clarion call for us to ‘hurry up’ and help prepare Earth for a major transformation. The people living here were supposed to have a spiritual awakening or enlightenment that would allow them to rediscover their Creator spark (and thus, reconnect to Creator aka God aka the Universe).

***This is what brought so many of us together!***

If you recall, way back in 2019, Earth and its people had met an apex in this process. The Great Awakening was happening. We felt optimism. Things were going well until about mid 2019 when they started taking a turn. In early January 2020, Saturn moved into Capricorn. A few weeks after that, the world went into something none of us will ever forget.


Between late 2019 and March 2023, planet Earth experienced a set of cosmic alignments and real-life happenings that drudged up all the dirt. At the same time Earth has been in the process of making a big old vibrational leap into the Age of Aquarius. During those the past four years, we have seen the depths, the shadow, the injustice, and the hidden.

It has been rough but also, is leading to good things.

My job as a psychopomp has been to help heal Earth as she made the leap. I also helped guide humans who are reuniting with fragments or calling in parts of their souls. It has been such a wild, beautiful adventure that I recorded the story. In this story, I said a lot of the things that censorship stopped me from saying during the years it was going including the difficult social scenarios and barriers a lot of us met as we stood our ground.

Interestingly, the last time I tried to release this my website crashed. Today it is going to WORK!

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Is this dark night over? Not quite yet. We are very much still in the process of walking out of it. The good news is that we are in the light at the end of the tunnel. All that we experienced between then and now has helped us see the unseen, find our strength, and hopefully we learned a few things. Been feeling the lightness lately? It is a sign that things are progressing. How much better is now than last year? 2 years ago? LET THAT BE OUR PROOF!

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