Dark Night of the Soul + Earth Rebirth (Saga of Earth pt 6)

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I think most (if not all) of us have come into hardship or injustice in our life that was beyond what we had ‘earned’ through misadventure or poor choices and wondered: if there is a God, why is this happening? We have questioned the unfair distribution of resources and why there are some people who have so much while others have so little. We have seen people who were of poor ethics and morals wind up in power positions – where in a world of love these roles would be occupied by people who truly meant well for the planet and the people whom they represented or worked with. I think that this injustice has driven a lot of us into careers where we seek to remedy this. Within that, so too have we wondered where all of this negativity comes from and how the God we know exists permits this.

I recently read a meme going around the ‘spiritual’ community on the internet that spoke about how the devil was basically the same being cross-culturally. It says,

Why do religions have a different God but the same Satan?”

The general impression one is meant to take away from it is that ‘Satan’ or this evil being is somehow made up to become a scape goat for our problems.

A commenter perfectly expressed the ethos of this meme in saying,

“Hey, you have to blame somebody.”

I say,

“Maybe it winds up being represented as the same being because it is. The fact that so many cultures represent it almost exactly the same says something about the strength of the being that was showing up to them.”

And when I say perhaps, I mean it definitely is. (How is it so hard to understand a being would show up to different places? If it were powerful, that is exactly what it would do. Think critically, people, and be ready to ask questions in reverse.)

A Story About Emancipating Humans and Earth

For the last 4 months, I have been telling you the story about how Earth got hurt, where true evil became seeded here, and how it was circulated. I have also been happily telling you about what we, the people of Earth have done to heal our souls and the planet to get to the place where we are bucking it! Some call this being ‘Satan’, others ‘Molloch’ or ‘Baal’. In religious texts, you will hear its association with ‘idol worship’.  One of the common threads weaving the representations are its close relationship with Saturn, proclivity for human sacrifice as its main form of appeasement, and its preference for chaos.

As I have explained, without a doubt the being represented in these figures became extremely powerful on Earth. It created an energy sheath that covered the whole planet in a ‘matrix’, indoctrinated people to perform spiritual practice that fed it, and became a key source of worship for an emerging global elite seeking power ( ep 1).

One of the major strains of the healing that we have had to do on Earth was a) to release the planet from this energy matrix and b) to help guide the souls who had been in the influence of this being find their way to autonomy and freedom. This is not just the people who are ‘believers’ in it, but also the people who had been harmed by it in this and other lives.

Over the course of 5 instalments, I have highlighted key moments in the process of Earth getting hurt and the journey that we have been on in the past epoch to walk ourselves from it.

How Earth Got hurt:

The Reality Jesus Came to Shift:

Jesus in the Americas

Vlad Impaler, Colonial Discovery and the Battle for Souls

The Light and the Dark: Lightworkers Unite

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The Great Awakening that Was(not)

One of the things that I have been highlighting throughout this podcast series is how people have been uniting around the world, over these past several thousand years, to keep the Creator spark alive, to help heal humans and free Earth. In ep 5, we talked about how 2012 acted as a clarion call for us to ‘hurry up’ and help prepare Earth for a major transformation. The people living here were supposed to have a spiritual awakening or enlightenment that would allow them to rediscover their Creator spark (and thus, reconnect to Creator aka God aka the Universe). My work was to help heal the planet and to bring people together around the spark! That is how a lot of you met me.

Way back in 2019, Earth and its people had met an apex in this process. The Great Awakening was happening. We felt optimism. Things were going well until about mid 2019 when they started taking a turn. In early 2020, Saturn moved into Capricorn for its final months before transitioning into Aquarius. A few weeks after that, the world found out about Covid. As it happened, we wound up walking through a dark night of the soul of our entire planet over these past 3 years. (Thanks for walking us through that, Aquarius.)

In this, the final instalment of the Saga of Earth series, I talk about how we met the global shadow in the year 2020-2023 through a series of Saturn alignments and real life circumstances.

At the same time, we also met the Beast who showed themselves through a series of extremely tough Saturn alignments taking place while the planet was in Capricorn. It was ugly, it was unfair, and it was unjust.

But guess what?

Things felt almost impossible, and then – bam. Venus moved into North node, Pluto into South (January 2022), we had 6 x-flares in a few weeks around ‘Easter’ (signaling the beginning of our re-birth spark) and then BAM – change started happening and it went fast. As we walked through it, point for point, we cleared the energy of lower vibrational, spiritually manipulating influence from our souls, the planet, and thus, our lives.

Better than that?

The energy of Creator has been reconnected to the planet, we are restoring the Order of Creation, and because of that the uncomfortable imbalance is shifting. People are seeing the truth, souls are unifying, and a whole new wave of awakening and glorious expansion is happening. It is highly interesting that we have a new variation of ‘cv’ raising alarms to people as we are moving toward this whose name is ‘Eris’, the feminine version of Mars who just moved into our North Node. Listen to the episode and then join me in saying,

Not today, Satan.”

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Receive Yourself and Be Part of this Miracle

One of the things that you consistently hear me talking about on this website is a) the power of receiving yourself and b) the importance of discernment. Part of what this is so important is because there are beings who are connected to the false idol (and the false idol themselves) still seeking to remain relevant through spiritual brainwashing and trickery. As a guide post, knowing the sound of your soul, knowing how to hear Creator, and knowing how to ask, “Is this in my highest harmonic, autonomous path?” before taking a leap are key skills to cultivate. Anyone seeking to learn that, check out my book ‘Soul Compass’. It teaches you that: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com).

Thank you to the people who support this project. You mean so much to me.

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