The Secret Behind Why You May Feel Drained

Anyone out there finding themselves feeling drained and dragged out at the end of their days *more than you think you should be*? Find yourself ‘feeling other people’ just a little too intensely? Perhaps getting a little more cranky or edgy other people and wondering where it is coming from? How about thinking about a person or people so much that it is becoming distracting even though there is no ‘reason to’?

Each of these are signs that your AURIC FIELD is: a) worn down, b) filled with energy you picked up during the day, and/or c) that you have energy cords extending between you and other people that are draining you out. These are all signs that your field could do with a little care and repair. (That is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, in the world we live right now we ALL would do best with regular repairs.)

When I say ‘auric field’, I am not talking about the colour that we see around our energy body. That is what some people call an ‘aura’. I am speaking about the complex system of communication and defense that forms around us (sometimes also referred to as a biofield).

Auric fields ARE one of the most powerful yet overlooked parts of our energy system. They are our shield, they are an information detection device, and they help us to stay in our own energy. They are also the first line of experience and defense when it comes to what we pick up, what we feel, and what we do not.

Every single day, every single interaction that we have is what can be called an energy ‘exchange’ or ‘connection’. When we talk to a person on the internet, watch a harrowing program about ‘tough subjects’, go to work, or physically connect with people we are forming little strings between us and them (or the subject matter). This energy can stick around us (and even to us) if we are not taking regular, daily steps to help ourselves cleanse and release them by taking care of our auric field.

Now, thanks to high EMF in our environments, we also deal with general wear and tear from exposure to WIFI, 5G towers, and the multiple devices pinging frequencies around us all day long. These DO have an impact on the human energy body. They eat away at our auric field. In the scientific research in this capacity, they tend to work with the term ‘biofield’. Ever get worn down or feel really weird in the car or get very bad tummy aches? This is a sign you are feeling the EMF pollution that hangs around the roadways that is really hard on the energy body. The mix of the new towers being so close together + pollution from the vehicles + atmospheric conditions can create very heavy pockets of density that do impact our physical body experience. Do you find yourself getting worn down around technology? That is a sign that you are getting pinged by it and it is starting to drain you out. Our auric field is our first line of defense to this. More on that with scientific references in a future article.

A strong auric field is able to do such grand tasks as:

  • Read an environment for us (and thus help direct us to what we are aligned with and away from what we are not.
  • Shields us from EMF.
  • Keep our energy ‘separate’ from others so that we are able to feel and hear ourselves (in privacy).
  • Help shield us from picking up too many sensory messages from the world around us like other people’s thoughts and feelings.
  • Detect messages or pick up information via the psychic senses.
  • Protect us from astral spying and being targeted by lower vibrational entities.
  • Protects us from psychic attacks and negativity in its projected form.

A Weakened Auric Field

  • Is not able to act as a full barrier between you and your environment. It allows you to ‘pick up’ the feelings and experiences of others but instead of feeling them comfortably, you feel like they are your own. This can be confusing and overwhelming.
  • May create the space for easier astral spying and connection to us by other people, teachers, or entities that we would like to be ‘separate’ or ‘free from’.
  • More frequently allows energy cords to be formed between us and other people or places that we would perhaps be best without. This can happen with people we have closely interacted like a friend, teacher, or a previous partner. It can also extend from what we consume for ‘fun’. For example, watching a ghost show about a real-life ghost can create that thread between you and the being, or you and the place. Studying macabre topics and various entities can bring them to us. This is one of the sneaky ways people get tied to weird things without realizing it.
  • May allow us to ‘take our work home’ in more ways than just in our mind. People who work in hospitals, care situations, jails, and then of course, the spiritual caretakers who deal with demons or cleaning out muck tend to have a LOT of energy around them at the end of a work-day. This can cling on and make us cranky, unreasonable, or worse, set off the people around us. If you notice your children, animals, friends, or spouse getting reactionary or acting strangely around you, it may be in reaction to what is hanging on in your auric field. The weight not only can drag you down, so too may it impact your loved ones. This is one of the best reasons to care for ourselves this way.
  • Can make it easier for other beings of a lower vibration to influence and target you.

We are more likely to have our energy drained when we have a weakened auric field because:

  • We are carrying things around with us that we are unaware of. This could be an entity or just someone else’s emotions and resonance.
  • We are unable to deflect the harsh frequency ping that comes with EMF. We wind up with stomach aches or feeling sick after being at work or driving. Our endocrine systems may be hyper-stimulated which is a very draining experience.
  • We could be experiencing an energy leak through a cord or connection to a person, place or thing.
  • We may inadvertently be fueling something that is not a nice person entity. That makes a person very tired and cranky.
  • We are simply just tired from the ‘extra’ of having to ‘read’ and ‘feel’ everything in our environment because our shield is not up.
  • We may be bothered at night. This keeps us awake or not sleeping well.

To Repair Your Auric Field

In general, activities like taking care of your energy body, being in nature, taking essential oil baths with epsom salt, and being mindful of how energy works (and taking care of yours) are ways to proactively manage this.

I put together a special information + tool package that you may be interested in.

Ready to get your auric field sorted out, cleared, and repaired? I put together a little masterclass on auric fields strengthening and repair. In it, I go into the function of your auric field and most importantly, what you are able to do in multiple situations to care for it. This includes day to day care. It also takes account for the sticky spiritual ones that some people in this reading group find themselves in due to work or meeting a bad teacher or being who is targeting them.)

Being the practical action Katie that I am, it includes several exercises that you are able to work with to make sure you are pure and clear.

TO ACCESS IT FOR ITS END OF JUL $39 SPECIAL (It goes back up to 49 in August):

When a teacher friend engaged this, she said, “This is the sort of thing that everyone needs to know. You start off with this basic topic we all think we ‘know’ about and then expand it SO MUCH!”

IndiCrow Method Note: f you are working with the energy pillar, you are doing daily repair that will help your auric field. Good job and great start. Do check this out if you are so inclined. It is a natural way to extend what you are learning and builds on what you have already started.****

Not in the budget for a $39 dollar self-spend? I get it and have been there before! Make sure that you are doing things like smudging, cord cutting, grounding and doing what you have in your personal tool kit to purify yourself. Every day. Check out my backlog of energy management articles and activities here on this website. They will help! Go back a few pages, you will find a lot: Energy Management – Crow Medicine (

Do not overlook the importance of your auric field!

This is one of those things that most, if not all of us require a little bit of love and support on. Knowing how nefarious energy works. I realize that some of the people who need this the most may be inspired to pass this over as unimportant. No matter who you are, I invite you to take 3 deep breaths. Put your hand on your heart. Take 3 more breaths. Then ask your soul, “Would I benefit from this?” You will be able to provide yourself with the true answer.

Katie IndiCrow

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