The Real Reason August 8th is So Powerful This Year

We are walking our way into yet another ‘big week’ in energy. This is one where Jupiter and Venus are handing out a powerful cosmic lesson and opportunity. Do you feel the excitement and the anticipation? Are you awake all night? Perhaps you noticed that x-flare we just had? Maybe you have been noticing ‘so much’ come up these past few weeks for resolution and revealing? I know that I have (and it has been so healing).

We have had such an exciting season. Starting off with solstice, we then had a node switch. Right after that we had 3 Pluto-True Node alignments. Effectively, we have been through a cosmic birth canal and we are in the process of emerging on the ‘other side’.  Well, turns out Mother and Father Creation are waiting for us in the arms of Jupiter and Venus and I am absolutely here for it.

On August 8, we have a powerful close approach and conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter. The same day, we have Venus at aphelion.  Jupiter and Venus represent Mother and Father Creation energy. The moon represents self-connection and our inner world. Their presence is part of the ongoing toning that is all about removing inner boundaries and embracing soul activation and self-connection. As I am being shown by them, this toning will emanate a powerful ripple impact through the Universe that will be available for us to work with to uplift our souls. More on that below.

As this toning is happening, there are a set of beings who are trying to steal the thunder from Creator and to lead people down a dangerous spiritual path. This is typical and it provides a powerful knowledge is power illumination moment. Let us recognize it for what it is.

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An example of when beings try to lead us down harmful paths

Over the past few months, I have been telling you a lot about spiritual manipulation and false path leading where nair-do-wells seek to mislead people spiritually. An astrological highlight this August (but also, this cycle) is recognizing the presence of negative spiritual energy or influence in our lives and becoming free of it. Well. As August 8th would have it, we are walking into a moment where a once powerful cooperation date called ‘Lion’s Gate’ is being used as a trap to lure people away from the Creator energy that is the real highlight of what is happening.

In this article, I am going to talk about this big week in energy. The planets are the path and the teachers. Working with the current alignments and what is happening in the spiritual community around us, I write about how BIG ENERGY MOMENTS happen and the ways that nair-do wells and lower harmonic beings aim to piggyback off of them, claim their power as their own, and guide learners and seekers down distorted paths.

How Lion’s Gate is Being Used as a Trap

One of the things that we are intentionally working on in the Universe is clearing the energy of spiritual manipulation and distortion. This is why I am talking to you about it so much. Over the last few months, I have been telling you the ‘Saga of Earth’ story about how the Earth and its people became spiritually ‘sick’ and the efforts we have made to heal the planet and ourselves. As told in the most recent instalment (the Light and the Dark) the false idol Saturn being and its associates seek to fool people in the astrals and to lead people down the false paths when what they think is doing self-improvement.

Well. This is a perfect example of how it all plays out and how this thing tries to trick people seeking to help themselves on the spiritual path.

Strategy wise, the ETS, false gods and people who are working the distorted reality spectrums will piggy back off of real things that are happening, pretend they have something to do with it, and then people will consensually participate. So how do people get tricked into things, spiritually? When it comes to spiritual alignment dates, what often happens is that internally, a person will feel that there is something building. Maybe they notice it in the Universe. Then all of a sudden you hear someone talking about the date or describing what you are feeling and you think – YES!! This is it. This year, there is something important happening in this window, but it is not the gate. More on that in a second.

In the case of Lion’s Gate, one of the main reasons people think it is a ‘thing’ is because at one point, it was. I participated in it and led thousands of people through ceremony for personal soul retrieval through it. Back in 2019, we had our final one. At this time, Creator communicated to us that it was time to move on and to work on the next phase of co-creation. Many of us have. Unfortunately, others have not.

In the case of this alignment series, I have been watching the false idol energy sending out its manipulating tactics into the spiritual community. It has been influencing people to arrange ‘Lion’s Gate activations’ through which they are meant to be ‘helping’ their community. You hear people talking about ‘Sirius’ and ‘Leo’ and ‘Egypt’ and 5d variously. I have even heard people talking about Atlantis (a reality meant to be closed).

Out of the probably hundred or so odd advertisements I have seen, not one has mentioned Jupiter or Venus, or Creator, which to me is a direct confirmation of what I see in psychopomp land.

That is one path, and that path does not lead to a good thing. On the other side of the gate that would be the energy these people are drawing in for these activations is the beast. The actual beast, as well as some of its et false god friends.

So what happens to those who ‘call in this energy’?

Well. If they are successful at it, they are implanting themselves with its lower harmonic loop-based reality stream. Invoking ‘the beast’ turns strong people into cloudy thinking, oft ‘bothered’ by entities, confused, and angry beings. They are able to heal their path out, but it does take time and sets them back from where they would have been had they had the more pure experience their soul was trying to walk them to in the first place. This, in a nutshell, is how ‘tagging’ and ‘cord connection’ and ‘reality distortion’ can happen.

The Real ‘Big Deal’ on August 8: Mother and Father Creation and the Order of Creation.

So what is really going on that is important on August 8th? ?  Well. It is part of the big picture story that I have been telling you all season about solstice, the node switch and those triple Pluto True-Node alignments that are creating a path of the souls for Earth and for each of us. It is not just about this one date however this particular day does have striking importance. “On August 8th, we have toning of the ‘Mother and Father’ of Creation strands”. As noted, Venus is at aphelion (while also just stepping into the position of South Node) and we have Jupiter having a close approach and conjunction with the Moon. Directly after that we have a Mercury series. (Mercury representing the next steps of the path.) There is more after that which I am not addressing to keep the alignments safe.

Jupiter is ‘BIG DAD’ and Venus is BIG MOM aka Mother and Father Creator.

The Universe is showing me that Jupiter and Venus and the two week period of what comes after this alignment are an important part of people feeling that unified inner connection and activating that higher harmonic reality stream that so many have been calling out for. There have indeed been walls of energy keeping people ‘stuck’ in their frequency. Thanks to all the excellent and true work being done by individuals in their choice making as well as those holding true to the light ceremonially, we are able to tip that wall out of place.

What I see very clearly is a re-connection to soul and self-awareness, a sparking or further igniting of the pure connection to Source and thus our ability to hear Creator directly, and a ripple of purification related to Order of Creation being returned rippling throughout the Universe.

All of these are REALLY GOOD THINGS worth celebrating. So let us do that! For those of you who are long-time readers, this is a big moment in the cosmic project I have been relaying to you here in the astrology reports and articles month to month. Souls ae moving. People are changing. Earth is healing. Creator is speaking so clearly. This alignment series is part of dialing people into themselves and this.

This is where the trick comes in

This magnificence is also part of why I am not that surprised to see the false idol being trying to trick people down the wrong path where they do not get to experience all of this, this round. It is also so telling that it would be working with a psychopomp and gates to try to lead people in to distorted realities. Key to this alignment series is a set of Mercury ones, which occur on August 9 and 10. For those of you who do not know, in its lower harmonic Mercury was being used by Thoth, an Egypt associated being who will take you places for a piece of your soul. Those places and that cost are part of what traps people to a lower harmonic reality.

In our astrology report (and in other posts) I directly told you that the Saturn being higher and harder harmonic trajectory was laying out this month. One of the things that meant is that the false path was potentially going to open-up. Well – get this. Interestingly we just as we are in the line-up to the Venus-Jupiter spark and what comes after that, we are also in the process of a final round of purification of Saturn that began when Saturn returned to Capricorn for one final ish. We had a Saturn + Moon conjunction day on August 3, we have this false idol attempt winding up the 8th through Mercury (the 9th & 10th).

I could go on but I am also aware that people who do not mean Earth well may be present and so I will leave it at that and keep it moving. As I said in this recent video, I believe that this moment represents a path and a choice for millions of people. You may be one of them. May you choose the one where your soul is free and you are walking more into personal autonomy. For the video: .

The good news is that none of this has power on you if you do not fall into it. This knowledge will help keep you safe.

Ways to Positively Receive Your Soul Essence and Ground in these Higher Power Frequencies

Alright. Now on to the good stuff. These are some suggestions of what you are able to do over the next two weeks (or any time) that you would like to positively receive and ground yourself. I will put some publicly available resources first and then some of the more in-depth instruction based on Soul Compass or working with Energy Pillar after that.

One of the best ways that we are able to connect and activate ourselves are through meditations with that purpose. Work with these guided meditations as a way to ground your soul and to hear yourself. Forming that relationship is part of ‘activating’ your higher harmonic life experience. Here are some of the best. Work with one each day for the next two weeks or intermittently throughout and see how much you learn and how different you feel. You may even want to write down your messages from your soul each day.

  1. Meditation to Receive Your Soul Essence:
  2. If Your Soul Could Tell You One Thing Right Now, What Would It Be?
  3. on spotify: Calling in Your Highest Harmonic Path:

Working with Soul Compass + Energy Pillar

One of the things that you studying with me a little more in-depth through energy pillar or Soul Compass or both is that you have been working with tools to a) ground your highest harmonic self, b) repair your energy body, and c) connect to source-Creator (and that part in you) each day. If you have been working with ‘Soul Compass’, you have also been working at getting into more  in-depth communication with your higher self (aka your soul).

I encourage you to work with the energy pillar each day. When in it, you may say “I call forth my highest harmonic connection to Venus” and stream that energy into you just as you have been with Source and Crystalline Earth. Add it to your pillar for the day. You may also say, “I call forth my highest harmonic connection to Jupiter” and stream that energy into your pillar as well. Doing this each day (or during any key alignments) is a POWERFUL way to accelerate your process of change and to heal your way out of a lower harmonic expression of the energy.

As you are doing that, be aware that Venus and Jupiter (or any planet) will then bring to your attention what it is that you will need to do to live that higher harmonic frequency. This may translate into emotions or memories coming up for validation or healing. It may be that you will walk into a path-creating moment where you will be tested in a situation to act the ‘old’ way or to function in your ‘new’ higher harmonic. Remember, we build our steps to a better reality with real life choices and grounded action just as much as we do with the metaphysical acts of calling them in to stimulate them.

Also. One of the things you are learning how to do is to ask yourself “Is this in my highest harmonic pathway? Is this good for my soul?”. Do that before you participate in any events related to energy *or anything else for that matter.

For those seeking a little more help

Healing Your Auric Field + Releasing Cords and Connections to Lower Harmonic Realities and Beings special: I put together a little self-study action package you can access right now. It includes ceremonies to get to your highest harmonic reality, how to get the cords and bugs out of your energy fields, how to get to that space of energy autonomy where we feel safe and good. You may access it here:  

To get Soul Compass + Energy Pillar (physical and digital copy available here):

In Conclusion

The energy world is a wild ride where a lot of wonderful experiences are possible. Getting to know how to hear Creator directly as well as the sound of your own soul are two things that every person is able to do to make sure that they are on the right path, spiritually. When we are clear in that self-Creator connection, we are able to tell quickly if an activity, teacher, ‘alignment’ or astral visitor is in our highest harmonic pathway or not. Ultimately, we are the ones who are meant to be the captain of our life ship.

Our soul (higher self, intuition) is key to our compass. Learning how to work with our own helps steer us in to the right path for us and out of the weeds. This is why you hear me talking about it consistently. We really are the ones who know ourselves best. Remember that as you walk your path.

With all this talk of alignments, remember: Any day is a good day to experience spiritual growth and positive self-connection. I highlight alignments here because they bring forward parts of the possibility of our path and I love to nerd out about how we are able to work with it to empower ourselves and better our lives. If you are ready now, do it now. Never wait for a date or a moment. Though know that when you are able to align yourselves with the pure ones, they give your journey a little rocket power.

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