Releasing Spiritual & Energetic Interference

Many of us have been on the path to great things. We are living well, making great choices or about to go do that major presentation for the new job and then all of a sudden – bam. We meet a wall. That wall can come in many forms. Sometimes it is technology breaking or suddenly ‘not working’. Sometimes it is us hearing a voice that tells us to pursue a different action that winds up not being very nice to experience. Sometimes it is that we feel our energy being drained. This is a video about recognizing where spiritual interference is coming into our lives through a very specific energy strand: Saturn and what we are able to do to purify ourselves of it and keep on our best path.

One of the reasons why astrology is so important is that it helps us understand the energetic makeup of our planet and the story that we have walked through together. As many out there know, our planet has gone through some harder moments in its past that brought its vibration down. As we travel into the Age of Aquarius, we are naturally releasing those conditions. Part of how we are doing that is the astrological alignments Creator has made for us and what they ‘ping’ in our awareness.

For much of 2020, 2021 and now this space of 2023 we are healing our relationship to SATURN! As you know from the June-September Astrology report, we are healing Saturn this month of August. Yup, and right in the middle of Lion’s Gate (which is the place that the false idol Saturn being is seeking to gain influence on primarily – more on that in the link below).

At the time of the release of this video, we are in the process of a major soul crossing. During this time, I have recognized that there are beings working through distorted energy to try to trick these traveling souls from experiencing their progress. Where are these beings emanating from? Oh, that harder harmonic Saturn strand is one of the main pieces. In this video, you will hear about how to identify these strands in your life and a little bit more about where some of them come from.

Knowledge is power. If you happen to see this energy pop up in your life, know that you are not at its mercy. With a little vibratory work and autonomy calling on your part, you will be able to keep it moving into that higher harmonic reality spectrum to which you are migrating.

IN THE NEWS: Interestingly, at the time of recording we are also dealing with Lori Vallow being sentenced for what she did to her children along with the Chad Daybell who proclaim to be in special league with Jesus (they were not). The language and the rationale behind what they said they were doing and what ‘drove’ them is a lot like what we hear in the distorted spiritual community. Some of it is also things that are legitimate and real. The trick is that the ‘not real’ is hidden behind the ‘real’. For example, past lives are real, knowing people before this life is real, Jesus is real. Anyone with their discernment hat on knows that what these people were talking to was not Jesus or anything good. They were influenced by ‘spirits’ and their belief in being part of something ‘special’ led them to commit multiple murders. No God of this creation is ever going to want to lead you to do that. These beings are tricky. This is a specific example of spiritual manipulation and the things that negative entities will push you to do. In their case, to murder children. Intense, but yes. It is that serious: Murder, Money & The End of Days: The Lori Vallow Story – YouTube (and The Doomsday Couple: A COURT TV Special – YouTube).

Be sure to check out the video at the top of this post for the full message!

***************Materials recommended***********

To access Aura clinic which is on ‘sale’ for 2 more days after this post:

Energy pillar (A great place to start. This is an energy alignment and self connection practice that you can work with each day :

You may also launch yourself right into “Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection” (which you can get here: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine (

Already have energy pillar and ‘Soul Compass’? I explain how to work with them in the video. (Hint: Get into that pillar any time you feel weird and it will help you stay strong and in yourself.)

Remember to always work with your tools of discernment. You have the power to check in and ask yourself important questions such as, “Is this interference? Or am I meant to take a rest?”

These pay off BIG TIME when it comes to meeting the wall and being able to recognize where it is coming from and if it is one meant to be lept over.

You are also learning how to do advanced energy body repair. The more you work with unit 2, the better stead you are putting yourself in. If you find a wound being tinged by this energy, HEAL IT. Do not allow it to become a gateway. You have the power and knowledge on how to do that written in that book.

Have you been having any of these weird experiences? I know so many have. YOU ARE ANOT ALONE.

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow

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