The Light vs The Dark: Saga of Earth pt 5

In the metaphysical story of Earth, there are two distinct groups who have formed. People of the light and people of the dark. Their objectives? In the case of the light, to honour the Order of Creation. To preserve and protect planet Earth and to help free it and all humans from the energetic chains placed upon us by the false Idol Saturn being and its associates. To respect and preserve. In the case of the dark, the orientation is to harvest the energy of Earth, to trick and fool its people into giving up parts of their soul or their spiritual autonomy, and to otherwise take up presence in this Universe (which is not their home).

Though we are programmed not to talk about this or to dismiss these conversations as non-sensical, these groups of people and their efforts are very real. They have been in a thousands of years long battle either to keep Earth entrapped energetically and gain influence over souls OR to return the planet to its true harmonic and preserve soul autonomy & direct Creator connection. You see, the Earth has an energy system whose function is intricately interconnected to soul freedom and quality of life. If this system if functioning properly, it makes Earth a self-regulating, sentient being. In the distorted version we are healing from, the natural power of the Earth has come under ‘control’ of beings who use it to hold Earth and is people down. (We are basically, their food.) Because of this, people of the light and the dark have spent thousands of years running around the globe seeking to either to colonize or free it.

As I have been telling you in Saga of Earth, this planet and its people have gone through a lot as this has unfolded.

At one point in this story, it was looking like the colonizers and the lower-harmonic people were going to win. In that moment, the Earth & Creator called for help. This is where the lightworkers came in. Joining together with people, animals, and the pure sacred energy sites of this Earth we have worked tirelessly to get to the point that we reached in 2019 – 2023 AKA, the moment we busted ourselves FREE.

We are still working on the freedom bit (you hear about it in my astrology reports).

Saga of Earth: Telling the Story of What Happened to Harm the Energy Structure of Earth and Our Journey to Fix It

In the Saga of Earth series, I have been telling you the story of how Earth got hurt and the very real and direct attempts of a false idol being known variously as Satan, Baal, Molloch (etc names) to enslave us. This is important because there is not a lot of direct knowledge about how this dark web of energy that people know we are fixing got put into the planet. There is also not a lot of coherent information about how it played out. Having experienced this as my lifes’ work and knowing how much power comes with knowing the story, I felt compelled to tell it. The more all of us know about what happened, the less power it has over any of us (or in general). I will list instalment 1-4 below the links for today.

In this instalment, I talk about how the forces of light and how the forces of dark organized and the milestones we have met as we have trounced the dark forces time and again. Because guess what baby, we have.

In 2012 we hit a ‘marker point’ where the ‘end of the world’ was reached according to the Mayan calendar. You know what world I believe they meant? The one represented that had been built up by the false idol and its affiliates. From 2012-2019 we were in a full-court press. Many people visiting this article were part of that!

Some of you may remember that I came on the scene to organize care-takers of the Earth and gridworkers very powerfully in 2016.

You may recall that during those years, I traveled relentlessly and brought together people from all walks of life to cooperate. Thanks to ALL of you who were part of that. During that time, we were able to achieve several milestones such as busting souls from traps in other realms and dimensions, closing off stargates made by the dark ones being used as crossing points into this planet.

We did a GREAT job.

We got so powerful that by 2019, the dark ones had done a full court press to infiltrate us. They started pretending to be ‘lightworkers’, they started running infiltrated ceremonies, and they seek to trick people into invoking the false idol being and its friends.

This is reaching an apex right now. Though trust, we of the light prevailed. We are just pointing out and petering out the dark forces, which is why I made this instalment of the story.

By 2021, the energy of the infiltration was so strong, I made the tough decision to go quiet and focus 100% of my effort on making sure the light points were met. If you care to know more, the story is here: My Disappearance Acts: things done in the name of energy – Crow Medicine ( I will organize people again if they are willing to value me and respect my efforts. Inbox me at if interested in this.

Knowledge is power. May those still being fooled see the truth.

I am hoping that people who are being tricked by this false idol energy find this article and story and get the courage to GET THEMSELVES FREE! I also hope that those who have walked through some very heavy difficulty feel validated and encouraged to keep going.

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