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Did you buy a paperback copy of Soul Compass? Have you been thinking about it? If so, guess what?

I just decided to gift EVERYONE who buys a paperback copy of ‘Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self-Connection‘ access to a guided version of me leading you through the ENERGY PILLAR exercise that you learn in the book as your baseline!!! I have been selling access to this energy pillar instructional package for $17 USD. You now officially get it as a value added on gift to your paperback. This is like getting a guided energy alignment from me every time you listen to it + it gives you an idea of how the exercise you are reading about and learning how to extend works in real-time.

How to Get Your Gift

From here on out, everyone getting a copy from me gets the access directly in an email. Anyone who buys it from my printer – you will have access as well *more on that below*.If you got a paper copy from me, you would have received an email to your inbox via sendowl two days ago telling you that ‘Soul Compass’ had updated files. Check that email, in it you will be led to ‘instructions to access energy pillar’. They are exactly that. If you get a copy from my printer, inbox me your receipt or a picture of your book if you lost the receipt, and I will set you up with your energy pillar access that way.


If you are someone who already has your copy and you are ready for your gift energy pillar access, send me either your receipt or a screenshot of you with your book and I will happily send you access.

you may email me at


Ready to Get Your Copy Today?

“Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection” is a book that changes lives. In it, you learn a strong foundation for discernment, skills development, and deep energy repair and recharging. This is an accumulation of exercises I used to teach as several courses, all brought into one readable, practical book that is also a learning journey.

Ready to jump into a lovely little self-connection, soul healing, skill tuning experience? This book is a powerful place to look for that. I am ready to send it off to you if you are ready to get a copy!

You are able to pick one up here (easiest for people USA and those who specifically want to buy direct from me):

or here (most cost effective for rest of the world): (remember to email your receipt to me for your gift –

I know shipping is expensive these days because of what is going on with our international market and tariffs. For that reason, I also offer them both together for a GREAT price in the epcakge:

EPACKAGE: Get access to the book and the energy pillar for $30:


Katie IndiCrow.

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