Preparing for Big Energy Incoming

Just a little heads up to those who are so inclined.

Everything in my being is preparing for a positive energy event. The magnitude of the happiness in my soul for what it feels coming is so big that I felt, why not write the squad about it? I love sharing good news.

Are you not feeling so hot right now and wondering how I could term any of this moment ‘good’? I hear where you are coming from. Read on, there are parts of this report geared toward you, too.

Alignments in Play

Astrologically speaking there is a lot going on. Back at the beginning of June, I released an astrology report + solstice special activity that a LOT of people participated in. If you recall, we made note that there was about 6 weeks of unique alignments that were going to mark a turning point for a lot of people (and for the planet).

The first alignment, solstice, happened on June 21. The second, the node switch, took place on July 18, 2023.  We have made it through two of three alignments in the turnover that we have been preparing for. We are now upon the Pluto Square True Node series where we see that alignment three times in five days.

July 23: Pluto square true Node (x1), Chiron retrograde

July 25: Pluto square true Node (x2)

July 28: Pluto square true Node (x3), Mercury enters Virgo

Pluto has been leading us on a journey that we celebrated here on this page, last July but really, since January 2021. Last year on July 20th, Pluto was at opposition. I recall being so happy in ceremony that I was moved to tears on multiple occasions and talking to you about it here. At the time, I had seen our collective walking a clear path through a tunnel into a more fresh energy sphere. It meant that we had graduated through the density that had been the lessons, the work, and the alignments in the previous years. Then, after that, it felt like not much positive happened. In fact, it felt like things got worse. (Oh, Pluto. We must have patience when you are present).

Sometimes ceremonies take a few cycles to pay off. Here we are, July 21, and it is a VERY POWERFUL, POSITIVE TONE rippling through our Universe and into Earth collectives in these moments

What I see and feel very clearly in our current position is that the trill of positivity in my heart has to do with the Earth collective being ready to feel and connect to their healing journey through this pathway that extends throughout this whole node. We are ‘birthing’ people into it.

 ***Treat this as an opportunity to continue grounding all the work you have been putting into yourself through this (and other) seasons. More on that, below.

Feeling like you live in a pressure cooker?

You are not alone. These planets in coordination with the solar activity are actively ‘sparking’ energy that we have within our make-up. In some cases, this sparking can feel positive and inspirational. In others, it can feel like going through a hailstorm with no protection. It all depends on what is in us and how we relate to it. There are moments where we feel great and then bam, into what feels like a tailspin. The up and down is part of this. One of the main differences between those of us who feel terrible and those who are able to see the good in it is our ability to manage our energy, our ability to see the bigger picture, and our willingness to stay dedicated to doing what we need to do to move forward. The daily practice + good habits we build up become a cushion in times like this.

There are a lot of people out there who are really struggling with meeting the Marsian and/or Venusian strands within themselves being sparked in this node-switch + solstice + Pluto configuration.

  • This is a targeted self-study self-mastery session about healing this part of the inner Mars harmonic. I highly recommend you take the leap and engage with this information to help set yourself free: .

Feeling like you are screaming from the inside, bubbling up with rage, and experiencing strong emotions are a big part of what happens when we are being faced with big energy. Some of it is cosmic, some of it is the entrapment, dna residue, and outdated aspects of the spectrum being brought up within you so that you can FACE IT and BURN IT OFF or LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF FROM IT. Remember that we are working on the ‘big ones’ with Mars and Venus and so you may also be feeling the collectives  As a psychopomp, I have been working at the source of one of the ‘voices’ that seeks to tamper with the Marsian Aries perspective. I know that it shouts, wants to lash out, and creates a ripple of fear, anger, and shaking inside of those who are being touched by it. This is not how it has to be. This is how it is when you are connected to the harder harmonic frequency of a tone set OR when you have energy body ruptures.

The best way to learn how to not be pushed by this energy is to learn how to manage this part of yourself.

If this is you and you are ready to start making pro-active moves in the energy management department, may I recommend you get started with this energy pillar. It is gentle and done twice daily it WILL help you get through these tough moments a lot more quickly (because it shows you how to align + repair at the same time): Energy Pillar Soul + Body Alignment Tool – Crow Medicine (

***Already have your copy of energy pillar? Remember that working with it as a soothing and grounding tool will help you get through tough moments if you encounter them. Repairing your energy body which you do every time you do it and.calling yourself in to your highest harmonic WILL help you shift out of the harder bits.********* 

Conscious Self-Connection in these Moments WORKS .

When we take moments for conscious self-connection, not only do we get the opportunity to be proactive in our journey and deal with any of the harder aspects head on – so too are we prepared for the cosmic payoff and party when it comes up.

Right now, SPIRITUAL WORK AND CONSCIOUS SELF CONNECTION IS GOING TO PAY OFF. The influxes and the astrology of these moments are absolutely perfect for calling yourself in, connecting to your highest harmonic. If you are ready, to go into your deep crevices with a glow stick for some transformation and healing.

How do you do that?

A great many of you out there have purchased your copy of ‘Soul Compass’. In that book, you learn about how to do this in parts 1 and 2. What are the thoughts and feelings you are having right now? Work with the method of engaging your own energy expression to see what it has to teach you. Once you get to the bottom or the heart of what is pinging in you, the more quickly you are able to get the ‘good stuff’ in its message, and to move beyond it. A great deal of the spiritual pain that we feel has to do with a) ignoring our own inner messages or b) having a blown-out energy body. You are learning how to take care of both with this study. Apply what you have been working on in your study to benefit yourself in these moments. This is part of the payoff!

This is also a highly auspicious window to call forth your own deep answers. Pose those questions that you are ready to hear the answers for. Your soul in the light of Pluto will speak clearly.

To get your copy of Soul Compass today: Soul Compass: Pathways to Conscious Self Connection – Crow Medicine (

To do Soul Compass + Energy Pillar in an esale most budget friendly: Soul Compass + Energy Pillar E-sale – Crow Medicine ( 


Remember that Pluto is about transformation, depth, and re-birth. This is a wonderful alignment series to work with focused intent (your intentions) to tell the Universe, your soul, and the planets which path you are ready to be directed in.

Setting intentions and working with affirmations to craft ourselves is a dynamic process that happens throughout the course of cycles of our life and the seasons. During the solstice, I released a set of affirmations that I encouraged people to work with during the season to ground clear self-connection. Maybe you worked with them, maybe you created your own. (Maybe you did neither, but are ready to in this now). I encourage you to revisit them (or start fresh) on multiple occasions over the next two weeks. This is transformative energy and the more that you invoke it, the more that it will pay off.

TO WORK WITH THESE Visit this article and scroll to the bottom for intentions, affirmations, and instructions: Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection – Crow Medicine (

  Additional related materials:

Having said all of that, it is about that moment for me to get off the computer and back into ceremony. This is something that I am very happily walking souls and the planets through.  

If you would like to request private support, email me at and perhaps we can set something up.  

If you are seeking more information on the power of Pluto and its rebirth potential: Pluto Power: Preparing for Rebirth – Crow Medicine ( 

To listen to the June-September astrology report where I talk about the energy we are feeling now and what is coming up next:

The node switch astrology report and a conversation about the Mars + Venus big shift : Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023 – Crow Medicine (

Big love,

Katie IndiCrow.

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