Nodal Astrology: Aries North Node + Libra South Node 2023

On July 18, 2023 we have the special astrological experience of having a node-switch. Nodes are important because they represent the threads of energy that are going to be highlighted in our planetary journey. These themes will come up in our own live (in terms of how we connect to or live the thread in our lives) as well as in the world around us. The North Node represents the key lessons or experiences that we are acting on and seeing action on. The South Node represents our karmic past, as well as how the energy thread being represented has been lived and played out.

This node switch, we get the pleasure of having Aries as our North Node and Libra as our South. Aries, ruled by Mars, represents the dominant ‘masculine’ thread in our energy spectrum. Libra, ruled by Venus, represents justice and balance. It also represents the ‘feminine’ strand.

This season, we are reworking these sometimes ‘opposing’ or ‘viewed as opposite’ threads. Male, female or non-binary, we each have this energy present in our lives as part of the human spectrum. I believe this represents a cosmic opportunity to bring balance to these threads within ourselves and our relations. Certainly, there is much to do in bringing in the light of love, complementarity, and balance into our personal sphere as well as our relations.

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Harmonic Expressions and Lessons Being Highlighted by the Node Switch

One of the most important things to keep in mind about the nodes is that they represent the tones, lessons, and experiences that are going to be highlighted in our energy spectrum. This happens at the moment of the node-switch and is aided along with the eclipses that happen along the Aries – Libra axis (in this case). The idea is that we get our opportunity to feel, be, and explore these parts of the spectrum being highlighted to form our peace and pure connection to it. This is part of how we are slowly healing the wounds of energy and history that lie on our archetypes. We do this so that we get positively toned by the planets when they come up as opposed to bashed around by them.

Most of us coming to this article can say they have met the not so nice version of Mars in Aries (which tends to show itself during ‘violent’ summer months). The violence is not Mars or Aries in themselves. It is the way that this energy spectrum is unhealed and how that resonance has created a window where, when ‘touched’, can result in lashing out. Mars in Aries is our inner passion and our way that we react to dynamic situations. Most of us were not taught to properly ground this.

Higher Harmonic Lessons and Expressions of Mars and Aries

The higher harmonic expression of Mars in Aries is the courageous protector. This energy is active, assertive, decisive, and able to get things done. It is athletic and finds great joy in the physical body experience. Exercising, lifting weights, and moving around in the body are some strong ways to ground it.

Harder Lessons

Mars in Aries on the harder part of the lesson spectrum is angry, aggressive, and domineering. This is an energy strand that is jealous and likes to destroy the good things happening for people around them as a way to gain ‘power’ in a situation. This energy is bossy, it likes to consume illicit substances to distract from problems, and it can feel like swallowed dynamite.

Higher Harmonic Lessons and Expressions of Libra and Venus

Justice and fair treatment for self and others. Being appreciated for ‘feminine’ coded skills like intuition, taking care of the planet, and for what you do that is unseen. It also represents balance, things meeting in a complementary way where all parties involved are being treated well.

Harder Lessons of Libra and Venus

Lack of respect for the feminine energy spectrum (in female people or ourselves), unfair living and working conditions, imbalanced relationships, being let down by people who are in leadership positions. In the karmic position it also represents going through moments where you may have been wounded in the core. Was there abuse or a situation that happened between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ that you are facing now?

Based on the positioning of Pallas and Ceres as we are moving into this Node Switch (they set the tone at solstice), I sense that we will be finding justice in places where there was none before. I sense that what gets termed ‘feminine’ knowledge, contributions, and perspectives will be taken into account. I also believe that some of the major wounds in the human archetype that exist between ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ ‘man’ and ‘woman’ will come to the surface. It is up to us to be wise enough to see when we are meeting an opportunity to heal a wound or to live a higher harmonic version of the energy in our lives.

Healing the Archetypes and our Inner Energy Strands

The idea is that through the nodes, Creator is helping us identify our inner threads. We are removing not only our own stories but also those that glommed up in the human DNA spectrum. Sometimes, when a planet like Mars gets pinged in our field, we feel so much more than our feelings. We tap into the collective. Ever feel something like deep rage on a Mars alignment and wonder if it could possibly be all yours? The answer is it is possible that it is not! You may be tapping in to the ‘harder harmonic’ part of the strand and feeling it in your own life resonance.

Mars healing is something we have been collectively engaging for some time. Beginning in June 2022, we worked extensively on the Aries and Mars strands. We did this also month by month through 2022 with Uranus having Lunar Occultations with Mars in Aries all year. Stated honestly, it was a very hard and awful season of work to try to communicate through. Why was this? Because people were not ready to feel the pain there or to take responsibility for any Mars-Aries hardships they had experienced. Interestingly enough, when we met the Venus in the North Node position, people also rejected the harder lessons on that spectrum as well. My soul tells me this was part of the of the cosmic story and that this season, it will be different. People are ready to embrace themselves.

The thing is that this is part of our DNA, this is part of our makeup. This is part of our dominant lesson strand. There is no more avoiding either Mars or Venus.

Because of the strength behind it Mars in Aries strand is one that can be difficult for people to welcome into their lives and to face directly. There is a strong tendency for ‘men’ to reject responsibility for learning to meet this part and for ‘women’ to hold hatred or rejection for it based on past experiences. Because of the depth of Venus, it was also emotionally painful to bring inward. Cosmically speaking, Creator knows this. This is why we had the lineups of alignments where we got the chance to see and find the inner resistances. Now is the 1.5 years to move beyond this!

Mars in Aries is a powerful, positive, active, get things done energy that is a meaningful part of our human experience. Those who are able to master this part of their spectrum are the movers, shakers, protecters, and actors of our world. Bring this powerful frequency into your life to benefit you and your journey. Do not run away from this. EMBRACE IT!

Build a Powerful and Clear Mars + Aries Experience

One of the best ways that you are able to positively and proactively is to build a strong Mars connection in your life is to actively take steps to recognize how it works and where it shows up in you. Another way is to proactively build a positive Mars and Aries connection in your energy field. (This helps you not get ‘pinged’ by the lower harmonic version as you live your life).

I put together a masterclass that is loaded with in depth Mars information including how this energy shows up in our DNA fields and what we are able to do with energy, self-regulation, and path planning to fix that. Great for men (but not just for them) this is something that you WILL get a lot out of. Please note this is on special now for $20 – going up to $25 in 5 days – get your early bird copy and improve your Mars-Aries connection today.

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YouTube Version of this Message (including solar flare information)

For More In -Depth Node Information, check out this astrology special that focused on the transformation between nodes and the themes we will be experiencing this season: Edit Post “Solstice Special: Path to Powerful Connection” ‹ Crow Medicine — WordPress ( (It says solstice – it is solstice into node switch. The two worked together.)

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